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Happiness Jar: Each day write down the happiest moment. Pull out random slips of paper and delight in them throughout the year. Let them bring you infinite comfort and happiness. #CreateYourOwnMomentum #AttractYourTribe #StayFocused

"Don't judge others because they sin differently than you"
While I don't believe in "sin" but in "learning experiences", the message from this quote is that judging others and shaming them doesn't make you a better person but it does say a lot on how happy you are in your own life.
✨Live and let live✨
✨Focus on the light in others✨
✨Get busy making your life happier so you don't have time or interest to care about what others are doing✨
✨Do what makes you happy and let others do the same for themselves✨
Belittling others doesn't give you more value,
Because we rise by lifting others, or at least by not judging them.
Namaste 🙏🏼 •

Special thank you to all the lovely people who shared my account today with such a great energy @littlebitesofbeauty @livelovenourishaus @nadiashealthykitchen @letscookvegan @cinnamonandberries @crystalhughes @_tasteoflife_ sending you all lots of love ❤️ •

P.S: some pple unfollow when I post pictures of myself, to those ones, please leave with peace, I am here to share more than the food on our plates, I am here to share some food for the soul ✨ #myfoodinnergy ˳᠔˳
#positiveenergy #positivevibes #positivity #positivethinking

This way May 2016. I never posted either of these. Because even after many takes I still wasn't happy with how I came out. Last year I was at the heaviest I had ever been. The end of last year I finally decided enough was enough. That I would ever see that number on the scale again. But most importantly that I would never feel that way about myself again. It's almost May again. And I am so excited to share my "AFTER" picture!....coming soon 😉. April is almost over ! I'm looking for 4 women to join this journey with me. I want you to have an awesome story, but not just physical ! That's just part of it. The feeling you get when you're finally at peace with yourself. When you're happy and full of energy. That's what I want for everyone. 💕 DM for info! There's a killer sale and it's almost over, I promise you don't wanna miss out! #strongertogether #attractyourtribe #fitnessjourney #afterpicturecomingsoon

Morning concoction! SPF 15 day cream, SPF 35 CC, illuminating primer. Mix together and be glory and sun safe! #practicesafesun #glow

A reunion after 6 years ! Our friendship is about to become stronger than ever ❤️ #AttractYourTribe #TimingIsEverything #Growth

Your vibe attracts your tribe. So #grateful to have met such amazing people!
Great things are coming real soon! ❤
Cc @lheritier1789 @letoya_johnstone @paulina_cally

Stability • Strength • Endurance #attractyourtribe #baddhakonasanalegs #physical #emotional #yoga

Be confident
Be comfortable
Be you tiful
By #accessoriesbywe
Bringing back diversity


We had a little visitor tonight- he seemed kinda buzzed!
{{turn sound on- it's pretty cool!}} #bees #savethebees

Snowman and snail, the extent of my play-doh skills. 😝

I know im a bit late but better late than never....I would like to take time to say a big THANK YOU to my 1k followers. I have realized that when you just go out there in the world and be yourself, your Vibe attracts your Tribe. I have met some awesome people just here in my little space that have made me feel warm and welcome. I look forward to sharing with you my never ending journey of personal growth, health, knowledge, while inspiring you to "Do What You Can".
#thankyou #1kfollowers #celebrating #growingisknowing #spiritualgrowth #abundance #meditation #naturalhealth #naturalproducts #growyourown #blackblogger #blackgardeningcommunity #blogger #foodismedicine #sustainability #dowhatyoucan #makeadifference #attractyourtribe #

I've been getting calf and foot cramps at night lately- time to up my electrolytes!

This is one of the hardest but most rewarding lessons to live by. I have learnt this over the past couple of years and have seen incredible effects of protecting my energy. It allows your energy to flow and attract the right people and opportunities on your vibe level into your life, and shows you what doesn't serve you in the best way anymore... Listen to your intuition, trust it's leading you the right way, and watch as magic unfurls 🌙 It's been waiting to get through to you! #attractyourtribe
Thanks for the reminder @lovethediosa

Is Shakeology for hippies?! 💐🌱
Kinda... 😂 It has centuries old medicinal herbs that have been proven in the Blue Zone (Google it!) cultures to extend healthy living. These herbs come straight from where they're natively grown- not brokered out from wholesalers.
Pair that with clean protein, no GMOs, no soy, no artificial flavors/colors/fillers- and you've got one awesome glass of goodness!
Cheers to being a little bit 🌺 hippie 🌸!

Who's out there making a list of goals and crushing them?!

It's Monday. Life is a mess. BUT I still remain present. Send out all my love & positivity to anyone else getting tested on this beautiful, messy, Monday! Set the tone for your week & keep moving! #loveyourself #positivevibes #attractyourtribe #namaste #wheresmycoffee #mondaysbelike #mondaymotivation

One bonus of having mom brain and taking all the car keys with you to work is that you get to leave to take your big boy to school and get coffee together 😘😍😘 #momfail #mombrain #imalwayslate #mommasboy #love

Snack time! Yellow of quinoa, purple of tropical fruit (frozen then thawed), almond milk and an orange of shredded coconut. #snacktime #portionfix

Fecha con mi mamá, cafe con leche y churros. Me gusta. 😋
Vivir mi vida! 🤑🙌🏼

Mondayyyyy once again ! Mondays are my longest days at school 😩. But just 2 more Mondays at NIU to go! Made my own ice coffee this morning, less sugar (splash of almond milk and a tsp of honey) than if I bought it and way cheaper! Hope everyone had a great Monday and great last week of April! 😘 #attractyourtribe #mondayvibes #niuhuskies #collegelife #icedcoffee #byeapril

So much to do today so were locked and loaded with coffee in one hand and the phone in the other!

A good reminder. #quiet #rest #meditate

Morning concoction! SPF 15 day cream, SPF 35 CC, illuminating primer. Mix together and be glory and sun safe! #practicesafesun #glow

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