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Via @thisisinsider: If meds fail, this procedure could help treat severe asthma. 🌬 #insiderscience

If meds fail, this procedure could help treat severe asthma. 🌬 #lifeisanadventure

So blessed to be able to do what I love, but nothing is more important then rushing home to be with your baby girl when she suddenly gets sick 😷 #asthmalife #momlife

Throwback to 2 years ago in Þórsmörk, Iceland. It took at least 5 hours to hike up, but the view was worth it. To be surrounded by mountains and glaciers, the view was breathtaking. But forgetting to bring my inhaler could be another factor. 👏🏼 #thorsmork #iceland #asthmalife #hiking

When you just recovered from an exhausting asthma episode ! #asthmasucks #asthmaattack #asthmaproblems #asthma #asthmalife

Beating jet lag one shisha sesh at a time #asthmalife

Challenges & happy faces!

So so happy to finally be able to be stronger than my asthma, completed the run and not needing medication once, not once! Yes!

In the past I've always struggled with not being able to run or work out properly, always needing my medicine straight away. It had control over me every day, in the small things, but it was always there.
This time last year I was in a way different situation, being sick for 10 weeks.
Eventually after being diagnosed wrong with 3 different diseases, they found out I had bronchitis. It was extremely exhausting being sick for that long not knowing when it would end and what it was that made me sick.
So the fact that today I can say I finished a run without even needing my medication, makes me really happy!

It's the little things that give the greatest happiness.
Grateful 🌸🌞🌈🍀🌎💚 #asthmalife #positivevibes #momentsofhappiness

Today we have filmed Giuseppe de Carlo in #Burano talking about the "shrinking" world of #asthma - video will come out during #ers2017 congress. Stay tuned! 🎥🏘 #ers #breath #thinkactbreathe #asthmainspiration #asthmalife


Via @thisisinsider: If meds fail, this procedure could help treat severe asthma. 🌬 #insiderscience

- Wheezy but rebel - 😡

Aplikasikan Breath Again Roll-On dan Eucalyptus Blue ke dada, belakang dan telapak kaki 2 kali sehari. ⠀⠀
#asthma #asthmalife #asthmaattack #youngliving #yleoindonesia #yleo #eo

FriYAY🙌🏼 Threw on some Nike. Chugged preworkout. Busted out a kick ass Friday night workout. Ate some bomb ass pizza (gains duh😏). And now relaxing watching some Netflix with babe 😍 My kind of Friday night.

Interesting read at the pulmonologist. "I'm upset and angry because my fucking lungs hurt" #asthmatic #asthmalife #understandme

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