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We love the choice in colours. The zebra theme is a great way to help keep you moving through the middle of the week 😊

A Pinot Noir for #Audiologists 🐚🍷💜

Over the weekend Dr. Jennifer Schumacher and Dr. Erika Ward represented PHC at the Northeast Johnson County Chamber’s Annual Gala. #audiologists #kcaudiology

A deficiência auditiva aumenta os riscos do dia a dia. Quem tem o problema e não usa um aparelho de audição, está sujeito aos ricos dos perigos urbanos, como por exemplo: businas de carros, motos, sirenes de ambulância ou até mesmo alertas de alguém em casos perigos de acidentes... O indivíduo com dificuldades auditivas pode reagir ao um assalto por não compreender o enunciado...
Os perigos se estende "aos perigos domésticos", como por exemplo, não ouvir o chiado de uma panela, vazamentos, alertas de socorro, etc.

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Tell me again how branding doesn't matter? Before you even start to market your business, you need to get your brand right 👌🏼
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#Audiology provides think about for your #ears and hearing-related conditions. #Audiologists make #hearingtests and help you with using #hearing-aids.


Pharynx is here to announce the ChartSmart Holiday Sale! (How is it already that time again?!) It begins tomorrow 11/20 and runs all the way through until 12/12 which is as late as we will be able to take, process, and ship orders in time for the holidays. Shop our selection of ready to print and fully customizable anatomy and waiting room art! This is a gift that keeps on giving - knowledge is power! See more at www. chartsmartdecor.com ((clickable link in bio))⁣
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Ear & Hearing Clinic is a locallyowned and operated Hearing Clinic by award-winning doctor of audiology, Juliane Shantz.
We are proud to be serving our community with quality hearing solutions for over 20 years. Our Kitchener clinic was opened in 2004 and operates in the Williamsburg Plaza off Fischer-Hallman Rd.
All of our clinic locations are wheelchair-accessiblebwith plenty of parking. Each clinic features state-of-the-art technology in a patient-centred environment.

💥New on the blog!💥

One of the misconceptions about Ear Gear is that it's essentially only for hot summer weather but Ear Gear has a number of benefits for hearing aids in the winter. Have a look at our latest blog post! ⛸️🎿🛷🏒

We talk a lot in our office about the use of cotton swabs in ears. You may have even heard us say, "You could puncture your eardrum!!!" But that could NEVER happen, right? Well, it does!

Here are some images from an actual patient. She slipped while she had a cotton swab in her ear. The swab punctured the eardrum. The last photo is of a healthy eardrum from one of our staff.

Proceed with caution! The images could "yuck you out" but it's important to learn from this unfortunate mishap.

Did you know? There are four types of hearing loss: Conductive, Sensorineural, Mixed and Central. If any part of the hearing system is unable to function, the result is hearing impairment. .
Central hearing loss is caused by a problem with the auditory nerve or sound centres. Sound waves may travel through the ear but this nerve pathway is unable to send electrochemical impulses to the brain. .
As a result the hearing centres do not receive the signals correctly. Central hearing loss can be a result of a head injury or disease. A common symptom is the ability to detect sound but not being able to understand it. Children suffering from auditory processing disorders fall into this category.

Did you know 1/3 of your potential patients are using their mobile to research and book an appointment with you? If you haven't invested in a mobile responsive website, now is the time 📲

First time in the #eastcoast, #Boston is beautiful but cold ❄️ @ashaweb convention day✌🏽 ✅ #SpeechLanguagePathologist #audiologists #slp2be #aud2be #ASHA18 #wanderlust #glt

Catch up with @lameesallie last weekend.. Looking forward to seeing you again tomorrow! 😀 #sunday #catchup #friends #girls #audiologists #exploring #adventures #lollipop #durban #kzn #southafrica

Wow girls, what can I say... Thank you for all the support during the 4 years of studying! We have learned many things over the years 1. Always wear a scarf on cadver days 2. There is a button at the front of the department that says "push to open" 😂 3. Never talk through the bone conductor 4. Basement classroom is below freezing point 5. Class in church to escape the strikes 6.Psych is not for sissies 7. Draaihekkies is not for tymps and therapy bags 8. Monday is coffee day 9. Know the sign language for "i don't know what you are saying" 10. Et al.

But one thing is for certain, the Audiology Department definitly has the most beautiful and smartest girls!


Happy Friday everyone 💃🏼
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