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Lovely surprise in the post today! @atticamelbourne on the cover of #insidemagazine ! Big thank you to @janhenderson_ for the lovely words, @blachford for the stunning 📷 and @grazia_and_co for the Featherston Scape lounge chairs that make the most gorgeous models! #atticamelbourne #atticarestaurant #ifarchitecture #hospitalitydesign

Couple of naive happy faces in the first week of attica in August 2005. My Sous chef at the time and best mate @jchunk were the only kitchen staff in the beginning. Man life is a complete trip, we went to hell and back in that tiny space, blood under the nails. Wouldn't change a minute of it though, the good, the bad, the doubt, the fear no regrets just never forgot where I came from or where I'm going. Came to Australia with $500 in my pocket and built nothing into something with the help of many good people. So grateful to them. Always felt so welcome and wanted here, beautiful country, we got so little to be negative about in the scheme of things-gotta be thankful to be here and to be alive. The past couple of years have been a rebirth of sorts in many ways. The age old battle of supporting a young family, and meeting a strong personal ambition that isn't easily satisfied. Buying the restaurant was the best thing ever, always cherished it but now it feels to me like a restaurant that is only a couple of years old and I've recaptured the motivation of those early years, but in a different more sustainable way. I look at my team and I feel like, damn it! we can do anything, on the good days you could scream it.
Dream it, scheme it, team it.
#atticamelbourne #australia

What a day! Pete is in Melbourne hanging with legend @benshewry, working on a very special collaboration for @atticamelbourne. More news coming soon!! #atticamelbourne #benshewry #garageproject #trysomethingnew #beerandfood

Merry Christmas from all of us here at Attica. Wishing you a fun and safe day with the people you love most, and all the ham you can eat! #atticamelbourne #christmas2015 #ham

20 something courses later #whippedemuegg with sugar bag #atticamelbourne #bestaussieeats #benshewry

Awesome way to finish up at the shack working with the inspirational @benshewry and his amazing crew from @atticamelbourne
What a cool bunch of people! So stoked to get to work alongside you, hope to see you in Melbourne soon 🤘
#ortegafishshack #atticamelbourne

Wow, what a meal - what an experience. The Australian food scene is in massively good hands with chefs like Ben Shewry & restaurants like Attica at the helm.
Marron with Sweet & Sour Pumpkin Seeds #incredible #lovedeveryminute #atticamelbourne


2009 Cedric Bouchard Roses de Jeanne Les Ursules Blanc de Noir
A relatively forward Champagne with an attractive nose. There is a great acidity running across the palate with flavours of citrus, peach and strawberries with nice mineral qualities in the background. The lower bottle pressure of Cerdrics wines give it a soft silky mousse that floats over your tongue effortlessly. Great start to the evening.
(30th birthday wines)

2010 Keller Abst Erde GG Riesling
This was so good that we had a second bottle. Out of the star studded line up enjoyed over the evening this managed to be everyone’s pick for WOTN. The nose is an enticing mix of ripe stone fruits, exotic tropical fruits and slate/limestone like minerals. The balance and texture to this wine is something else managing to be thick and coating as well as seeming weightless. The acidity is glorious and carries nicely across the palate. we see lemon, pineapple, passionfruit, ripe peach and mango interweaved through layers upon layers of stoney Mineralrity. Quiet a memorable drinking experience.
(30th birthday wines)

2009 Domaine Ponsot Clos de La Roche Grand Cru
Although a baby it’s still easy to be impressed by the sheer purity, complexity and concentration of this wine. Nose is utterly seductive full ripe cherry and dark berries. The palate has tremendous volume to the body, fine round tannins and great length. There is bright Cherry and pomegranate to begin with that move into darker shades of wild strawberry and blueberry. These sit atop crunchy florals, anise spices and soft earthy notes. Sensational!
(30th Birthday wines)

This dish was a representation of the main cultures that influenced Ripponlea, Indigenous Australian, British and Jewish.

#attica #atticamelbourne #atticarestaurant #sanpellegrinotop50 #top50restaurantsintheworld #finedining #eatmelbourne #degustationmenu #tastingmenu

So excited for dinner at #atticamelbourne and we still have one slot available on Dec 7. Anyone interested to join us at @atticamelbourne? Let me know!

@atticamelbourne Part 3 of 3 🎂 The last photo shows the bonus birthday course (chocolate fondant cake with jellybean ice cream) which they serve if you celebrate a birthday with them 😉 Total = 20 courses 😋 (Yes, those are ants, and yes, that’s an emu egg!)

@atticamelbourne Part 2 of 3 🥕🥔 Highlights = the damper and the famous “All Parts of the Pumpkin”.

Only a month later...here’s the full rundown of my meal celebrating a family birthday at @atticamelbourne! Part 1 of 3 🌿🌽 This photoset is a mix of the vegetarian and the regular menu. Highlights = smashed avo and the “History of Ripponlea” tartlets.

Crazy week in Sydney town, part 2: @rootstock_syd event with @atticamelbourne crew.
Words can’t describe it, and my phone died just before this event so I don’t have any documentation of this madness... so here are some stolen video and photos.

Thank you @benshewry and team @atticamelbourne, @rootstock_syd and @giorgio_de_maria, @kylielball, and everyone else involved, for this unforgettable experience. I’m still recovering physically and mentally haha.
#ripponleariots #atticamelbourne #rootstocksydney2017 #heesco #mongohustle

world class
You can see how this place made the World’s Top 50 restaurants. 18 amazingly prepared courses, highlighting ingredients as simple as pumpkin, and as interesting as pearl oysters, paua or quandong... a nice nod to Ben’s kiwi past, and Australian present! The pics here are just a few of my fav dishes from the night... (and ps. so obsessed with their plating/crockery 😍) Such a perfect way to end my trip to Melbourne; met some phenomenal Kiwis doing some really cool things and finished with this awesome experience which I could share with Mum 💜. Go and make a booking now. You won’t be disappointed! #worldclass #kiwitalent #greatkai #lovedthepossum #andthepotatoes #pestsoftheneighbourhood #amazingmeal #purenewzealand #melbourneeats #melbourne #degustation #atticamelbourne #ripponlea #wanttheircrockery #allaboutthefood

From the Earth to the table. Easy to see why Attica is in the world’s top 50. They won me over with the sausage sizzle out back, how much more truly Aussie could you get. Kidding, I was hooked by the second course in (out of 17!). What an absolute treat! 😋💛🍷 #attica #atticamelbourne #ripponlea #melbourne #melbournefood #worldtop50restaurants #benshewry #atticaresturant #finediningmelbourne #melbourneeats #melbonpix #melbournewheretoeat #degustation #17courses #foodcoma #happytobeoutofpocket #aboutlastnight #melbournetodo #melbournelife #toomanyhashtags #melbourneiloveyou #foodporn

||1996 Dom Ruinart||
Great way to start dinner @atticamelbourne 🍾🍾🍾

The RIPPONLEA RIOTS will attack @rootstock_syd on the 26th of November from 1pm for some afternoon mayhem. From the warped minds of #atticamelbourne and @benshewry comes this anti fine dining party. Not for the easily offended. Bookings through www.rootstocksydney.com #ripponleariots #rootstocksydney2017 #antifinedining
Artwork by @heesco

Not often treat myself but what a great diner experience we had at @atticamelbourne! The food was really amazing and it was so great discovering Australian native ingredients!

A foodie experience for the ages. Attica - best restaurant in Australia. Just a small selection of the 18 courses. Smashed Avo & Pearl cooked in paperbark. An imperfect history of Ripponlea. Grilled Marron with desert lime. Pest of the Neighbourhood. Whipped Emu egg with quandong. AH-MAZING from start to finish. #atticamelbourne #melbournerestaurant #foodporn #possumsausage

Last meal to finish an epic few weeks! #Atticamelbourne #19courses #melbourne #cannotlookatfoodagain #holidayisover 🌿🥑🐜🐫

🏆 It’s #1 for a reason 🏆Perfection @atticamelbourne

This was pearl meat cooked in paperbark at @atticamelbourne. I loved the smell of the burnt paperbark and the pearl meat was interesting (a first for me). It's considered a delicacy because it's harvested in small quantities and is the adductor muscle of the pearl oyster. Tastes like scallop and quite sweet in flavour! The lemon myrtle butter was delicious 😋

last evening's birthday dinner for @amongus, after six months of planning and three months of anticipation; that horrid melbourne rain can't dampen our spirits. will endeavour to upload pictures of the food someday when the discipline bug hits. #latergram #foodstagram #atticamelbourne #gleneira #melbourne #australia

Avocado smash @atticamelbourne

Dined in April. Was probably the most underwhelming meal I've had at Attica. The degustation then overall was a bit too "green" and lacking punch + wow factor. The new decor (well not so new now) was less intimate and more stark, bright and boring with tables placed closer together. Shame as I loved the old Attica and always had a great experience before this recent meal.

How does the ritual of eating and drinking influence the design of dining spaces? What are the ingredients of a great hospitality venue? @a_c_m_e @scottcarver_australia and I will be talking about our projects for @artichoke_magazine Night School this Wednesday evening at @spacefurniture Sydney #ifarchitecture #atticamelbourne #cutlerandco #hospitalitydesign

Some of my favorite dishes at #atticamelbourne food lovers dream come true!

Attica Part 1!
Everything about this place was amazing and exactly what we expected though I will say be prepared for a LONG night, we sat down at 7pm and didn't leave till 11pm! 😅😅 #foodblogger #nokidsallowed #foodie #top50restaurants #restaurantlover #blogger #aussiefoodie #foodporn #couplegoals #foodcritics #melbourne #melbourneblogger #melbournefoodie #atticarestaurant #atticamelbourne

the most beautiful teeny tiny #smashedavo 🌟 #atticamelbourne #artwork. 🙊 this surprise #dinner just took 3mths of planning, feigning a phone call mid-meeting at 8.30am, jumping onto a computer, reservations booked within 2 minutes - but somehow you did it! thank you C! 💏

whipped emu egg dessert 🍨 , black ant 🐜 & camel milk ice 🐫, gumbi gumbi tea - yep, we're at #atticamelbourne!

The smile on my face last night was directly related to the eleven courses I had already consumed and the Kangaroo, Wattles and Waxflower I was about to enjoy! Amazing dining experience, loved every minute! Let's say my chicken and veg at home tonight was pretty dull after last nights extravaganza! Thanks @atticamelbourne @benshewry #atticamelbourne #twentycourses #amazingfood #worldsbestrestaurants #wishlist #alwayswantedtogo #melbournefoodandwine #melbournefood #melbournerestaurant

Not your average Wednesday night dinner #abalone #localseafood #eatlocal #atticamelbourne @atticamelbourne

Definitely one of the best dining experience. Thank you so much Eva and Attica team! #atticamelbourne #domainefourrier #chambollemusigny #2000

Moody elegance ⚡️️ Our Atelier Luxury velvet features on these stunning @grazia_and_co chairs in the heavenly @atticamelbourne fitout by @ifarchitecture, shot to perfection by @blachford. View more on our website now. #instyleau #interiordesign #melbourneinterior #atticamelbourne #ifarchitecture #interiors

My journey at Attica has come to an end and I'm looking forward to try their new menu next year💋
Australia's No.1 Restaurant
World's best 50 restaurants(No.32)
@atticamelbourne Ripponlea, Melbourne
Chef Ben Shewry
3 hats restaurant 🌿
#atticamelbourne #benshewry #worlds50best #restaurantaustralia #restaurant #finedining #finedininglovers #melbournerestaurant #melbourne #visitmelbourne #melbournefoodie #dailyfoodfeed #eatfamous #foodstagram #foodlover #dollymic #foodporn #foodie #seeaustralia #foodphotography #melbourneblogger #bestfoodintheworld #foodart #dinner #inspiration #melbournelife #melbournefashion #ootd #igfashion

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