🎨Aboriginal Rock Art 🎨
❓Have you ever witnessed ancient rock arts? Where?
✔️Australian Indigenous referred as Aboriginals have occupied Australian soils for thousands years before British set their colony and send convicts.
✔️Many sites can be found across the country with trace of aboriginal history including Rock Arts.
✔️Aboriginal art is said to be the oldest continuing tradition of art on Earth
✔️These pieces of arts are said to be thousand years old are comparable to Lascaux in France - rich history and beautiful trace of the past.
✔️When visiting Carnarvon National Parks, 600km northwest of Brisbane, we could witness beautiful aboriginal ochre hand stencils on the rocks in the gorge.
✔️Indigenous would mix water, ochre and animal fat (such as kangaroo or emu), and blow over their hand on the rock; the painting would then be absorbed on the rock like ink on paper.
✔️The hand stencils are said to be marking a territory and the placement on the rock would picture the ranking of the individual.
✔️Cathedral Cave in Carnarvon is said to have the best art conserved in the world, and it was indeed a beautiful natural art gallery to see.
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