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WOW!!! Beautiful before and after!! Great work! 💥💪🏼 What do you think?
👉 Follow: @growyourfitbody 👈
👉 Follow: @growyourfitbody 👈
👉 Follow: @growyourfitbody 👈
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A bit of hurdling drill work today!! Getting closer to going over them properly!! #training #athletes #athletics #athletelife #hurdles #hurdling #womeninsport #fit #strong #fast #sprinter

If it doesn’t make you happy, why are you doing it!? 🤷🏻‍♀️ I think it’s pretty obvious how happy I am here, and this is even after a 70min session on the @wattbike (check out that sweat 💦)! The feeling I get after a workout is like nothing else - I’m addicted 🙋🏻‍♀️ For those asking about the Wattbike - I train on a Wattbike if I have a specific session to do. Living in London means it is difficult to get an uninterrupted stretch of road that doesn’t have a traffic jam on it to do efforts 🚦 I also don’t have a power meter so if I go on the road I can only work off heart rate, which means a lot of variability 🤦🏻‍♀️ If I need to hit specific power outputs, the Wattbike gives me an accurate reading! I’ve found it brilliant for my training so far, and I have seen huge improvements 🙌🏼 In my opinion, it would be very difficult to track progress if you didn’t have a power reading to work off! Now, the next step is to buy a power meter 🤔 #wattbike

La tête que je fais lorsque le coach me dis de ne pas sauter, #ascis #tetedebebe #rienquedesbondissements #athletelife 📸:@mariiion.m


Here’s a follow up video for improving hip mobility, however, this time focus 🔎 is on hip internal rotation ✔️. Using concepts from FRC system: lift-offs as well as other active mobility exercises ✔️.
🎯First: 90-90 position with IR lift offs. In this clip remain pressure into the ground with the knee (that is going into IR) as well as the front leg pressing into the floor 👉helps create/remain tension/irradiation.
🎯Next, challenging the movement via lifting the entire leg. Key here is to keep the shin horizontal (parallel to the floor). .
🎯Next, in the supine position - maintaining tension/pressure into the foam roll w/ the hands + knees then actively going into IR as far as I can control and holding for time ✅ (cramped big time with this one).
🎯Finishing with active IR in standing w/ the stool. Focus on keeping the pelvis ‘neutral’ w/o “going along for the ride” as you go into IR 👉 keep the body tight !!
🎯Get assessed by a medical professional to see if you'd benefit from this ‼️

”When you finally find that perfect bad ass training partner that helps you push through the pain” since 2012–> @nooratoivo ❣️ #tbt Formia, Italy 2013

Loving my fresh hair 💖 Thanks to #Styles-Hair and @oolaboo 💇🏼


🙌🙌 and tomorrow is treat day 🥞🍯🍩🍪🍨☕️ #food #sweettooth #runhardeatcupcakes #treatday #athletelife #pancakes

Being an athlete is a special thing and can open a lot of doors. But as we know a few mistakes can cost you a lot unfortunately
Click the link in the bio @9inemedia to download this week’s athlete playbook on the 5 Biggest Mistakes Athletes Make and how successful athletes avoid them
Click link in bio 👉🏾@9inemedia👈🏾

Last nights workout required an agility ladder - now I don’t own an agility ladder... did I let that stop me from doing it? HELL NO💁🏻 I used my workout mat and pretended! NO EXCUSES 🙅🏻
Lots of fast footwork drills and body weight exercises to pump up a sweat and work on my coordination 👌🏼
#noexcuses #fastfootwork #agilitytraining

Need food and rest

It's not only about loving your #newbody, but also about loving yourself. It's about enjoying the journey and learning how to find #balance in your life. Thanks @paulatranqueira and @dracarolinameireles ! I'm loving being part of @desatamentedf ❤️

#sorvetedepistache #sonopistacchio #athletelife #healthylifestyle #girlpower #fitnessgirls #desatamentedf #transformationfitnation

Después de unas pocas fotos de mi faceta atleta.... Volvemos a #freedperymodel 😂😂😂. #model
#instamodel #freedperry #bestoftheday #picoftheday #athlete #followme #athletelife #beastmode #fitnesslife #fitmotivation #outfit #FactaNonVerba #noonlyrunfast #athletics 📷➡ @jay_athlete_ .

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