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Dorothy here!! 🤗 Time for fun facts friday!!! I love throwing fun facts into my feed to give us a chance to know each other a little better behind these little photos! .
THE PAST: My hubby and I just celebrated 15 years of marriage on our first cruise!!! Swipe to see evidence of one adventure during our travels. It’ll give you a good laugh! 😂👊🏼
YESTERDAY: I was cleaning mold off our Jacuzzi. It was an awful job...Another thing to add to the ever growing “list of things” a SAHM does.
TODAY: Fridays are designated as “floor day” in our house (Friday Floor Day). This is the day when I intentionally schedule in sweeping and vacuuming. ALL the other days crumbs are usually left sitting. 🤦🏻‍♀️The kids also work on cleaning and vacuuming their bedroom floors.
TOMORROW: We are sitting down to sign papers with our Realtor as we prepare to sell our rental house! I can’t wait to let go of one more “thing”...one more piece of stress gone! 👊🏼 THE FUTURE: I’m attending an event with Christian author, speaker and actress Priscilla Shirer! I was touched a few years ago by her study on Jonah. ⛵️We were new to #fostering and it was so very hard. Walking through her study side by side with our journey in #fosteringtoadopt was perfect timing for me. I cant wait to see and hear @priscillashirer in person!! .
Your turn...the past, yesterday, today, tomorrow, the future? AND do be sure to check out my latest blogpost on steps towards a stress-free #schoolmorning routine Link in profile!


Sure we love painting with good old paint brushes, BUT sometimes it's also a lot of fun to experiment with other creative ways to paint.

As we learned about our five senses did a few activities with tea bags. Painting with them was by far the most fun!

You'll need a variety pack of caffeine free fruit flavored herbal tea bags; watercolor paper, card stock or poster board; and a spray bottle filled with water.

We started by using our sense of smell to make observations about the different kinds of tea. Then I set out the materials for the kids to use.

I really had no idea how this project was going to turn out, but I knew the kids would have fun using the spray bottles. And I was sure we’d also be surprised by the results.

At first all of the kids sprayed the water on the tea bags to slowly watch the color seep out. It didn’t take long before they realized they could use their sense of touch to squish the bags and get a more vibrant mix of colors. The more all of the kids squished and sprayed, the more fragrant the tea bags became. It smelled amazing!

Pop over to the link in my profile to get more details on this activity and find 18 more creative ways to paint.

Il cielo è grigio e pesante, l'aria è gelida, ma... è venerdì mamme! Quanto ci piace il venerdì 😂❤ a noi viene voglia di cucinare e trascorrere il weekend pigramente in pigiama, bevendo tè bollente e divertendoci con pasta fatta in casa e torte che profumano di domenica. Raccontateci i vostri programmi e taggateci nelle foto del weekend con #mammeacrobate .
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This invitation to play is one that catches you by surprise. It's SO SIMPLE, that you're sure kids will not be that excited about it, but they LOVE IT!
To create the invitation I gathered different containers and baskets from around our house. I wanted to try and find ones that were made of different materials and different kinds of surfaces. I set all of the containers out with some toy vehicles.

One of our little buddies was the first to dive in for playtime. An avid car driver–he’s always trying to drive cars on the walls, windows, and appliances–he started driving his cars on the different containers right away. And he quickly realized that the faster he moved the louder the sound. I could tell right then he was going to love this!
My youngest daughter preferred to start on a bumpy surface. She drove very slowly. Feeling the vibration in her hand as the bus moved along the ridges, she exclaimed, “Ooh, that tickles!” She was even more excited when she tested out the baking sheet. She lightly drove the bus back and forth, back and forth and giggled as it made “music, mama!” Click the link in our profile to read more about our discoveries along the way.

📚 WORLD BOOK DAY 📚 love or loathe, it's only a couple of weeks away. If you go for the easy supermarket option like me and want to know what's on offer, I've done a round up of the best supermarket costumes for 2018. Link in my profile ↖️ #tbthursday to my little Pirate Pete on his first #worldbookday at nursery 😊

Random yoga poses happen all the time in our home. This one is downward facing dog and one of their favorites.

Jouer sous la table basse c’est plus rigolo ..😍👦🏻#athomewithkids #victor #vacationtime #fatboy #fatboypicnic


We love this activity for so many reasons! Above all it's a reason to get outside...not that we need a reason! It’s a great way for young children to learn colors, and it’s a terrific activity for helping older kids focus in closely on details like different shades of colors. And we always discover new things when we slow down and look closely during activities like this.


All you need is some paint sample color cards and an easy way to bind them together. We used a metal ring. If you want to make this into more of an art project you could have kids make their own color cards and experiment with adding white and black to colors to make different shades.

You can take these on a walk through your neighborhood, to a local park, or to a botanical garden in your area. We chose to go on a walk and explore our neighborhood.

We didn’t have to go far to find lots of flowers and plants that matched our color samples. Even if you don’t think there are a lot of options in your area, you might be surprised.

I hate sand. Plain and simple, I think it’s the worst stuff on earth. But kinetic sand...😍 Today I thought I’d try to DIY our own kinetic sand. NEVER AGAIN!!!! I tried following several different Pinterest “recipes” (I made 4 different batches) only to end up with a gigantic mess and basically a box of damp sand. Huge DIY fail here! 🤦‍♀️ BUT the kids LOVED it regardless, so I guess there is a silver lining! And my motto has always been, “If it didn’t end with a bath, we weren’t having enough fun.” So there’s that! 🤷‍♀️
#diy #kineticsand #sand #disaster #fail #mess #neveragain #justbuythestuff #kidslovedit #ihatedit #momlife #athomewithkids #learning #exploring #playing #learningthroughplay #experimenting #1000waysnottodoit #suiteheartsofthewest #kissmysass #pocketfulofpages


This one blew my kids' minds! Grab some Jello-powder in a variety of scents and colors (placed in open shallow containers), white school glue, and cardstock. We also used cookie cutters to help us make different shapes on the page, but you can go straight process art if you prefer.
Add glue to your paper. Sprinkle with Jello-powder. Then let dry. When it's finished you have delightfully scented scratch and sniff art!
Get the full tutorial via the link in our profile to see how we used the cookie cutters and chatted about our senses along the way.


A listening walk is a fun way to get kids using their sense of hearing 👂🏽while also getting some fresh air. 🍃Along the way kids will take time to notice things they might miss in a typical day playing outside.

GET READY: Before our listening walk we read The Listening Walk by Paul Showers. We made a simple paper plate recording sheet to incorporate some writing and drawing practice into the activity. The kids loved making their own recording sheets. (Click the profile link today to see how we made them with a paper plate)

GO ON YOUR LISTENING WALK: Head outside with your recording sheets and see how many items you can find. My youngest had almost half of the tabs folded back before we even started walking. I had to grin when she proudly announced, “That’s because I’m a good listener!”🙌🏽 EXTEND THE ACTIVITY: Try this activity in two different locations and discuss the differences, or test it out in your neighborhood at different times of day to see if you hear different sounds.

When you live in LA and scrolling through IG during All Star weekend and realize you ain’t got no juice. #athomewithkids #netflixnochill #sheoutandabout #wannaplayfortnite


We're wrapping up our Valentine theme week with some play dough--of course! Grab some heart dough cutters and some loose parts. Then let your little ones get creative as they make their own love bugs.
As with any play dough invitation it is ALWAYS fun to sit back and watch how different kids use the materials. Welcome their creativity, and take a minute to join in the fun too. Have a great weekend! We'll be back soon to kick off our FIVE SENSES theme next week.



We're continuing our Valentine's theme fun through the end of the week. I love to create sensory bins related to holidays, and this one is perfect for Valentine's Day fun. Sensory bins give toddlers and preschoolers many great opportunities for play and learning. This valentine sensory bin is made from materials you can pick up at the Dollar Tree, but you can probably grab some great items on sale today at other stores too.
There are so many different textures and items to explore in this sensory bin, and there are a ton of ways to naturally integrate early learning skills. Pop over to the link in my bio to see all the learning activities we did with this one sensory bin!

Oggi entrambi i bimbi sono malati, il papi idem e io per non perdermi nella tristezza coloro un po’ la tavola. Come premio per chi fa il bravo (ma soprattutto per la mamma!!!) ci saranno anche gli ultimi avanzi di calza (ombrellini di cioccolata buonissima) perché in questi casi l’unica arma vincente, si sa, rimane la dolcezza☺️
Vi auguro di cuore una Buona giornata amichetti!
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Anyone else have a love/hate relationship with glitter... and slime? We put the two together for a little Valentine’s Day♥️ fun and of course the kiddos LOVED it! Meanwhile- note to self: take off rings BEFORE making slime. #thethingswedoforourkids .
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A perfect Valentine’s Day challenge! 👉🏼 This activity is great for strengthening those fine motor skills along with hand-eye coordination and A LOT of self-control! It was not easy for these three-year-old hands to stay steady! Today, she needed my support as beads kept dropping to the floor. As I approached it calmly, she was able to mirror these characteristics and persist in this fun but challenging activity! Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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