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Me and my nan when I was quite a bit younger. She unfortunately passed away last night. she was the best nan I could have ever asked for, nutty as anything crazy about elephants and would tell story after story but that's what made her so lovely. R.I.P nan #nan#rip💔#atpeacenow

Margie passed away peacefully this morning surrounded by her loving family. Check link in profile for more information. #atpeacenow #nomorepain #foreverloved

You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore 💗#buhbye #foodforthought #bacheloretteparty #onebrideonetribe #atpeacenow

Sleep well Grandma. My little heart hurts, but you are at peace now. Love you #rip #atpeacenow #farewell #102

Happy birthday sis wish you were here wondering what you had in mind but then again I know you a introvert you would have went online shopping crazy. #Riplittlebigsis #godtakesthestrongest #noworries #atpeacenow

Now that's how u eat a paratha, makhan maar ke. #alooparatha ##atpeacenow

God called home one of his Angels. It's all over granny no more suffering. Your soul is resting! Thank you for loving me unconditional! I want to thank everyone for their prayers and support during this difficult time in my life. 💔🙏🏾 #alwaysbegrateful #thebestmeisyettocome #blessed #atpeacenow

My beautiful grandmother who left us yesterday.❤️#atpeacenow #angel #restinpeacegran


Momma Noval - I'll always remember you and I sitting out in the front yard of your home in Cebu when @gienoval and I visited you and the family last year.

My own mental health almost kept me from making that trip, but Gigie got me on the plane. She was determined, my meeting her mom was going to happen.

We knew then it may be our only chance to meet, and it was. 😓

I've never seen a body, the complete opposite of a person's spirit. You were skin and bone, frail and in pain. The mylefibrosis might have been getting the upper hand on your flesh but fuck that, you are not your flesh.

The spirit that could not be diminished, is what I think of.

Your sense of humor and strength were obvious to me. I felt comfortable talking, telling you that I loved your daughter, or sitting in silence with you. I'm glad we had that moment and others during that visit. I'm thankful I had the time to tell you what a beautiful woman and partner your daughter had become.

Today, as you get laid to rest, I'm feeling a sense of peace that you are no longer in pain and your life is being celebrated by those that love you.

You are in my thoughts today and you will be remembered with ❤ in our home, always.

#inspiringwoman #atpeacenow #mylefibrosis #drugpriceskill #nomorepain

Said our last goodbyes to my dad today. Scattered his ashes in this beautiful loch. My daughter and grandkids make me so proud. #sayinggoodbye #atpeacenow #daughter #grandkids #holyloch #sadday 💔💔💔

Forget the day's troubles. Remember the day's blessing. #CelebratingLife #sunday #atpeacenow

Memories last forever #wendy#friend#atpeacenow 💔

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