Well the last of the Alice Boxes went out today 🤗
Some boxes despite what I do ...just haunt me & this was one of them ...
I fell in love with one of the pink cloth editions of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ & boy did that haunt me ...7 weeks, 1 lot of damages, 2 different suppliers & a manufacturing company that refused to release them from the US without price tags 🤦‍♀️ But we got there ....I owe a big thank you to Liz also @lizzicharlesworth for not killing me for picking the most complex bag design possible - Thank you Liz !
So that being said ...Thank you Charlie (no Y) for this stunning picture @flying.panda.cub .
Time to relax & go read at least for the next day or so ...
Happy Reading, Tamara 😘

Look I took a photo 🙌😂 I think we all know by now how rare that is !
So time for some updates :
Finally after a 7 week wait , book returns & some tantrums by me - I finally received the last of the Alice Cloth Books - So the last of the orders will be going out tomorrow 😀 Thank you for everyone’s patience !
Reality Read Boxes : These Boxes will be going out in the next two weeks ...just waiting for our Booksleeves to turn up . Currently they are half way between QLD & Tassie ....and no doubt they are asking each other ‘Are we there yet ?’ Because in my world all my Stock talks 😳 Yep, I am slightly loosing my mind !
Our Disney Boxes are also waiting on the Booksleeves and will be sent out soon also.
In other news ...we have closed our website (CrateJoy is overpriced) & from now on I will be taking all orders for items via DM with invoices being sent out through PayPal . Any products we sell will be advertised here first before being placed on our Etsy store ...so you guys get first dibs 😁
Currently we are taking Pre- orders for our Summer Reading Ice Cream Collection Candles . You get a 2oz Chocolate, Strawberry & Vanilla Ice Cream Candle. They are currently $18 a set plus postage ...So if you would like a set let me know .
That’s it for now ...after a week of bookwork & other yucky stuff , I am now going to finally watch ‘Love, Simon’ 🙌
Happy Reading,
Tamara 😘

I got my first @fancifulbox last month and it was absolutely freaking awesome. I've found a lot of Aussie book boxes are hit and miss, so I like trying them if I know they are out there and this was definitely one of the best.(I've already ordered my June box)
They are also currently running a rep search too!
What other Aussie book boxes have you used? Did you love them or was it not for you?
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So today’s been an interesting day...
I got so much support from so many book businesses over the last 24 hours about us as a community being more transparent & showing our ABN’s so we could weed out unregistered businesses that don’t play by the rules. I also coped a bit of criticism as well - but having said that I have tough skin . My degree has sure taught me that 😂
So I thought I would tell you about some of the other amazing book boxes in Australia - this is not a complete list (just a starting point).
The YA Chronicles @theyachronicles - Alison & Bec literally paved the way for other book boxes to follow . Their fandom knowledge completely kicks my butt & they have done an amazing job for nearly the last two years - cause running a book box is not an easy venture !
The never never book box @neverneverbb ....This amazing lady manages to run her book box one handed & have great taste in Fantasy YA...I will forever regret not getting her box that had a book hangover bunny in it 😍 So Cute !
Telle tales @telletales_ is the new kid on the block but Shontelle is already kicking butt...not only is she super sweet (we have weekly chats) but she has also made her box a family affair & you will often find her Nan glued to a chair making Booksleeves.
Fanciful Box @fancifulbox is another amazing book box to look into . I have heard nothing but great things about this box from my own customers & I must admit - she has pretty great taste in not only books but products as well.
Now while some of you may be reading this & thinking I have slightly lost my mind for promoting other boxes 😂 I assure you I haven’t. Call me strange...but I think there is room for everyone in the Aussie book market, we all have different strengths, weaknesses & tastes in book & products - and while my book box may not suit some people it will suits others & vice versa 🤔
Now for announcements : hmmmm, nope I don’t really have any 🤷‍♀️ ! 🤔 nope , still nothing - yes , it seems I am rather boring tonight !
So on that note... Happy Reading , Tamara 😘
P.S Another amazing photo by Amy @acourtofcrownsandquills

MAY Theme Announcement 📦 Secrets & Lies 🤫
This book we have been given permission to release a week early - Normal release date is the 1st of June
Book Hints:
1. This book is perfect for fans of ‘we were liars ‘ & ‘one of us is lying’ .
2. Would you tell your favourite author you deepest darkest secrets ?
3. This author used to teach the cast of Gossip Girl
4. A POV story from 4 different people .
Fandoms include : Mean Girls & Pretty Little Liars
We are currently trying to secure signed bookplates but it is yet to be guaranteed.
On Sale Now - Boxes Are Limited & Due to tight deadlines will not be restocked once we run out 😢
Happy Reading, Tamara X
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So I have a book hangover & am not sure what to read next 🤦‍♀️
The other night I finished my ARC of ‘The Book Ninja’ & I am so sad it’s over !
This book was LOL funny & despite being dubbed as Adult Fiction - I know you guys will love it .
It features a book snob, an YA obsessed man child , one dead turtle & a cheating erratic pregnant women !
There is also a crazed romantic stalker - cause what’s a book without one of those 😝
While the book isn’t released to the 1st of June - I highly recommend you put it on your TBR list , especially if you like romantic comedies 🙌
Photo credit goes to the authors @aliandmichelle
Happy Reading, Tamara 😘
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Boxes are being packed & slowly sent 🙌 That is why I have been a bit quiet today & am yet to reply to anyone - currently getting all the labels done for our international subscribers & doing my best to ensure no one has to pay VAT, Tax or any other nasty 🤢 So it is a slightly slow process atm ! However , the international orders should be done by the end of the day & ready to ✈️ to their forever homes ! Hope everyone’s having a great day or night - will be back later with more updates !
Thank you Annie @borgprincess for another amazing photo - yep, stolen once again 😂 Follow Annie for updates & coupon codes . Happy Reading x #marchbookbox #starwars #clones #books #reading #ya #aussiebookboxes #bookishlife #goodreads #bookstagram

March Book Box - Well we are in the process of finalising everything for our first ever Book Box 🤗 This box will include an Amazing Hard Back Novel - Part Sci-Fi , Part Dystopian, Part Romance = Full 💕 . A letter from our amazing Author , A Book Sleeve from @readinglifeand_co , An Amazing Art Print by @imperium_illustrations , A Star Wars Themed Product by @foxandollbaby , An Exclusive Bookmark & A mystery Bookish Item that you will Love !
Boxes are only $39.95 AUD Plus $9.95 Shipping within Oz OR $25 AUD shipping to The US, UK, Canada, Sweden & the Netherlands - If we don’t ship to your country please ask & we will see what we can do 😊 Plus order before 7pm Tonight & Use code: SALE for 20% off 😱 #bookboxsale #ya #bookslovers #bookstagram #bookstore #shelfies #bibliophile #read #books #aussiebookboxes #girlboss #romance #sci-fi #bookmarks

So after eating some cheesecake to make up for heartbreak over my stolen bath bombs 🤬 I am back to photo stealing (yes, I see the irony)! These are some more amazing picks by Catherine @crownoficeandroses !
We have a flash sale going on for 24 hours only - Use code: SALE for 20% off anything in store 🙌 But hurry as it ends tomorrow night at 7pm AEST #sale #booksale #aussiebookboxes #reading #bookshenanigans #zenith #ya #youngadultbooks #books #shelfies

The sequel to Caraval is coming out in May 2018 - Who is waiting in anticipation?
Amazing photo by Catherine @crownoficeandroses who will have a discount code on her page ...don’t forget to follow her 😍 #caraval #read #book #bookshelves #booknerd #bibliophile #bookstagram #ya #aussiebookboxes

Photo stealing time 🤗 These photos were done by the Jen @bookbookowl ! Every time she posts I get book envy - even if I already own the same book 🤦‍♀️ Jen also helps me out at Booked For The Weekend & has her own code you can use .
If you would like your photos stolen please let me know ...you may have noticed my photo taking skills are way below par 😂 #stealingphotos #bookstagram #aussiebookboxes #yabooks #weekendreading #books #bibliophile #bookshelves

Another Shoutout & stealing of photos going on ! These amazing photos are by @http.bookworm . If you follow her you may just find a code to use on one of our boxes or better still; get to see all her amazing bookish photos 😍 We are currently selling:
March 2018: Sea Of Clones ACOFAS May 2018 - With or Without the Book 😱 #bookishcommunity #read #ya #aussiebookboxes #sarahjmaas #qualitybookishgoodies #readeveryday #bookshenanigans #bibliophile #bookstagram #replove

So it seems some people would like to see the women behind the book box ...Did I ever mention I hate having my photo taken ? So if you slide across you will see me & my gorgeous niece .
So about me: Hmmmm, I’m Tamara, I’m a Aussie Girl at heart & I’m really not that exciting 😂 When I’m not hunting down amazing bookish products, I am studying (my fifth & final year of Uni ), I also work for a big Pharma company (don’t hate me, they pay well) & I’m raising my son. So now that I have introduced myself, I would love to know more about you guys ?

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So I stole some of Miss Blue’s Amazing Pictures to repost...you can find her at @bluefairytales_ & if you ask nicely she may even share her discount code with you !
Also when you see some amazing products from @cosmicmoon in our boxes ...you owe her a thank you, cause despite both Sarah & I living in the same very small state - we didn’t know about each other 😂.
Thank you Blue - Your a Rock Star 🌟 #bookpictureenvy #bluehairlove #ya #aussiebookboxes #reading #bookstagram #books #bibliophile #bookenvy #bookishlove

So I’m starting to see a theme in my posts , I think I may have an “Alice in Wonderland” obsession 🤦‍♀️😂 So I started to think, maybe I should do a box dedicated to Alice or another fav of mine Harry Potter !
What special addition boxes would you to see us do this year ?
#aliceinwonderland #ya #read #reading #bookishart #aussiebookboxes #yabookboxes #readmore #onemorechapter #picoftheday #bookstagram #alwaysreading

Shoutout to the amazing @morganmelchor who has been helping to promote our new bookish Boxes ...check out her feed for more amazing photos & a discount code !
If anyone has any issue with discount codes please let me know & I will do you your own special code with a bigger discount !
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I love bookish art & I must say I’m slightly obsessed with Alice in Wonderland ! What is your favourite character artwork & favourite bookish artist ? I have so many the list is endless 😂#aliceinwonderland #reading #classicbooks #yareads #ya #bibliophile #aussiebookboxes #yabookbox #Hobart #fangirl #bookishart #bookworm

So I have spoken to the amazing author of our book for our March book box (bloody tongue twister) & she would love to know what questions I would like answered in her Authors Letter . I figure considering this box is for you guys - I would ask you ! What questions would you ask an amazing author if you had the chance ? Will be choosing the best three questions 😊 #authorquestions #aussieya #aussiebookboxes #reading #read #books #nerdygirl #bookstagram #bibliophile #iheartbooks #Aussieexclusive #booklove #millenials #clones #seaofclones

Amazing Photos by another one of our new Reps ! Annie @borgprincess is a massive Cat & Book lover like myself ...Follow her for special discount codes ,updates & unboxing posts of Booked For The Weekend’s Book Boxes . Don’t forget our giveaway for an amazing book sleeve made by @thereading.nook . Also our special edition Sarah J Maas Box Boxes are on sale now & will be release d in May ! These boxes will be packed full of amazing quality bookish goodies .....http://bookedfortheweekend.cratejoy.com
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