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B E C S T I N part. 2 ❤ #ElAmante #BeckyG #AustinMahone

#PrayForManchester I'm so heartbroken for Ariana and all the people involved. I have no words #austinmahone #arianagrande

FOR ME+YOU TOUR COMING SOON..... @austinmahone This will be fun! #austinmahone #ForMe+YouTour #getyourtickets

Tour rhsls are goin well...Super hyped to be sharing the stage with these talented dudes for the #FMPYTOUR with @austinmahone....Tour starts May 31, 2017....check out AM's site for dates and cities....hope to see you there! #AustinMahone #FMPYTOUR #AustinMahoneBand #Mahomies
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im really sick of this fuckin world. or better im sick of the people who live in it. there were parents,teenagers, kids! they're all humans holy shit. why cant people understand that we're all the same, we all have the same rights, we're all brothers and sistes. all the people that went to the concert yesterday were innocent. they all were just living their dream alone, with friends or with their own parents. they were screaming and crying of HAPPINESS and they didnt deserve that. they didnt deserve to die, or to have a terrible memory of that day. that day had to be the best or one of the best of their life. and im truly so sorry for them, for their parents and friends. sending all my prayers and thoughts to them. im so ashamed to live in a world like this.❤❤❤😭😭
[#Austinmahone #Manchester #PrayForArianators]


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He was live on instagram!!😍🙌🏼🔥🚀#austinmahone #bbqona


Whatever you do, don't fall for me, or at least try your hardest not to. It won't be good for you. I'll somehow keep you around even when you're long gone. I'll still write about our conversations and how I treasured them. I'll write about how we used to lay together in that comfortable silence that I never told you I enjoyed so much. How every now and then I would hum softly and soon you'd drift off to sleep but I'd continue. Don't fall for me. I'll just fall harder and that's no good. Don't fall for me, I'll just sit and look at you, I'll try to count every freckle on your face and start over every time I think I counted one twice. Don't fall for me. I'll end up falling for you too.

ByE !✌🏻.

I know that this isn't Austin related, I just want to say in Manchester it was heartbreaking tragedy. Many people have lost their lives and have got seriously injured and it just breaks my heart. I don't know what's happened in this world, we just live in such a cruel world right now. In what many people have said that thinking It was Ariana's fault? And it wasn't her fault whatsoever. She would never do this to her fans especially do to the people in Manchester anywhere in this world. She is very kind-hearted and she does not deserve for people that say that it was her fault, when it wasn't. She did not know that this was going to happen. If she knew that this was going to happen she would have cancelled ithe show. She would have never performed there if she knew that it was going to happen. She did not know this was going to happen. It was something planned that nobody knew it was very unexpected in the UK. The one who planted it was the killers. They are the ones who brought it into the building. Don't let does terrorism ruin Ariana's career when it wasn't her fault. There has been many unexpected things has happened in this world and it's happened in my country in any other countries in this world. Remember the Boston Marathon? Would you blame the runners for such an awful tragedy? No we should not blame them for the awful tragedy it was the people who brought in the weapon to kill and injures these innocent people. This just breaks my heart. And to all the people who are blaming Ariana for the tragedy in Manchester? These people are just sick in the mind blaming her when it was not her fault. She did not know that this was going to happen things like this can happen anywhere, anytime in life. Wishing people would understand this is not her fault she cannot quit her career for thinking it was her fault and wish she can understand it. She can't let terrorism take over her and quit her career for something that she did not do. 💔💔💔
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Yeah I got issues, and one of them is how bad I need you. 👊🏼 #austinmahone

I love you with all my heart ❤️ wish you all the best!!

my baby 😍

Austin was live 😍 rob had the camera basically the whole time though :) it was cool. They were just showing some of the rehearsal for the tour. #AustinMahone #Ameezy #dolcegabbana #Live #Instagram #InstagramLive #King #Handsome #gaintrick #gainpost #gaintrain #gainfollowers #gainlikes #followforfollow #like4like #Ausmila #Becstin #foolishfour #prayformanchester #Mahomie

He was live on instagram!!😍🙌🏼🔥🚀#austinmahone #bbqona

Nothing's more attractive than a guy who plays guitar 🎸 😍 #austinmahone

ariana offers to cover funeral costs for victims😿 (#austinmahone )

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