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I graduated yayyyyy and I got a trophy I love my job #asurion

GOOD MORNING! Open Enrollment starts today!! Summer is here!! Let's get our customers protected!!! Lets not forget they come to you for screen replacements​ now!!!! You win and the customers win! #letsgo #nem #bettermatters #insurance #asurion @tmp_lee @tmp_jess @jessrichardson_nem @vzw_nem @marktinavzw @gmnessyvzw

Dealing with corporate frenemies . . Trying to talk sense 2 them but they want my blood . Any1 have advice on how to communicate with glitchy robots ? In particular #asurion , the insurance company for all phone carriers .. they are definitely out to kill me and my sons . Plz help

I was so excited to get my new #samsungs8plus this Sunday from #verizon. Being a responsible phone owner, I purchased the #otterboxsymmetry in the store, and immediately put it in the case. I asked @verizon if I should buy the screen protector, and they said no, because what they had in stock was not cut right. Fast forward to Tuesday at lunch, less than 48 hours after purchasing the new phone, I dropped it (in the case, on a semi-soft surface). Picked it up to see a small crack on the side. Then tried to turn on the screen and it is totally unusable. Called #asurion insurance and filled out a claim. But they have no replacement phones available! Talked to every cellphone repair place in the Houston area, nobody can fix it. So I go back to Verizon - and there is nothing they can do. So now I'm stuck with a hunk of very expensive junk for a phone, with no solution in sight. Lessons learned: 1. Samsung has gone way down in quality. I have always been a @samsungmobile user, and have never cracked a phone in my life. Honestly feeling pretty scammed at this point. Do not buy this phone if you plan on dropping it just once!! 2. The @otterbox Symmetry series is worthless. Like you might as well have no case on it, because it offers 0 protection.

Congratulations to Battleground for joining the 200 Club for OE! Round 2 in 7 more days 💪💪💪 #TMPOE #Predators #Asurion

Birthday cake from #asurion Family... #belated #cake #RedRibbon #mocha


My work now has a pride comitte. So proud! #pride #lgbt #asurion

.. take 2 .. hopefully this one is tougher than the first one 😞
#asurion #verizon #samsung #galaxys8 #lame #insurance #fingerscrossed #technology

Birthday cake from #asurion Family... #belated #cake #RedRibbon #mocha

@homedepot has the absolute worst customer service/ warranty! We have talked to 5 different people had 4 different people come check the fridge and it's been over a month without the fridge! An entire month they offered a mini fridge then cancelled that several times then offered us 150$ gift card 🙄 like that makes up for all the food we had to throw away and the inconvenience of not having a working fridge! Thanks a lot (sarcasm) #thehomedepot #thehomedepotsucks #fridge #LG #LGfridge #refridgerator #asurion

SECOND replacement iPhone after g1's was stolen a few weeks ago. Same problem. Sooooooo f'ing over this. #asurion We went from a phone that was completely paid for to two p.o.s.'s 👍🏼

With Total Mobile Protection, get benefits of Tech Coach. Call or direct message us today to make sure you're protected #asurion #verizon #tmp #techcoach

This is a logo I designed for my father's company! When they came to me about the job I was handed this giant 49 page long guide on how to properly use their logo and it was highly intimidating. Anyway, I'm gonna try to get some animation practice in today so hopefully that'll be up soon ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Tags: #artistsoninstagram #logomaking #logos #asurion

Insuring your investment is a must!
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#IamVZ #SMB #protection

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