I love lights. Neon especially and those lights resemble life. Sometimes down sometimes up sometimes its messy but its beautiful, its life embrace it #attitudeforinspiration

Today of all the day i discover myself some pretty good things about me, people willing to open up, thanks doc u know who u are! There always a light at the end of the tunnel, if theres no light means its not the end and if u found the light inshaAllah there will be brighter light for future, am writing this because the selection of people i encounter, the friends i make who turns to backstab me in the back, the people i work with, the people i see and make friends with, the one who stay the one who came back, i really can put my feet in their shoes, its not understanding its beyond that, its giving shoulder to people who are tired to pass the day, its the aura i carry everyday when i tell them i do hve my own demons to fight but its actually good for people like these because you realize where u are, when u think about how difficult your life is there are people out there that was Tested beyond expectation and to that i give thanks to these people to open to me, its not easy to open unlike me i always talk about myself because am a puan sri 🤣 always a puan sri😍 sorry not sorry for that, so guys if u think your life is not what you expected, trust learn the process, seek HIM for forgiveness because we dont know how long we will be here in earth #attitudeforinspiration #alwaysapuansri #beinggratefuleveryday

The best quote ever 😉
5 fingers thumbs up 👍👍👍👍👍
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Menjalin sebuah hubungan saja sulit apalagi saling memahami... 😏
Nice words... Thanks alot buat mbak cantik @sayuran_hidroponik_balikpapan
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Life is full of shit, so everyday always laugh 😂😆😆😂😂
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U will never know what the scorpio woman is thinking.👩♏🦂💝 #scorpiowoman #scorpioquotes #strongwomanquotes #wasborninnovember #attitudeforinspiration #myquotetoday #itsme #inreallife

Im not an easy person, never was a patience one, but these day i practise to be patience because Allah is the greatest Planner, whatever i plan may not be succeed, but with HIS help, inshaAllah and those wondering im still single, of course! I appreciate my time and spend it wisely with people who waits for me but now im more spending time with my family, and i know the rest will fall into its places❤️
#puansri #attitudeforinspiration #thursday

Human! Why do you hate me that much? What did i ever do to you that make u hate me that much? Jelousy really got you is it? Its really a scary world these days, dating is not my forte anymore, i cant even live happily and when i was okay, you go back to square one and keep passing me 'things', how stupid do u think i am anymore? Arent u tired? I dont want you at all, nothing! Closure ke whatsoever i dont want, its enough the burden u gave me but i always think positive that Allah has greater plan for me

I wonder everytime i try to push u away and called u terrible names u still stay, why? If i say those things and behaving like a bitch ur still there why? I did the prayers and i didnt see u but maybe another sign maybe its something else why? Whatever happend is i will always be here, like how blair waits for chuck, because im never tired of waiting for u #tansri
Just wondering what are HIS plan right now
#attitudeforinspiration #chuckbass is similar to #mrgrey because they have #characteristic and that im very particular with whom i hangout with

Today, i wanna confess about how sinful certain races be, honestly ive beeen liberal and i know what is like to be treat nicely respectfully by other race and am wonder we say 'org malaysia penuh budi bahasa' where the fuck is that? Why we treat others like shallow so down? Even if i dont know who are u, why? This is what makes me being liberal, the respect i get from others are far greater than my own race, why? What generation have i live in? How am i going to bring up my kids? Will they learn to respect others? Will they learn gratitude? Im just fedup but thank god i dont mix with the handbags the new collection the up to date trend, im just me being me
Duhh i am ashamed of my own race, dude tolong masuk sekolah belajar adab before kena sekolah😂😘#attitudeforinspiration

Today of all the day, someone pop up a question that got me thinking well overthinking i guess... the question is 'what made people like you so much? Friendly or u got charm?' ... come to think of it i create enemy rather than friends and suprisingly my friends are all dudes, why ask me a question that i never asked myself
Why people like to lepak with me? I have alot of baggage, im a mess guess i hide that pretty fine these times😂
Maybe im sincere when making friends, maybe i dont judge them, people carry with different type of trash with them yet i have my own so who am i to question them, or maybe i learn thag sometimes people need someone but for now i perfectly fine with what God gave me, ashtonishing friends a well family what can i ask more? And i love u guys enough that complete me already and if the one drop by from cloud, he have to accept i have alot of boyfriends😂🤣 Tillthanloveme🤷🏽‍♀️ #attitudeforinspiration

Before you start to complain about the price of gas hikes, give thanks that you have a car, next time you complain about a messy house, stop and give thanks that you have a family that makes a mess with, before you complain about your boss, stop and give thanks you have a job, Live each day of a attitude of gratitude and you will be on your way of a happier life

Look at what u have not what u lack of, focus your energy there, #inshaAllah things makes sense after this #thejourney #trust #confidence #attitudeforinspiration

28th Dec 2016
I miss the thoughts 💭 of the memory we share, those moments where i celebrate Christmas Raya New year with u and the fact that its actually a lie which bothers me everytime and i have to pick myself up each day and told myself am a strong 💪 warriors/ 👸 everyone keep telling me do this because they care while im here dealing with my madness my sickness and than am asking would this pain ever gonna heal? #champagne #beheard #attitudeforinspiration

I mess up with kakyangs selimut, do u think i care? I dont and i just want to make kakyang more misrable because she dont want to share her bed with me🙄 ohh u chichi, u take up most of my bed duhhh where i want to sleep?! On the floor is it?😂 #todaysmood #workaholics #attitudeforinspiration

I dont know whats your problem, so dont expect me to understand everything, i dont know whats going on your bloody brain, so dont expect me to read minds, you have problems, handle it with care, dont make a fuss about it, everyone is fighting their own demons, their own war, you need to be sure you care for those who wanted to be there for you, its as simple as that, or maybe if u are so lost, we as muslim, we have guidance, ASK HIM , SEEK HIM for your battle, learn to appreciate people, if you keep ignoring those people who intended to help, meaning u are stupid, sometimes people just care, just by being caring enough to listen, than again your call, your decision, do it wisely. Till then this kittykat need to focus on whats important in life.

Morning determination! Wake up! Jog and runaway, for better future #attitudeforinspiration

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