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We have driven a couple of awsome mountain passes the last weeks! This picture is from Maira Stura.

Toyota evolusjon. Ser du likheten annet enn fargen?

#toyota #landcruiser #AT37 #70series #150series

Petit retour sur paname ce week end.. 😈🔥😏

Full time fuccbois #at37
Cred @_geo.t_

Hilux AT37. Selvfølgelig fra @arctictrucksnorge #AT37 #hilux #arctictrucks #toyota

#arctictruck #arctictrucks #at37 #toyota #hilux Förberedelse inför helgen!

Virgin snow... Either the best or dumbest idea today 😆😂.
#explorewithoutlimits #at37 #snowwhite #superwinch #maxtrax


Back at the beach in Denmark! Tomorrow we'll take the ferry to Kristiansand, Norway.

Not the most scenic photographic location, but a chance to view the GT86 and the AT37 side by side. #Toyota #GT86 #ClubSeries #GT86ClubSeries #Hilux #AT37 #ArcticTrucks

We have driven a couple of awsome mountain passes the last weeks! This picture is from Maira Stura.

When children meet up at the play ground, from different countries and never met before, start playing and having a wonderful time ... Thx for last night @thorsteinovern and @the_poppnagelwagen

We met up with @pajeroramble in southern Germany! Awsome to meet people with the same kind of passion!

Passo Dello Stelvio!

A few weeks back I drove the AT35, here's the AT37! What an incredible machine. #Toyota #ToyotaHilux #ArcticTrucks #AT37 #OffRoad #Exploration

The western alps has been awsome! And I'll be back for sure! Now we are on the way back to Norway, currently at Dongo by the beatiful Lago di Como! Here we will stay for 2 days and then we will head over to Austria!

Da avsluttes denne #instagramtakeover'n etter en ukes tid! Vi er nå på vei nordover i Italia og ferden hjemover er begynt, men vi har fortsatt over en uke før vi er hjemme igjen så bare og følge oss videre på @thorsteinovern, @the_poppnagelwagen og @lenemy91 ! Takk for oss 😊

On top of Monte Saccarello 👌🏻 Crazy road up there from La Brigue 😅

Nattens camp er satt og vi nyter utsikten fra Col du Tende 👍🏻😁

Fort Central at Col du Tende 👍🏻

Vi kom oss til den Franske rivieraen, nærmere bestemt Antibes igår og fikk badet i Middelhavet! Idag har vi kjørt igjennom Nice og Monaco før vi satt kursen mot Tende og Col du Tende, nå er campen satt opp for natten og elva ved siden av kaller! 😊

Camp up not far from Col du Tende! Looking forward to tomorrow to drive there!

Throwback to one of many days in the mountains the past 2 weeks 👌🏻 and we still have more mountain roads to go! 🏔

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