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"I was inspired by people that were strange. And I am strange, and I hope to pass the mantle of strangeness to the next generation." —Guillermo del Toro
There's less than a week left to see "Guillermo del Toro: At Home with Monsters," closing Sunday, November 27! The exhibition reveals the filmmaker's creative process through his collection of paintings, drawings, maquettes, artifacts, and concept film art. Tickets are selling out—buy online or come early so you don't miss it! And please take note that we are closed Thanksgiving Day. #lacma #GDTatLACMA #AtHomeWithMonsters

One week from TODAY! @realgdt #GulliermodelToro in person @agotoronto as he signs #AtHomewithMonsters #GDTAGO

So incredibly thankful to see this exhibit before it ended ❤️ #guillermodeltoro #athomewithmonsters

Detail of a phenomenal watercolor painting by Andrej Dugin & Olga Dugina as seen within the sprawling Guillermo del Toro "At Home with Monsters" exhibition currently at Minneapolis' @artsmia ⚔🥚⚔The del Toro collection contains an almost overwhelming embarrassment of riches-everyone from Moebius to Wrightson to Crumb to Rackham is present-but, for my money, the crown jewels are two spreads from the remarkable Dugina/Dugin retelling of The Brave Little Tailor originally published in 2000. Working collaboratively, the Russian couple will spend months on a single image, taking years to complete a volume, with no detail left unaccounted for. The resulting collections are bizarre tapestries, at once surreal and medieval with one foot planted firmly in traditional narrative pictorial storytelling, the other foot devolving into scaly tendrils that extend out and over an alternate garden of earthly delights. A bit of internet sleuthing will uncover copies of the aforementioned Brave Little Tailor as well as the similarly amazing (and OOP) Dragon's Feathers - sure to be treasured additions to anyone's home, one with monsters or not... #andrejdugin #olgadugina #athomewithmonsters #bravelittletailor #theinfiniteandmiraculous

I am very happy to share that my phobia was only mildly inconvenient today while visiting the #guillermodeltoro #athomewithmonsters exhibit at #mia. #minneapolisinstituteofart @artsmia


Last year I had the pleasure of viewing the Guillermo del Toro 'At Home with Monsters' exhibit at LACMA🖤
#athomewithmonsters #guillermodeltoro #lacma #frankenstein #museum #losangeles #art

IG cut for the "Fakir" automaton sculpture( sold out edition ) ©TJK 2010. This scratchbuilt automaton was on display at LACMA for the Guillermo Del Toro At Home With Monsters exhibit. Many people asked me about the motions. The action was inspired by an antique largeFrench automaton. I never saw how the old one worked so I came up with a mechanism to do the trick in a much more difficult smaller size using a solid brass ball and no deformed jaw to hide it. Additionally the sculpture was designed to tell a story. Years later I built an automaton for Del Toro's Film Crimson Peak (2015 ) but this one was the genesis!.....full videos of both can be seen on my Haxanthrobo youtube Channel
#automata #automatonmaker #thomaskuntzsculptor #fakir #mountebank #sideshow #crimsonpeak #freakshow #oddities #arabiannights #horology #sherline #derbyshirelathe #sherlinelathe #gearcutter #ratchetcutting #clickwork steampunk #Handcranked #haunted #athomewithmonsters #athomewithmonsterslacma #guillermodeltoro

Guillermo del Toro: At home with Monsters 2016 🖤
@latino_joker @djprovoke -
#paleman #panslabyrinth #tbt #mua
#throwback #lacma #dougjones #makeupartist

Thank you Tanya! These are definitely going on the wall @realgdt #athomewithmonsters @agotoronto

At the Ghibli Museum in Mitaka, a city in Western Tokyo area of Japan, one of the permanent displays recreates an animation studio in a series of rooms. The animator’s (Hayao Miyazaki) workspace features drawing supplies, collections of evocative objects, and countless watercolours pinned to the walls to give a sense of Studio Ghibli’s prolific envisioning of a world full of wonder. It was easy to see how this creative imagination produced such films as “Spirited Away”, “My Neighbour Totoro”, and “Kiki’s Delivery Service.” I thought of my recent visit to the Ghibli Museum when I read recently about the upcoming @agotoronto exhibit ‘Guillermo del Toro: At Home with Monsters.’ While #GDTAGO will focus on the work of an entirely different filmmaker, and will look very different, made me think of using spatial museum installations to evoke someone’s creative inspiration. Today’s Blog post (see link in bio) features my thoughts about this kind of exhibition design. Photo © Ghibli Museum/ ghibli-museum.jp .
#exhibitiondesign #exhibitdesign #ghiblimuseum #mitakajp #studioghibli #animatorstudio #guillermodeltoro #GDTAGO #AtHomeWithMonsters #studioonexhibit

Last night I worked until 9:30 pm. Sad face! Then Romy woke up screaming so many times. I can't tell if they're night terrors or what. Happily accepting suggestions. 🤚🏻
Got so little sleep that I went into work a little late so I could function. Did a quick 10-minute an workout with this tickle monster!

I’m becoming known for eating seedless cucumbers whole! Who has time for chopping them up? 💁🏻
I never used to do this, mind you. I never used to eat ANY veggies... unless you count the tomatoes in the pizza sauce I lived on! 🙈
The thing about making some positive and healthy changes in your life though, is that your whole body changes and responds! My tastebuds are super different now than they were when I first started. Don’t get me wrong, I still can devour a pizza! 🍕 But there’s more balance in my life. 🙌🏻

Yesterday @agotoronto posted “Designing a home fit for a monster” on their ‘Art Matters’ Blog. It was a teaser for the long-awaited opening of ‘Guillermo del Toro: At Home with Monsters’ and it got me thinking again about a favorite topic: exhibition design. Uploaded here is an image of the primary inspiration for this exhibition design, Guillermo del Toro’s Bleak House. Photo © Josh White/ JWPictures.com. Today’s Blog post (see link in bio) features my thoughts about exhibition design (and candy).
#amwritingdesign #newblogpost #interiordesign #exhibitiondesign #exhibitdesign #exhibitiondesginer #guillermodeltoro #GDTAGO #BleakHouse #AtHomeWithMonsters #housemuseum #thinkingwithmodels #3Dmodels #designerinterview

One week from TODAY! @realgdt #GulliermodelToro in person @agotoronto as he signs #AtHomewithMonsters #GDTAGO

Angel of Death

First time using Water Color to this extent. Had a ton of fun but pretty tedious. This my rendition of the Angel of Death from Guillermo Del Toro's Hellboy 2, played by the amazing Doug Jones. Took some liberties with the design and redid this about 3 times but I'm finally satisfied with the outcome. Let me know what you think.

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