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The good, the bad and the truth! Gymnastics is not easy. It's important for you guys to see the work behind it! The falls, the frustration, blood, sweat tears! The joy, triumph, love, dedication, sacrifice! #ifitwereeasyeveryonewoulddoit #gymnast #gymnastics #bars #youcan #kip #bars #athlete #strong #power #believeinyourself #dreambig #passion #loveofsport

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Some of you might remember my "BULLDOG GRIP" post and how it can improve rolled backed wrists during the bench press, therefore, resulting in better force transfer since your wrists will be more in a neutral position and in line with your elbow due to the bar being closer to it since it's being placed near the heel of the palm.
Well, you can use the same tactic for the strict over-head press. Having the bar too deep In your hand can lead to hyper-extended wrists taking it out of its alignment with the elbow increasing the "bar to wrist" moment arm and this can essentially make the lift less efficient for most people.
I would typically advise that your wrists remain in line with your elbow, in a more neutral position↕️ to allow greater force transfer off the clavicle and have a more efficient bar path/ smoother lock-out.
The picture above🙄 displays the more common bar STRAIGHT ACROSS palm grip vs bar across the PROXIMAL TRANSVERSE CREASE grip which is towards the heel of your palm.
So notice the bottom picture and how the bar is closer to my wrist while pressuring against the outside of my lower palm and NOT deep in my palm. You can achieve this by internally rotating your hand until the bar is placed towards the heel of your palm creating pressure in the outside portion of it.
Give it a try guys and let me know if it works out. As soon as I made that adjustments I felt immediately stronger both in the BENCH and OHP.
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Many people suffer from 💥 pain and tension at the base of the neck. There are many factors that can play into this, but a big one is loss of normal cervical spine mechanics.

Due to our lifestyles where we stare down at our 📲 phones or at our computers all day, our necks get stuck in a forward position where the only way to keep our 👀 eyes forward is to crank our skull into extension.

This extension comes from some tiny muscles at the base of the skull called the suboccipitals, which many if you headache sufferers will know all too well. This 🔒 locks down the upper neck, making the lower neck take on more stress and become overworked and 😠 angry.

So here we show you how to start to get to the root of the problem by unlocking the upper cervical area. Follow this up with some deep diaphragmatic breathing to tone ⤵ down the upper traps and some postural awareness and you're quickly on your way to fixing your neck pain!

Tag a friend with neck pain and share the wealth!

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My husband posted this picture taken just past mile 12 during my marathon on Sunday. I didn't ask him to, and he didn't mention his plan to me when I handed him my phone that morning and ran off to the starting line.
I saw the post a few hours after I stopped crying from a disappointing second half of the race through headwinds, and showered, and decompressed for a minute.
I will admit, likely because I was already upset, for a minute I was like "ah man, look at my tiny little belly pooch." (I am totally aware now that that's insane and my stomach looks fine!) But the more I think about, the more I realize how incredibly important this photo is to me.
Some of you may know, I wasn't always a runner and was over 200 pounds even after my son was born. I have lost over 85 pounds since then and gone through 2 pregnancies, and my entire stomach is covered with stretch marks. My skin is stretched out and won't go back without surgery (that I will not have). And while standing still my skin looks fine, running is nonstop movement. And that body: those legs, feet, arms, and even that "pooch," carried me to a 3:24 finish at a race with 30 mph headwinds. But you know what? I did not spend one single moment of this race thinking about what my belly looked like or if people could see my stretch marks (I did think I was cold though when the temps unexpectedly dropped😂) A majority of my thinking was "I'm running a freaking marathon right now ✌🏼"
I share all of this because I think it's important to remember strength doesn't look a certain way or isn't a number on the scale. You don't have to have abs or be completely lean to be strong.
This picture is everything I want my daughter to see and be: strong and confident, unaware and uncaring how her body looks (because it DOESN'T matter) as she's fighting for her goals.
I run/race in just a sports bra because it makes me feel empowered and fast, and this picture confirms that I am. 👊🏼

How many of you know our amazing 5 year old Insta friend Zoey? This tiny little girl is on fire! Kips, back tucks, front tucks, layouts ... she's even working on giants! Check out her account! You will love sweet Zoey ❤ @zoey_gymnast @zoey_gymnast @zoey_gymnast @zoey_gymnast @zoey_gymnast

Devin Booker scored 70 POINTS last night.. The most points scored since Kobe Bryant in 2006.. He's only 20 years old🔥 @dbook

Keeping it super sporty on the sets of #roadiesrising ... #kabaddi champs @rahulkabaddi and @ajaythakurkabaddi paid us a visit! #gangneha #funtimes #athlete

The dopest shoulder press machine I have ever used 😍💪🏾 Found only at @thewarhousegym 💕
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All dolled up for @invictafc tonight!
Thanks to @amandamiles14 for working miracles 😍😍😍


Get your #shoulders stable!

@bobbytruesports marches towards 1k followers with this #gem . Follow all the therapists of @truesportspt inxludibg @plummerdpt @chelseag_dpt_atc and @truesportsmary for the latest in #injury rehab and prevention. Know what I mean @athlete__daily !

When rehabbing the shoulder, areas of focus and methods of training should include: 1️⃣ closed chain stability training 2️⃣ reactive shoulder stability training and 3️⃣ core stability training. ▪️▪️▪️▪️
1️⃣ Closed chain stabilization training for the shoulder refers to exercises that require weight-bearing through the upper extremities. Multiple studies have shown increased muscle activity of the scapular stabilizing #muscles with closed chain activity compared to standard open chain #exercises (example: IR/ER theraband exercises). Closed chain single arm stabilization should be a major point of emphasis in every shoulder rehab program. ▪️▪️▪️▪️
2️⃣ True rotator cuff function involves the muscles reacting to a load and/or external stimulus to stabilize and protect the glenohumoral joint. An easy way to replicate this and challenge the shoulder's reactive stability is to perform kettlebell bottoms-up exercises.
3️⃣ The importance of a #strong and stable core cannot be overstated. Numerous studies have found shoulder injuries to be strongly correlated with core weakness and dysfunction. ▪️▪️▪️▪️
Above is @coppinsports athlete @savannah_j18 performing an exercise that incorporates all three of these principles as she rehabs from labrum surgery. If you're an #athlete and your shoulder rehab consists solely of therabands and Body Blades, then you're likely not rehabbing at the right place.
@truesportspt #GooseStillWantsBodyBlades

Finished tonight's chest workout with incline and decline dumbbell presses.

You have to change up the exercise variables every so often so you stay ahead of the plateau or adaptation monster.

In addition to staving off plateaus, switching things up also provides the variety that prevents burnout and boredom.
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Shoutout to @gener8hoops for being open minded and giving AllNet a chance. Thank you for giving it an honest review, your opinion is valued more than you know. 💯@gener8hoops with @repostapp
Trialling the @allnetshooter, a device that assists in developing your hand/finger positioning and touch on the ball whilst shooting.  There are a number of factors that come into play regarding shooting mechanics such as balance, shooting elbow alignment, release and follow through to name a few but with the assistance of this device that can be one less thing to think about when learning how to shoot.  Check out @allnetshooter for more info on the device.
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It's comp day!! Please wish for the following... a sticky pole, a grippy body, shoes to stay on feet for entirety of performance, no stacks 🙌🏼✨

Late post! ...BUT I made it to Texas!!! I literally had NO down time from the time we got to @lasairport I had to rush off the plane, get my luggage, get the rental car, and literally FLY 40 minutes on the Texas highway and go STRAIGHT into competition! Mind you we were delayed an hour due a medical emergency on our flight, we were in the back of the plane, bad weather, and almost diverted to Dallas, Texas which would have been 4-4.5 hours away from where I needed to be due to shutting down the Houston-Intercontinental Airport which left 1 run way open. The pilot made an announcement that we were going to fly in circles until they could figure out where they could land us. Whoever the pilot was from @spiritairlines_ did an AMAZING job getting us through all of this and I want to thank you for getting us there safely! This post is a bit personal to me because competing in the Martial Arts is something I love to do, it's my lifestyle choice, and what I live for. If it was not for my awesome Instructor @kim_bantum driving me like a bat out of hell, her Daughter @ginger_jetli for trying to help us delay my ring, and one of our awesome parents at the school @jeff89128 to guide us into the Lone Star Convention Center, I may not have been able to compete! I'm super happy and excited to announce I made it to my competition, was able to compete in all 4 of my divisions, and bring home 4 1st place wins!! Thank you to everyone who helped make this happen! 😎🙌🏻⚔️🥋 @questata @ataworldwide @atasongahmtaekwondofans

Hill Repeats this morning while the boys played outside... followed by a fight with one of their car seats when I was cleaning out my car. That beauty and another on my hip popped up later on in the day...Car seat - 1 // Kelsey - 0

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Spring break was dooope, but this girl is ready to be back in the gym 🏋🏻‍♀️👍🏼 #gymrat

Progressive: Developing gradually, in stages, towards a larger goal.

Still working on making my knee stay over my toe on these slider side squats 😤😤💦 Thought I'd switch it up and show a video today 💪🏼 Practice makes perfect, or you know better than average 😂 .
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Just waiting on that moment, but still working!

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