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Viendo el Sol con el telescopio del observatorio #ElTelescopioTieneFiltroNoQuedaréCiega #Telescope #Astrophile

"Reach high for stars lie hidden in your soul. Dream deep for every dream precedes the goal" 💫🔭 #astrophile goodnight

“Don’t you, give up, for me. Don’t fall, don’t give up, for love.” #stargazing #astrophile #shootingstars #silhouette

Dreams are like stars ⭐ You may never touch them but if you follow them, they'll lead you to your destiny - Slide this triplet stars on to your double bouncy bangle and let it lead you to your dreamland.
1 bangle + 1 selected bead at RM219. Available at 1Utama, Sunway Pyramid and Sunway Velocity. *T&Cs apply. While stocks last.
*Price may vary depending on selection of designs.

#JEOELbeads #starry #astrophile #stars

We would like to thank everyone who join the 1st batch audition for Hip-hop International and congrats everyone because you are now part of the Astrophile Family 😘😘😘😍😍

akhirnya belajar nyukil lagi.
gimana mau pinter ya kalo belajarnya beberapa tahun sekali? nyukil pertama diajarin mas @baskorolatu di Locafore Bandung 4 atau 5 atau 6 tahun yang lalu. kemarin berkesempatan belajar lagi karena ada workshop yang diadakan bersamaan dgn festival di Kampung Batik Semarang. ini hasilnya. meski sangat kacau karena nyukilnya banyak yang kepeleset2, karena pisau cukilnya pada nggak tajem, dan karena saya tidak berhasil mengasahnya. hehe. tapi suka! saya pasti akan belajar nyukil lagi. terima kasih teman2 @akarmerdeka yang baik atas workshopnya.
#woodcut #cukilkayu #grafismurni #astrophile

ขอเสียงหน่อย #ทีมพิธีกร #demon45 #freshy45 #astrophile


“Cause you’re a sky full of stars”
“I’m so glad the stars are endless; otherwise there wouldn’t be any left from wishing upon them over you!” -A.E.Rios
Sometimes you get off work, you go home, you pack your camera and drive into the woods at 2am. I will forever be an awe of the night skies. Now if I could only get better lenses and head somewhere west. •=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•=•
#photography #igers #photooftheday #fall #rebelt6s #vsco #canon #orionsbelt #canonphotography #picoftheday #love #igdaily #ff #create #astrophotography #moodygrams #moodyports #instagood #beautiful #stars #instadaily #instalike #astrophile

She is art. You don't have to understand her. She wasn't built to validate your opinion. Accept her for the beautiful ambiguity that she is.

#astrophile #sillouette #pinksky #bluesky #firstday #senioryear #cpainthemaking

Viendo el Sol con el telescopio del observatorio #ElTelescopioTieneFiltroNoQuedaréCiega #Telescope #Astrophile

Edwin Torres

we convince ourselves of what we need
allowing obstacle a rebirth as reason

the ground cracks and our body reacts
adjusting balance with footing, ear canal to cochlea

perspective shifts as focus clarifies, position of neck
to spine merges into planet's gyration

we orbit the occipital orb
the eyeball retracted by obstacle's incision

merged into our head our feet, somehow planted
on our eyes, as ground shakes we adjust our view

our heart follows close behind looking for an orbit
to call its own, gravity tells a story . . . . . . has falling helped you see how to stand. will melting away cover improve intuition. porous like mine. I want to fall in the nothing. find what's there. challenge my something with surrounding nothing. maybe the certain. question the maybe. enter the sweat of what falls before I catch it. attach impulse to tributary. feather away grass from its skin. remind each blade of my pores. my static charge of light and dusk. magnetize distress. vanish emblems of pointed palmistry paining hull. esperanza savior. salivant sonority. have you instincted the instants yet. stepped in line. what is the water like when followed unwillingly. when skin is checked by the surface of surround. the speed of slow. who gets wet in the blade of water that cuts the wake. is there friction with a name for blend. do I remove the image before it envelops. rescue the outcome before it lands. -A Stranger in a Sanguine Land. Like the very wine; Distilled and Fermented into the passing eons, millenias, time refines the age. The Mind; From the very tree it grow's: Has roots above and below the great beyond. Has this begun a new autumnal metamorphosis or has it begun the new tide of autumn come at hand. This Sanguine neon of the Outlands has grew on me and my wings; Of Hawk and Dragon. But I am getting nearer to the great abyss; The Great Divide-
#art #poem #poetry #actor #actorslife #model #neondemon #Technolyte #astrophile #cosmolyte #deeppoem #deeppoetry

“Don’t you, give up, for me. Don’t fall, don’t give up, for love.” #stargazing #astrophile #shootingstars #silhouette

Look up at the stars
and not down at your feet

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