Some nights looks so explosive 💥 @hodzicdenis be careful at work 😂🙏🏻

#offthebucketlist / curvy goes strapless.
First time ever in a #strapless gown.🤓
Boy did I have fun! It looks effortless on the outside, but the truth is, you need good support, good tailoring - and a bit of heart and courage. 😉😂😂
I'm not doing it for compliments or appreciative glances; nor am I doing it for a few irritated looks from those who project their own body issues on to me and my inyerface #femininity. 😉
I'm just me. I love hugging my curves, putting on a pretty dress, painting my lips red and expressing my femininity in that specific way in that particular moment. It makes me feel happy and sensual and I'll be wearing whatever I please until my final day on this earth.
From an early age, us women are conditioned to hate our bodies and view it as a flawed construction site, forever doomed to work on it until we die: make it younger, thinner, smoother less, smaller, more fragile, ever thinner, less this less that. My industry, film, tv, commercials are complicit in this kind of female disempowerment. Change is urgently needed and we are this change. We are truth, life and beauty.
Peace and Love, J x

@ariellafashions @deutscherschauspielpreis

Enjoy the silence and the beautiful blue sky before the storm 🖤

#AudiTTS prête pour une nouvelle #location #Audirent chez @audibauerparis #AudiCityParis #AudiCity #Paris #Audi #TTS et juste derrière une des deux livraisons de la journée

When the parking place is spot on 😍🙏🏻 Enjoy your surroundings 🖤
FYI it is a building behind the car and not on the roof of the car 😂

une préférence pour la couleur de votre prochaine #AudiQ8 ? #AudiCityParis #AudiCity #Audi #Q8 #8thdimension

la nouvelle #AudiA6 Avant est chez @audicityparis #AudiCityParis #AudiCity

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