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My Weekends are always fun #Nafeelz #Entertainer #Entreapuner #ATLANTAConnect 👌📷

Love • Live • Laugh #ATLANTAConnect ❤️

Add me on Snapchat | Nafeelz #Host #Entertainer #Entrepreneur #ATLANTAConnect 👌🏻

I'm hosting Havana Tonight Guestlist📱678.668.4019 • 3112 Piedmont Road Northeast, Atlanta, GA 30305 #atlantaconnect

I'm hosting Havana Friday's! Guestlist📱678.668.4019 • 3112 Piedmont Road Northeast, Atlanta, GA 30305 #ATLANTAConnect

#tbt hanging with the Homie J Alvarez back stage @ATLANTAConnect #Nafeelz #ATLANTAConnect 👌


Balayage boss! She says,"I'd love to have lighter pieces of gold spun in my hair not blonde all over but some sprinkles... I think my hair is too dark for that. " Open communication and wishes shared, ya never know where it may lead or possibilities available. Options options options are my mission. We all have a choice. There is always a choice..... are you in the right spot to have possibilities and options? It's more than hair.....

♢♢A lil rebel in this angel♢♢
Twice a year hair color action! Knowing what to use is as important as knowing the best technique applied. She knows the rules and doesn't break them.... she BENDS them! She writes her own story not following a script. She lives out loud and listens silently. We have a 10 year connection and she delights me everytime. She is in the right spot to keep her hair fresh, classic and devilish.
It's more than hair.....

MODEL CALL 🚨🚨 Looking for Hair Models to attend June 28th in #Atlanta. MUST BE PRESENT & ON TIME! This is a Paid Gig. Get a chance to work with @trueessencehair and @marioshotme

"I beat you to the top" she says😐

The moment you feel like giving up, keep going!!! That just means you're getting close.💎


🗝Should you Rent or Own?⠀
Stats | Economy | Location | Career⠀

Either way you can't go wrong in Atlanta, Georgia! ✔#1 for Feature Film
#5 for Career Business

>>>Full Article in Description @isaacjordanrealestate

GLOWING ✨ Photo by #Marioshotme

Last Home of the day till I'm off to paper work land... No complaints here. 😉

🗝Its only Failing if you Quit.


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