July 2017—>July 2018
Feeling leaner and working on those baby abs😜
What you can’t see from this picture is that I have more energy, I am stronger than ever, crushing my workouts, less tummy trouble, and more confidence!
Honestly most of this change has happened in the last month because I got super serious about my goals and my why.
So here it is. My next FREE, yes free, group starts August 6th. Join me for a eat clean and train mean group! I will give you all of my best tips, a workout everyday, and a community that is ready to crush it! Comment below or DM me to join!

Got home from church to a package!!!!!
1. I love mail.
2. I’ve been waiting to read this book.
3. I’m probably gonna read it in like 2 days.
If you have read this book comment below and tell me what you thought👇🏻

Ready for church!
Also proof that I am not always in workout clothes😂😂

Quick walk with my bestie before a fun filled evening with fraaanz!! 💙🐶
Hope you all have an amazing Satur-Yay!!
I’ve had my share of downs & I’m incredibly grateful today did not add to the pile. 🙏🏻
*Cleaned toxicity out of my life
*Completed a task from my to-do list I’ve had for a hot min
*Punched a big ol’ fear in the face with the AMAZING support of some kick ass women!! 🤘🏻
Tomorrow could get a little interesting on here...

Spending the day in Malibu exploring the beautiful beaches. We had an amazing lunch with a view @geoffreysmalibu 💕And a quick afternoon pit stop for free entertainment at Venice Beach 😄. For my girls💋Outfit specs👉🏼 crop top & shorts brand is @loversfriendsla find it on @revolve
@cultgaia purse
@guess wedges
@tomford sunglasses
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First bell pepper of the season!!
My mini garden is thriving and I couldn’t be happier. Although we def got a red pepper plant and none are red.... im thinking someone labeled them wrong.
Plant ladies has this happened to you before?

"Like a bride waiting for her groom..." Playing wedding dress up at a photoshoot, for the first time ever.
📷: @ninaparkerphoto 💄: @keilajutras 💇🏻: @chakyashaircouture
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In one week I will be on my way to see this awesome gal pal!! I can’t wait!
So thankful for this little side biz because I don’t have to worry about extra spending money. I can just enjoy time with my girl.

Double post from that double cup!!🤤🤤 so pour up! 🥤🥤

You’re tired bc you didn’t get enough sleep.
You’re going from one thing to the next.
Stuff you forgot about pops into your mind to do on top of an already jam packed day.
You’re grateful for the work, the opportunities & the growth, but oh man it’s runnin you raged on this particular day.
Yup, that’s me today lol. Knowing I have the power to change my world & the world of so many others who need my help by showing up (especially when it feels easier to Netflix & chill) is my fuel right now. You give me life today. Grateful for you. 💕

Scalp exfoliation process

Here is a close look at scalp inflammation. If your scalp is irritated, if it itches, if it is inflamed. It can be a sign of infection or irritation. It can also occur from a reaction to allergens on the scalp.
Come let’s have do a scalp analysis to identify root of it all!

Call us today!
404 547 2717
Located in Atlanta (Alpharetta)
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This strawberry green tea is giving me life today!
Pro tip: ask for the strawberry green tea lemonade without the lemonade and unsweetened for less sugar!
I promise it still tastes super yummy and you won’t even miss the sugar!


Not gonna lie, words are escaping me which should tell you A LOT bc I usually can’t say enough haha!! Actually, screaming & running around sounds about right instead lol, partially due to excitement & partially due to “Wtf am I doing saying this out loud?!?!” Haha!!
*(Still telling myself it’s so late, maybe wait until tomorrow lol) Progress not perfection, ha!!
I’ve NEVER felt comfortable making ANY kind of an announcement about ANY kind of financial goal EVER!! I didn’t believe in myself enough & I also didn’t feel life was on my side in allowing me to feel confident in stretching myself that far, until now.
In 6 months (give or take) I’m setting off for Atlanta & before I go I NEED a car bc mine is on its last leg. I’ve been TERRIFIED to dream big & put it out there that I’m aiming for a 2016-2018 Honda Civic Sedan for fear that I’d only disappoint myself & make a fool of myself in the process. Yet, putting it out there for all to see feels crazy & right all at the same time.
This is a HUGE statement for a tenacious freelance artist who has a passion for health & fitness AND helping people with it in an online business. I feel lucky I’m even able to bet on myself this big bc my health & fitness business PAYS.
It’s going to be hard work & I’m going to encounter issues I’ve yet to discover, but I’m not giving up until I figure it out. The most important take away for me is without my online health & fitness business, aiming high like this would NEVER be a possibility unless I seriously altered my life aka give up acting. I’m INCREDIBLY grateful my options aren’t restricted & I get to bet on myself in this big way!!
I’m not interested in rising to the top alone though, so, if you have a passion for health & fitness, helping people & want your OWN online health & fitness business so you can also bet on yourself in a BIG way, let’s team up together & make our wildest dreams our reality!! Message me if you’re curious to learn more!! Can’t wait to hear from you!! 💙
Ps. Thanks again to @kimberly_crenshaw1 for surprising me with a test drive tonight!! 😘

Some weeks autoimmune kicks your butt & you sleep all day on a Thursday. Then you wake up, wash your hair for the first time in 5 days, put on something other than @lululemon pants or pjs, & go treat yourself to a cannoli. I may be back at home eating this cannoli in my pjs but being a “real” person for even an hr was good. #atlantagirl #autoimmunedisease #strugglebus #itsthelittlethings #goodjeans #wiw #datestyle #ootd #clearancerackjunkie #sassyshoes #gap #franlove

Thanks Whole Foods for being there when I need dinner and need to avoid traffic!
I had pulled pork, sweet potatoes, and Brussels sprouts which I usually hate but I love the way they cooked them! This was from the “paleo” section for those who have one near them.
I need to get my hands on their Brussel sprout recipe!

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