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🎥 When @tceedesigns found my program she was at the end of her rope. She had serious, health issues and if she didn't change her lifestyle things would only get worse. Fast forward today and after trusting myself and the @ri28challenge she is down 60+ lbs and hasn't had to take insulin in 5months ❌💉 and is back to doing things she loves. Listen up, I was put here to help those who need it. Enrollment closes in just hours for October. Link in my bio 💻Resultsin28days.com

| TAG A FRIEND 👇🏽| Yes, the left image is really me at 99 lbs. Crazy part, I didn't even realize how small I was at the time. It took me overhearing my aunt say "Bre is starting to look sick" for it to really hit me! I look back at the girl in the left image every time I feel like giving up or I don't feel motivated. People ask me, what is your motivation? ME! I do this for ME! I hope this inspires someone! Email me now if you need help at fitnessdore@gmail.com. 💪🏽 Right now, I'm helping so many women around the world reach their goals with my #ButtLift90 plan! Join today! 💪🏽#FitnessDoreApp

🚨Monday Motivation Teaser🚨
🌟I already know what giving up feels like. I want to see what happens if I don't 🌟
In high school I was told many times that I would never get anywhere and was often shut down. Back then, it would get to me and giving up seemed so easy and convenient.
These days are long gone and now here I am being a pharmacist in a town that I love so much living the fitness lifestyle. Many people would say I am an unconventional pharmacist. Maybe? But that's what sets me apart. I am not afraid to be who I am fundamentally. -
Some will love it, some will hate it but one thing for sure I am never stopping because I know way too well the feeling of giving up. Don't be afraid to stand out!✊🏾
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I swear I love my fit fam at @hxfitness we had too much fun today! 5 miles and 23 obstacles had our energy on 💯 after we completed!!!! Thank you guys for participating in this experience with me! Another ✔️ off my bucket list completed!!!! #TeamHX #TeamHXFitness

It’s starting to get cold again, so y’all already know what that means 🎅🏻❄️. I honestly have missed wearing sweat pants and sweatshirts every day, and luckily for me, I can start doing that again this week 😅.
Anyway, I don’t know about you guys, but this time of the year is my favorite 🎃. The weather is optimal and to be honest, the most #gainz are made during this time of year 💪🏼. You can eat whatever you want and not feel bad since there are so many holidays. And the most important reason I love this time of year is because it is BULK SEASON BABY 💪🏼🙌🏼.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
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Check out @fitnessdore in our “Daphne” bodysuit. 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽 Get the look now on www.jrazzcollection.com

@geebryant_ x @joseline X @mr2weeksout - The countdown is on! We are just hours away for the start of our amazing October challenge! Sign up now or hold your peace!

#tb For inner thighs I do adductors this way because I feel it's more isolated with feet up. I'm actually going kind of fast but you'll hold each rep 2-3 seconds.. 💪 #myopharma #centerstageposingsuits #BAWSE #BARBARIAN #push #gymrat #fitfam #sorugged #ifbbphysique #idfa #inbf #ifpa #musclemania #nga #atlfitness #snbf #ifbb #npc #figure #physique #ifbbfigure #npcbikini #bodybuilding #atlantafitness #atl #wnbf #cbbf #miaminationals

🔊SOUND ON: How to grow your GLUTES without hurting your back

Just another Friday night at the BAR 👊🏼

#sassywoman of the week: @jackiietrev

Love running into Jackie at the gym! She's so knowledgeable when it comes to injury prevention! She's also made some major glute gains! 😍 This barre + yoga technique def fired up mine!

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🗣Don't miss what we have for you tonight‼️‼️3️⃣💪🏾🏋🏽‍♀️

I always enjoy spending time in the sauna after a good work out sesh. I've been doing 20-25 minute sessions after reading some of the health benefits in Tools of Titans by Tim Ferris, Here are some of the top benefits of doing long sauna sessions.
- increases human growth hormones
- helps sweat out toxins stored in the body (I personally like to meditate to sweat out mental toxins too)
- helps support muscle recovery
- increases brain activity through a process called neurogenesis that is activated by high heat
-  increases your endurance through heat acclimation by increasing blood flow to the muscles

Brad hitting a weighted drop set with the 45lb plates! When we started he was at 5 pull ups a set, now he is hitting sets with 45lbs on the waist and knocking out 20 pull ups for sets! Only trains twice a week like this...could you imagine if he did this 4 days a week?! Consistency is key, without it, there's no progress...he trains so early it's still dark out side...plus he did this after he sparred me 5 rounds! and feeling the best you can possibly feel!! jrocfit #vegan #calisthenics #fitness #ripped #shredded #muscles #barathlete #muscleups #pullups #aesthetics #fitnessmotivation #fitnessphysique #actor #conditioning #dancer #danceteacher #abdc #abdcalumni #boxer #boxing #back #biceps #ebonyfitness #sixpackabs #fitnessmodel #personaltrainer #client #atlantafitness

Week 2 of our Tuck to Turkey Challenge!! Looking to get a bonus point?
Plan to take 2 weekend classes! 🎯
There is always time for BARRE 👯 #pinkbarre #barre #atlantafitness #barrebabes #fitspo #planahead

YOU are the hero Atlanta's homeless children need! The #drawchange5k is almost here and we need your help in meeting our #fundraising goal of $5k for our 5k! The 5k is just around the corner and we need your help to make it a success. Visit drawchange.org/5k (link in bio) to donate or register to participate in our event. No amount is too small - every little bit counts!

Exercise: Agility Ladder Lateral High Knee Runs (with 25 lb. weighted vest)
Description: Begin this drill being aware of the direction you'll be advancing will dictate which leg to start with leading into the first square of the ladder.
In this case start with the right foot into the first square followed by the left foot in the same square. Advance the same way by hitting each square of the ladder with both feet as knee lift and elbow drive in the running gait is emphasized throughout the drill. Make sure to hit each square of the ladder. No skipping squares.
Make sure to offset your arm and leg drive to ensure an appropriate sprint gait. In other words, when the left knee is lifted up the right arm should come forward. Of course this is the same for the opposite limbs.

Purpose: Agility ladder high knee runs are great for stepping up your conditioning. The HIIT component is also ideal if you're limited on space, equipment, and time. It allows for a high impact conditioning session while at the same time teaching a trainee to hone his/her coordination and reaction time. It's also great for speed development and for speed conditioning.
Recommendation: One end of the agility ladder and back is considered a single rep for the given drill. Perform 5-7 reps before moving on to the next drill. For added intensity perform the drill with a 25 lb. weighted vest, or with one that matches your ability and fitness level.

Click the link on my profile and sign up to gain instant access to my brand new Innovative Conditioning training program for Free! It's a great start to leading up to optimize your fitness and performance as demonstrated here with this drill. #sprint
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Make sure to tune in to Body Talk with Gigi and Melody Marie tonight at 8PM EST on www.worldstarhitradio.com
Phone lines will be open for your participation, questions and comments. This is going to be a super EXCITING SHOW featuring our "50 Plus, Fit & Fantastic" show with special guest Maxine Frederick's @maxi__nator! Do not miss it! 💥 🔥
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Started off this week with a @purebarrevinings empower class! 🔴💯Glitter socks and ankle weights for the win!
Also starting Insanity Max30 today for a little extra cardio. .
#purebarre #250club #pureempower #insanitymax30 #cardioday #atlantafitness #mondaymotivation

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