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As a shorter rider, @mthespitfire wanted a slimmer seat so that she plant her feet more comfortably. Compared to the taller and stiffer stock seat, the foam is closer to the seat pan, and it's shape makes it more comfortable for the booty. Now, our Corsa Moto seats have more foam and gel making it an optimal option for taller riders. She opted for our Nitroheads slim line seat with the plastic inserts. What do you think? #wcw #roamrideCUSTOMIZE #astroscrambler

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Continuing with our love for the Ducati Scrambler, this is another one that we developed using a plethora of Genuine Italian quality parts along a hybrid of our own parts and upholstery. Here is a quick write up and description of the build. .
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Functionality is as important as styling should be when it comes to owning a motorcycle. Riding a two wheel is already cool... riding a customized bike is even better.

Suspension and Brakes :
Starting from the basics on what every bike should have, in this case, the factory Brembo calipers and rotors already do an amazing job once replacing the pads with an aggressive sintered pad, the Suspension has been completely overhauled using the Italian Bitubo components front and rear. A Brembo RCS brake master cylinder ensures that everything performs the way it should. The odd sized 18 inch front and 17 Rear wheels went from the factory cast alloy wheels to full wire wheel to complete the Scrambler look and a set of matching Shinko knobby Tires went on

Engine mods :
The 803cc is perfect at what it does but no bike is complete with a factory exhaust so out went the heavy steel pipes and in came a full titanium mash up using an Akrapovic header mated to a titanium Mivv dual barrel muffler. .

Frame and cosmetics :
The classic lines on the Scrambler cleans up well with the new slim seat and side panel option we make and offer to the customers liking. A nice distressed brown leather from the local shop gave the owner its look he desired to go with the factory Matte black color the Full Throttle Scrambler model comes equipped with. The design on the upholstery was significant in the way of bringing a modern twist to the already classic looking bike. A host of Rizoma gloss black anodized goods come moves things around and are subtle unless people know what they are looking at. Givi, Sw-Motech, and Puig does the rest in the protection and ergonomics department.

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Only Tuesday and this is all I can think about. Did some testing on the CorsaMoto seat this past weekend, and man is it comfy. Comfort wise it's more foam and has gel insert. Aesthetically it's 2 toned perfectly so you don't need to replace your oem seat panels. My advice is to black out the silver trim on the OEM panels and you're good to go! As a full seat, it's available as a pre-order and if you want to reupholster yourself it's over 💯 cheaper. As always a fender eliminator kit is a clean add on 😉 what do you think? Astroscrambler.com #roamrideCUSTOMIZE #astroscrambler @photographyducati @ducatistagram

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