We love our friends at Augies! We are excited for the next chapter in their story! #Augies #IAmAugie #OpenDoorEscapeGames

#iamaugie I’m still so gutted that this little red brick building is no longer going to be Augies. I remember when it first opened.. pretty soon after they opened, my brother @andrewenos threw me the greatest surprise party I could’ve imagined for my 13th birthday. He somehow gathered my ABSOLUTE favorite singer/songwriter/musician/author @joshdies and he did a personal performance for me and all of my friends and a book signing which was literally the best thing ever. @augiescoffee allowed us to do this in their building & they were SO kind and supportive and all of the baristas and people were so accommodating. I’ve spent much of my life at Augie’s & have many special memories. I know they aren’t gone as a company, but saying goodbye to this little building just makes me so sad. I’ll always have the most special memories here. Also huge thank you to @vanillaandlace & @joshdies for coming all the way out here for that event and for being the sweetest coolest people I’ve ever met and thank you for one of the most special memories of my entire life! So much love to you all. Xx #iamaugie

Augie’s is more than just a coffee house. It’s a place where I’ve spent hours studying and having conversations, both light hearted and challenging. This red building was the place where I had my first pour over and I have never looked back. Coffee transcends cultures and social class; Augie’s does an amazing job showcasing that by creating unity through mutual passions. Lucky enough to have shared one last cup at the original location with my best friends before they’re forced to move ❤️☕️

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TODAY at 4pm 📸
Come be a part of Redlands history, have your photo professionally taken by Apartment3 Nina|Dom in front of the iconic red brick building, and help support your favorite local coffee shop!
Suggested $20 dollar donation but all donations are welcome; cash and venmo. All donations will go towards the cost of the build out of Augies new Redlands location, to help compensate our favorite baristas while they transition into the new location, and all other related costs. Please feel free to share!
Thank you! @downtown_redlands #redlands #inlandempire #socal #augies #augiescoffee #aboutredlands

Just grabbing coffee while wearing a ball gown, as one does.

While I was in town I got to take one last photo in front of Augies.
I got to find out I was going to art school in this building. #IAmAugie #augies

Alternate Universe: Part 3

#augiescoffee #augies

Alternate Universe: Part 2

#iamaugie #augies #augiescoffee

OG #Augies ❤️

All hail the Mintcha #augiescoffee #augies #mintcha

When we first read that our beloved @augiescoffee was being forced out of their iconic red brick building we were shook. No way, how could this be?! Our local coffee shop that became more than the top tier coffee they served, the landmark red building that is the heart of Redlands, and more than the fuel for early mornings and all nighters. @augiescoffee has become what home feels like. What all the best things about Redlands feels like. It's where we went for coffee dates when we first started dating. It's where we planned our wedding in 4 months, early in the morning and right before they closed to stay up all night. We had Augie's served at our wedding and Augies was the first place we stopped when we returned from our honeymoon. Augies is where we started planning our business and where we go to walk to for brainstorming sessions! That's why when we read the news that Augies was being forced to move and find a new home, two thoughts came to mind.
1. How can we remember the red brick building and it's people that became a part of our home and family.
2. How can we help support Augies move into their new home?
Well, we partnered with Augies and have decided to lend our talents to do a pop-up styled shoot, and what better backdrop than our beloved and iconic red brick building. On Monday from 4-8 pm we will have a table set up in Ed Hales Park where Augies will be accepting donations to go towards all the cost of building a new home to house all our new memories. Donations will also help compensate all our favorite baristas as they transition from the current location and into the future location. We will be accepting cash based donations and an Augies venmo will be set up for venmo donations. Come have us snap a picture of you, your families, friends and pets. Come be a part of Redlands history and support the future. Alone #iamaugies together #weareaugies

Goodbye little red house. #Augies #Coffee #Redlands #California

Thank you so much Marc Guzman, for letting us give you a little piece of history about Augie’s Montreal Deli! ⠀

It was a pleasure! ⠀

Go check out the podcast on @marcguzmanhomes page! ⠀

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It’s almost the weekend and your appetite is at steak. Let us help with this porterhouse for 2. Our mouth is already watering 👅

Although we are no longer an “item” we are still the best of friends 💚 this special little red building Redlands calls Angie’s was where me and this goofball had our very first date over four years ago. So heartbreaking to see them getting the boot. We love you #augies 💕🙏🏼 #drinkaugiescoffee #weareaugies #augiescoffee

@square for better business
I did not know about the legalities on cash tips and love how @augiesmontrealsmokemeat cares about making sure all their employees are well compensated for their hard work
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