The proof is in this chart from R1 coatings which we are a certified and approved installer of. Also from this article about CarFax discussing how ceramic coating when applied by a certified installer is increasing resale values! Do you want to get it installed now!? Not only will you know you are being taken care of by someone who is certified, but we also put a sticker on your door jam saying when it was installed and by who!

We are excited to be featured in the Best of Logan, as Cache Valley’s top mobile car detailing company! To celebrate, we’ve teamed up with them to bring you a GIVEAWAY! 🚘💦
For your chance to win our Bronze Car Detail Package (including an exterior wash, clean rims, spray wax, inside & out windows, full interior vacuum, including your dash & center console clean & dressed) valued at $50: ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
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I love celebrating #quotewednesday!

That deep gloss shine is unmatched by anything! Not only does R1 Ceamic Coating offer durability and protection. It also gives a deeper shine to your vehicle that lasts. Every vehicle needs this, especially those black ones! Head here to check out all the benefits and understand why R1 is so amazing! Click on the "Learn More" after reading through the page and explore away. http://paintcoating.com

Most vehucles come with panoramic moonroof. If it starts to look dull, have water spots, or scratching. We can polish it for you with our Glass polish. Another surface that can be protected by our R1 ceramic coating.

"Nick just got done with my car (2015 CR-V) and it looks sensational! It smells brand new and is so shiny. I highly recommend him. Thank you Nick!" - 5 Star Review

That single reflection is the way paint was meant to look! Another customer educated to keep their vehicle away from car washes that touch their vehicle. They can cause damage, pollution transfer, and scratching. Clay and 2 stage polish received and the color difference shows all!

Porsche yearly prep detail to go along with its monthly maintenace. Gorgeous!
Remember, detailing is about maintenace! We are not a car cleaner or car wash. Detailing is about reconditioning, enhancing, and protecting...learned and trained skills that come from professionals not the back of a label.

Yestedays yearly prep detail receiving Paint correction (systematic process of filling in heavy to light scratching in the clear coat) at its finest! The right side is what paint needs to look like to be Ceramic Coated!

Who needs a mirror to get ready in the morning when your car shines RIGHT like this?

More before and afters to come from this yearly prep detail on one of our Monthlys.

Keeping this one clean, enhanced, and protected every 6 months inside and out! Whether you want the ultimate protection from our ceramic coating or to have your vehicle detailed on a certain scheduled basis. We have you covered!

Why R1 Ceramic Coating? This right here is why. The power of Ceramic Coating. Most exhaust tips will get destroyed from the pollution it is kicking out. The coating makes so I could wipe this one off without any water or chemicals.

Hydrophobic properties! R1Pro Ceramic Coating. Maintain your vehicle with the best!

This is one of my favorite all time quotes and relates to being content. Then working towards those things that are important to us. This is when I truly appreciated my business and was content and I began to be even more successful and gained many relationships beyond just being a customer. So...thank you to those who have helped me grow to who I am and also help me build a business focused on trust, humility, and passion.

2 stages of polish before this 2017 Audi A3 received its R1 pro ceramic Coating. Come back later this week for more and new videos!

Some of our most recent chrome polishing before and afters! Chrome looks amazing when it is looking right. Chrome is also one of the surfaces that will pit and rust the fastest. Keeping chrome properly maintained and protected is essential. 5 months ago I ceramic coated some exhaust tips and when it came time to clean them the brake dust wipped right off like it had just been placed there! Chrome accessories, wheels, etc can be an expensive investment. Protect them with the best!

Full after video of this beautiful 2018 Camaro! Minor paint correction & R1 ceramic coating (2 coats). Super excited customer!

It's not everyday we get to work on a fun classic like this! Bronze detail gift certificate made this customer happy. All ready to cruise in!

Slow motion Hydrophobic action of R1 Ceramic Coating 5 months later. Taking care of what you have to help it last longer!

This coating was installed about 9 months ago! This is the first time we have detailed it since. Check out that hydrophobic action. This is why a R1 Ceramic Coating! It is like it was installed the day before.

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