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Frames for @benshewry and the new look @atticamelbourne Tasmanian Oak frames with double spline joinery detail and finished in a custom stain #atticamelbourne #unitedmeasures #customframing

Couple of naive happy faces in the first week of attica in August 2005. My Sous chef at the time and best mate @jchunk were the only kitchen staff in the beginning. Man life is a complete trip, we went to hell and back in that tiny space, blood under the nails. Wouldn't change a minute of it though, the good, the bad, the doubt, the fear no regrets just never forgot where I came from or where I'm going. Came to Australia with $500 in my pocket and built nothing into something with the help of many good people. So grateful to them. Always felt so welcome and wanted here, beautiful country, we got so little to be negative about in the scheme of things-gotta be thankful to be here and to be alive. The past couple of years have been a rebirth of sorts in many ways. The age old battle of supporting a young family, and meeting a strong personal ambition that isn't easily satisfied. Buying the restaurant was the best thing ever, always cherished it but now it feels to me like a restaurant that is only a couple of years old and I've recaptured the motivation of those early years, but in a different more sustainable way. I look at my team and I feel like, damn it! we can do anything, on the good days you could scream it.
Dream it, scheme it, team it.
#atticamelbourne #australia

Just a casual 4 hours eating session @atticamelbourne #standardfriday #atticamelbourne

Marron with Sweet and Sour Pumpkin Seeds, Holy Flax and Society Garlic Flowers.
#atticamelbourne #tastingmenu

An Imperfect History of Ripponlea in the shape of 3 tarts of each era. The Orthodox Jewish tart with chicken jelly beat the British Black pudding 1-0! @atticamelbourne #atticamelbourne comments by @patnourse

Afternoon delight #ifarchitecture #atticamelbourne

I spent last few days updating my mural at @atticamelbourne with a fresh new one. The image is based on a photograph by master @colinpagephoto
Thank you again @benshewry and team @atticamelbourne for the awesome opportunity and for looking after me properly! Mad respect as always! ✌️️
#heesco #atticamelbourne #mongohustle


#Repost @atticamelbourne (@get_repost)
Marron with Sweet and Sour Pumpkin Seeds, Holy Flax and Society Garlic Flowers.
#atticamelbourne #tastingmenu

Just a casual 4 hours eating session @atticamelbourne #standardfriday #atticamelbourne

The good kind of fat | 2016

Emerald city | 2016

Palaeolithic | 2016

Two beautiful Wahine's, and two legends out for a once in a life time dinner at one of the best restaurants in the world @atticamelbourne Chur Bro!! ✊️

Had the pleasure of meeting this man last night, and dining at the renowned @atticamelbourne 🍴🍷 So awesome to experience a Menu that pays such deep respect to the natural beauty of an ingredient - and accentuates it ☝️#cheflife #hospolife #attica #foodie #melbournerestaurants #yum #experience #flavours @benshewry

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