Nate Florence of Wilbraham put together a great start for the Wareham Gateman of the Cape Cod League two nights ago.
Nates fastball has been clocked as high as 94 mph. A big reason for that stems from his athleticism and explosiveness which is product of his work in the weight room. Check out his back flip catch. Not many athletes in any sport, at any level will pull that off!
He clearly has some God given ability but never underestimate how important your training off the field is!
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Here are the 13U Northeast Longhorns getting after it during our weekly throwing session. Danny McCabe (righty thrower) and Max Israel @max_israel14 (lefty thrower) do a great job executing our shuffle behind drill. You can see an accurate/explosive throw with good rhythm, momentum, and weight transfer. Nick Larche @nick_larche is the crazy person in front of the camera being Nick Larche. Kevin Rutowicz @k_rut_11 isn’t seen on video, but he’s the one asking “Are you taking selfies?”. No shortage of laughs hanging around these characters. The game has to be fun too, right? #northeastlonghorns #andersonbaseballacademy #athleticpitchers #attackingthetarget #crazykids

One thing we try to do with our baseball and softball players is use Medicine Balls to bridge the gap between strength training and pitching. There a great way to teach various concepts important to pitching/hitting.
One drill we use with certain athletes (mainly pitchers) is a multiple single leg hop to OH medicine ball throw. A couple things I like about it are it helps young pitchers develop their own sense of smooth transition from loading the back hip to loading the front hip, maintaining balance (not static) through the center of their body/hips while moving and developing a strong lead leg brace.
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📺 The Horned Frogs continue Collegiate World Series chase in must win vs Louisville TONITE ❗️ 7pm on ESPN2 🍿⚾️ DIPT Athlete @cogz__ may be needed to help #shutemdown #gocogz #toadtoomaha #GoGrogs 🐸
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Brian Gaughan @bgaughan12 , a junior at Hopkinton High School and member of the 17U Longhorns prospect team, is here getting his velocity measured on the run & gun drill and working on his fastball location inside on a lefty. Brian battled a freak injury last year sliding into a base and I know he's geared up to get back on the field this spring. His run & gun velocity is 86.8 mph with a 4 oz underload baseball and 85.8 with a regulation 5 oz baseball. Brian has the most athletic run and gun in the program, in my opinion. I love the athleticism, explosiveness, and the INTENT to throw hard. He also maxed out at 77.9 mph on the mound. I've worked with Brian for four years now, and he's a phenomenal kid with a great work ethic, attitude, and competitiveness. The last clip shows off his greatest strength as a pitcher - location and movement. You can see we're working on locating our fastball inside under the hitters hands. Pitchers should always make sure their catchers don't necessarily set up over the inside part of the plate, but rather inside under the hitter's hands right by their knee cap. If the hitter is way off the plate, the catcher will be set up off the plate. I'm looking forward to seeing Brian excel for the Hopkinton varsity team this spring. #hillerbaseball #athleticpitchers #velocity #runandguns #attackhittersinside #toughness #northeastlonghorns #andersonbaseballacademy

Here's a few of the 16U Longhorns letting it fly with a few pulldowns after their long toss. Tommy Leone @tleone15 (Hopkinton) is the player backpedaling into a turn & burn drill, while Dylan O'Leary (Hopkinton), Brendan Kelly (Hopkinton) and James Quinlivan (Milton Academy) blow up the target with a run & gun. Tomorrow is the last measurement day of the year before high school tryouts. We'll see what these guys have tomorrow. #objectivemeasurement #velocity #command #athleticpitchers #northeastlonghorns #andersonbaseballacademy #16ulonghorns #prospectteam #hillerbaseball #miltonacademybaseball #TVL #ISL

Nick Assad, a sophomore at Medway High School, threw a run and gun with a regulation 5 oz baseball at 89.9mph (you can hear my reaction on the video since he was so close to 90 mph). He also threw 93 mph with the 4 ounce underload ball. He went up 3 mph in three weeks on both of his 5 oz and 4 oz run and gun throws. Nick is a member of the 17U Northeast Longhorns, and he's currently in his first year with the program. He's been a pleasure to work with this offseason and I'm looking forward to seeing how he impacts Medway HS and the Longhorns. Using our hittrax batting simulator, Nick also increased his ball exit speed numbers as a hitter reaching a max speed of 84 mph (+2 mph) and an average ball exit speed of 73 mph (+7 mph). Nice work Nick! Please excuse the poor camera angles. #northeastlonghorns #andersonbaseballacademy #17ulonghorns #prospectteam #medwaybaseball #supersophomore #blowitup #attack #athletichitters #athleticpitchers #development #cluelesscameraman

When you throw a run and gun at 97.3mph with a 4 oz ball and 95.3 mph with a baseball like Shawn Babineau @og_lefty did, you get mentioned in back to back weeks. He also threw 86.3 mph off the mound. In three weeks between measurement days, his fastball off the mound went up 2.9 mph, 4 oz run and gun improved 3 mph, and run & gun with the baseball increased 5.4 mph!! We always talk about having the INTENT to throw hard and you can see exactly what I'm talking about in this video. More videos to come from the 17u prospect team! #intent #letitfly #velocity #athleticpitchers

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