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« Για τους κήπους της γης, 
για το ροζ της αυγής, 
για το κύμα που απόμεινε μόνο
να χαϊδεύει με αφρούς
τους πικρούς μας καημούς
και να διώχνει της πίκρας τον πόνο. »

Πολυξένη Βελένη ✒

[ αντίο καλέ μας άγγελε... 🕯]

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AB ROAD bukan AB PRASS... Gala Dinner Wine & Cigar Tasting , Tribute to The Beatles Concert by The The Beatflash, Minggu (9/12). I Saw Standing There...! #thebeatles #coverversion #atribute #rocknroll #sababay #wine #cigarlover #sparkling #beatlesfans #thebeatflash #beatlemania #hotel101 #krjogja

Turning back time.
I came to this place several years ago. Taken through a dirty, dust covered windshield. To mark the moment of crossing, alone, into the wild unknown. The story of how I came to be in this place on this day is a long one. Too long, for this tiny square.
I post it now because, as this country mourns the death of a past president...I mourn the death of another. I mourn the death of...a wolf.
When I read of Her recent demise, at the hands of a trophy hunter just outside the northeastern park boundary, (just as her mother had a few years before),my breath caught in my throat and it felt as though my heart skipped a beat. A purely autonomic reaction. As though time stopped and a little piece of me died in that very moment. It was both an unexpected reaction and a deep gut clenching moment. And so after a few days of processing, I write this.
I write this, to remember Her. Her strong, resilient, yet shy spirit. I write it to remember the two soul stirring encounters I was privileged to have with her in my short time in this place. To remember her howl and the way I felt hearing it for the first time. The energetic wave it sent up my spine. I write it to honor... Her. Yes, I write it to honor...A Wolf.
Who, like the rest of us, was just trying to survive.
I learned a few weeks after I encountered her that she was the alpha female of a famous pack, and had a name and a number given to her by the park biologists and those that are called "the wolf watchers". Neither of which really meant anything to me because...at that point I knew...her spirit.
I write this today to remember Her. To remember what it felt like for a few short moments with Her, to feel truly wild and free.
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It’s no secret amongst friends and colleagues that I have taken seriously ill for months now. That explains why I’ve been quiet on my social media. On good days, you’ll see a functioning Zam, and on bad days, they’re just so terrible I can barely get up. Today was the latter BUT I reminded myself that it is important for me to do this tribute post that was long overdue. On the 6 November 2018 (exactly a month back), Players’ Avenue celebrated our 3rd Anniversary the way we know best, in solemn contemplation of the massive achievements made over the short years. Or as succinctly blurted out by Ms. Joeve Lio Shi Shi during our 3-hour long call, “HUH, SO FAST AH?”. Uhm... Familiarity and comfort I so often sought for these days. During a recent sharing at Singapore Polytechnic, my dearest friends En Qi (from Esplanade) and Ezzat (from TheatreWorks) were amazed at how I’m handling the magnitude of running an arts organisation while freelancing as a theatre-maker. JOKE’S ON ME, NOW THAT MY HEALTH IS DECLINING! 🙄 In response, I chuckled lightly and gave credit where it’s due. Truth is in the very 1st year of finding the voice of Players’ Avenue, I was lucky to have my bff, Joeve and Chia Wei, on the ride with me. While Joeve was my hype-gal, CW gave a critical take on every decisions made. “Why? How? When? Who? Where? What?” I have been the beneficiary of such a wonderful dynamic! As I started (and successfully) pushing out the name of Players’ Avenue in our 2nd and 3rd year, life made other plans for us individually. Like Destiny’s Child, we each went on our separate paths into the 3rd year. I don’t wanna offend anyone by saying who is who... But I’m no Michelle 😂😭🤭 Haha. Ms. Chang and Ms. Wong played a huge role (more than they are aware) in advising us about the different pedagogies and sometimes into our personal lives. With the existing and new clients and collaborators we have met over the years, we remain committed in forging long-lasting relationships with each and everyone of you. I am fool(ish). I am full. I am grateful. Going into our 4th and 5th year, it’s all about “Strengthening Capabilities, Expanding Capacities”. (...)

I pay tribute to the Endless heroism to the youth generations Iconic musician AR Rahman by one of my composition
"It's about you and me "
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Thank you Nelson Mandela (and Winnie!) for the uphill battles you fought, and suffocation you endured so to reclaim South Africa 🇿🇦. Your reign in the ancestral realm is just the light that will help to propel South Africa towards its wholeness. 📸 @kwesiabbensetts .

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Couple of weeks ago, but I still can’t stop giggling. Wasn’t able to annunciate a single word to him, but had the honor of bartending the #philliphansemoandtheillegals show @clubredrocks Mesa. It was definitely the best night I have ever, and will ever have working. There’s something on my side. #philcore #philandtheillegals #clubredmesa #choosingmentalillnessasavirtue #choosingmentalillnessustour #anewlevel #atribute #pantera #ripdimeandvinnie #stairwaytoheaven

Habis kerja analog dulu jam makan siang .

Weekend vibes!

Last Christmas "Once bitten but twice shy..." 😏😉😜🌲 Thanks to the generous coffeegirl. Check out my topping, no art necessary this time, very meta.

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