It’s Spring! Jasmine and jacarandas 💜💜💜

Western Australia 🇦🇺 Black Diamond Lake

I put out seed for King parrots, turned away and look what arrived; sulphur-crested cockatoos! Taken through glass and flyscreen. This is my regular view. It has been raining for days and showers today so far. Taken today Oct 16 2018.

'Divine Whites' from Twelve Signs 🍾

On our 4th visit to the Warrumbungles, meandering about on a 3 day/2 night hike = 1 fine adventure! - that’s Belourgery Spire if you were wondering.
Shot on #sonya7ii

Happy Birthday Benn with 2 N 🤣💃🎁 We also know a Michele with 1 L #messedupnames

#dessertboxes #sweetworthyau #melbourne

We’re all about variety. What was the last Presotea you tried? Tell us in the comments.

Photographer - @garethlewis
Gareth Lewis is a Australian photographer. His Instagram gives a window into a world of passion and intensity. It’s dark, moody and sexual. We love his work. Check him out... 🖤

Thinkin back to this salty scene at Bronte w/ @bridgetodonnell 💦

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