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“May the shadow of the moon fall on a world at peace.”
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Solar eclipse end of last year. Shot with my canon 80d .

What it was like watching the total solar eclipse in Homestead National Monument. 2 hours waiting for the bus to take you to the park, thousands of people, Bill Nye, NASA, News-reporters and cameras everywhere! But what an amazing sight to see... WOW!!! #totalsolareclipse2017 #totalsolarecplise #homesteadnationalmonument #august21 #august21st #august212017 #eclipseinthenationalparks

Start gazing ✨

Meet my little guardian angel. When I had just started what turned out to be the worst relationship of my life, she showed up on my moms farm in need of a helping hand. I quickly brought her into my life and although I was unknowingly in a shit situation, she was the perfect best friend. She knew when I was down and needed that extra nuzzle; she knew when things weren’t going well either between Nick and I or school. She got me out of the house on days I really just wanted to melt into the couch and not exist. When Nick and I broke up, she was there to hold, to listen, to keep me from doing anything I’d regret... Then I met Jake and she could feel my attitude change. She went to parks with us, he swung her in a baby swing, she enjoyed having him around as much as I do! This summer while Jake and I were looking for a place to live, her cancer started to consume her. The closer it got to the day I was leaving, the worse she got. Jake and I were worried about moving into an apartment with a dog because of the money involved; she knew. She knew that she made me so happy but she knew Jake could too. When I held her in my arms while her breathing got more and more labored, I told her “It’s okay baby. You can go. You were my little Mary Poppins. You came in and made my life better and it will stay this way, you don’t have to worry about me any longer.” She looked at me, cried out, and was gone. I will never forget the impact she made on my life. ❤️I love you Shatzee❤️ #shatzee #august212017

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