'Today is Refugee's day. How long should I stay in detention?!?!' Photo: World Refugee Day on Nauru 2016. #FiveYearsTooMany #EvacuateNow #AsylumSavesLives

Mehdi speaking on activism on #Nauru #asylumsaveslives #crossingborders

Judith Watson from CARAD speaking on detention at Yongah Hill #asylumsaveslives #crossingborders

Dr Caroline Fleay starting her presentation 'Where the hell are we and how did we get here?' by referring to the work of Uncle Ray Jackson and forms of welcome extended to people seeking asylum on Aboriginal land #AsylumSavesLives #crossingborders #alwayswasalwayswillbe

Clyde McGill speaking on the experience of witnessing the burning of asylum seeker boats #asylumsaveslives #crossingborders

Arash speaking at our forum last night. Any system that separates families to intentionally produce mental suffering needs to be abolished. #BringDadHere #ReuniteFamilies #LetThemBeTogether #AsylumSavesLives

Dr Trudy speaking on the relationship between mental health and physical health and the limits of resilience #AsylumSavesLives #healthisahumanright

Marcus speaking on the sickness of the system, the intentionality of punishment and highlighting how people resist it #AsylumSavesLives #healthisahumanright

Mehdi speaking on hunger strikes and the denial of medical care #asylumsaveslives #healthisahumanright

The Sickness of the System featuring panelists Dr Ditza Ho, Mehdi Vakili, Dr Trudy Rosenwald and Marcus Hampson #AsylumSavesLives

Forum on health issues affecting people seeking asylum in Australia.
Saturday (tomorrow) 7 April, 6pm at UWA Arts Lecture Theatre (G60)

Hear from people with lived experience of seeking asylum and health professionals.
#Perth #asylumsaveslives #UWA

Check out all the posters we made for today’s Palm Sunday Rally for Refugees in the city.
We’ll see you in Victoria Square at 2pm. #asylumsaveslives #equityunderthelaw #seekingsafetyisnotacrime #mymadelaide #millionmarists

Find a march in your city! #Justice4Refugees #EvacuateNow #OutOfLimbo #AsylumSavesLives #PermanentProtection
Adelaide: Victoria Square to Parliament House, 2pm -https://www.facebook.com/events/207964319756021/
Armidale: Central Park, 11am

Brisbane: King George Square, 2pm- https://www.facebook.com/events/403586493422299/
Canberra: Garema Place, 1pm
Darwin: Nightcliff Foreshore, 5pm

Lennox Head: Ballina Rd bus shelter at Nth end of shopping centre, 11am - https://www.facebook.com/events/702093580179244/

Margaret River: Reuter Park, 1pm - https://www.facebook.com/amnestymargaretriver/photos/pb.338277529679580.-2207520000.1519737007./876376749202986/?type=3&theater

Melbourne: State Library, 2pm - https://www.facebook.com/events/142529579757550/
Newcastle: Wheeler Place, 3pm - https://www.facebook.com/events/576928105985311/

Perth: St George's Cathedral, 1pm -

Sydney: Belmore Park, 2pm - https://www.facebook.com/events/163333934168474/
Wollongong: Crown St mall (march to McCabe park for concert), 12pm -


Day 39 of peaceful protest in #Balikpapan detention center Indonesia.
Can you imagine when an individual feels him/herself like a colonized country? Dreams something that is definitely his/hers? Can you imagine when an individual is despaired of continuing living freely? Just imagine how hard it is when a person becomes a colonized country. Imagine when a person is being ruled by crule emperor like a conquered country. Can you? Absolutely Not. Because we are not a country. We are not war hostages, we are not super fighters to see us in that situations. We are typical people who try to live, who try to avoid violence, who try to feel the joy of peace. But unfortunately we have been conquered. We have been displaced due to crule minds. We have been killed due to some stupid inventors who invented hunting instruments for the first time and those others who maintained and upgraded them to ultimate mass killing machines. My ancestors did not know how to use them, did not invent even a simple sniper, did not invade on even a small village, did not kill even a lamb from other people. These all are your fault. You took my life. I want my life back. I want my life back. I want my life back.
I want my life back."
- Asif Rahimi
#asylumsaveslives #nomorelimbo

"Day 20 from peaceful protest for Freedom in #Balikpapan detention center. Day by day the situation gets worse. Immigration continues restricting medical services and not treating those who need immediate hospitalization or surgery. Immigration still kept banning money transformation and phone credit and SIM cards as well. I don't know whether our temporary compromise will reduce some of them or not.
IOM staffs flinching and do not take responsibilities of sick people. I am sure they have not reported any of them yet to higher officials. IOM recently just cutt off bread without replacing it with something else.
Very soon after we hold meeting with IOM staffs I will make a report with all details.
Please share it" #resettlerefugees #asylumsaveslives #NoMoreLimbo

My friend Sammy on #ManusIsland sent me this video today. To see such beauty in the world when it has shown you such ugliness is so admirable. Thank you Sammy for teaching me that love and kindness are sacred above all else. ❤️ #Manus #ManusSOS #manusislanddetentioncentre #EvacuateManus #evacuatemanusnow #evacuatemanusisland #evacuatemanusnaru #ManusEmergency #asylumseekers #asylumsaveslives

So great to see so many come out in support of our friends on #Manus and #Nauru ❤️❤️❤️ there is hope for humanity yet! .
#ManusSOS #BringThemHere #LetThemStay #EvacuateNow #EvacuateManus #EvacuateManusNow #ManusIsland #manusislandrefugeecrisis #manusislanddetentioncentre #AsylumSavesLives #asylumseekers

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