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"That must be the hand everyone talks about!... The one that's quicker than the eye.." Today's BTAS episode is titled "Time out of Joint" and it was the 73rd produced and 75th to air. We again get to see our friend Temple Fugate, also known as, The Clock King. We see him steal something at an auction...but in an odd fashion. He has a device that allows him to move so incredibly fast that he is invisible and time stands still around him, truly making him the king over clocks and time. We get a back story on how Fugate pretends to be a butler to a brilliant scientist who invented the device, and thus how he obtained it. Once sending his message to Mayor Hill that he's back he goes for him head on. Only Batman and Robin can stop him, will they be able to? Go give this one a viewing and find out!

"Welcome to our Ha-ha-cienda!" Today's BTAS episode is titled "Harlequinade" it is the 72nd produced and 70th to air. It is a fairly straight forward plot. The Joker has broken out and he has an atomic bomb which he uses to put Gotham up for ransom! Batman and Robin are very worried and need to find him quickly but have no clue where to begin, so they enlist the help of Harleen Quinzel, and that's where the episode becomes fun, but you also kinda wonder why someone like Harley allows herself to be abused by Mr. J. In the final few minutes Harley realizes Joker only cares about his well being and was willing to blow up all of Gotham, even her, as long as he gets out first. This pisses her off and she shoots down his plane and then has a classic one on one stand off that basically sums up their whole relationship in a few seconds. Pure gold. Have a wonderful Saturday!

"Scoundrels like these are worse than the Joker. At least he's got madness as an excuse." Today's BTAS episode is titled "The Terrible Trio" it is the 81st to air. It's a story that shows it's not always so great to get everything you want. The villains here are three of the richest men in Gotham. They are known for their eccentric trips around the world chasing adrenaline rushes. They are fraternity brothers that have claimed to do it all, fish and swim in oceans, hunting wildlife on land, and excursions in the skies. They grew to be calloused and bored of buying things with money and they start a life of crime just for the heck of it. Each wearing a mask of an animal from an area they specialize in, land, sea, and air. Their first encounter with Batman and Robin they actually almost blow up the dynamic duo, so even though they look like it, they're no joke. A lot of people cite this as their least favorite episode, even Bruce Timm declared it as such and I am one of those, but... it's still Batman the Animated Series and better then 90% of what's produced and on television today by a mile. If this is the worst BTAS had to offer back then, man we were spoiled. Have a great Friday.

Robin: "I'm just sorry she got away."
Batman: "Me too, Robin. But I don't think we'll see her again anytime soon. Ivy lost everything she had, everything she said she ever wanted. For what is worth, I believed her when she told me that for the first time in her life she was happy." Today's BTAS shot is from an episode titled "House and Garden" the 70th produced, 66th to air. We start the episode off by seeing a huge lurking plant like being breaking into an apartment and then into a safe, knocking out the person inside in the process. We then get taken to the next day where we see Commissioner Gordon looking over a green residue left by the intruder. An analysis shows it to be a poison similar to that of Poison Ivy, Batman shows up and says it's got to be her. Gordon explains that she's married with children and deemed reformed by Arkham, but Batman doesn't buy it, so him and Gordon go to pay her and her family a visit and see nothing of suspicion and Ivy seems to have genuinely changed. Them we see the plant creature at Gotham U take Dick Grayson by surprise, knocking him out and taking him hostage in order to get money from Bruce Wayne. Batman instead of giving up right away tracks Ivy from afar to see if she was lying, but only sees her enjoying life as a housewife. Bruce heads to the dock to drop the money in exchange for Dick Grayson and they end up fighting and taking on the plant monster but it escapes. Batman and Robin get back and Batman explains how it's definitely not Ivy behind the plant related crimes and that her and the two boys from her husbands previous marriage are seemingly happy. Robin, however, was in a class taught by Ivy's husband Steven Carlyle and met his kids, which are girls! Batman pulls a U turn in the Batmobile and they head to Ivys house. In the basement they find a whole growing set up, but it's not for plants, but human like pods! Ivy enters and I will leave the conclusion for you to see!

"....I desire to perish, and yet I ask health.
I love another, and thus I hate myself.
I feed me in sorrow and laugh in all my pain;
Likewise displeaseth me both life and death,
And my delight is causer of this strife." - Thomas Wyatt "I Find No Peace".

"You could've been my successor, Detective. Instead you will suffer the fate of all mortal flesh." Today's BTAS episode is titled "Avatar" which is the 69th episode produced and 68th aired. The episode starts with us being in Egypt around 1898. We see a young man lowered into a temple in order to retrieve artifacts. We see him enter a door that has a glowing light and then see that the men holding the rope are struggling to hold on and trying to bring the kid back. But when they see the end of the rope it's frayed and the boy gone. Flash forward to present day Gotham we see Lucius Fox commending Bruce on the new Egyptian artifacts he has put in his museum. One of them being a sacred scroll of Osiris, which happens to be the oldest Egyptian document. Later that night we see the museum empty and someone after the scroll, Batman shows up to find its Ubu, Ras Al Ghul's right hand man. Ras arrives and throws a cobra at Batman who gets bitten and must inject himself with an anti venom, allowing Ras to leave. Batman decides he's going to find Talia in order to find her father so he heads to Gibraltar. Talia helps, but hadn't heard from her father, she states the scroll is half of a map that leads to the tomb of the Egyptian queen Thoth Khepera. Ras is obsessed with finding it. Batman and Talia find the other half of the scroll but run into Ras. He goes on to tell why he's obsessed with the tomb, for Thoth Khepera had power over life and death which he desires to possess. He puts Talia and Batman in a trap and goes looking for the tomb. He eventually finds it and comes face to face with Thoth Khepera...what happens next is for you to see! Have a wonderful day!

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