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Here's an older video from a few weeks ago. 🎬 My girl was still fresh into recovering from her feeding tube surgery. Notice how @Outrageously_Helpful_Orion and I are heeling very well with her wheelchair. ♿ As service dogs, we must know how to walk alongside many different types of mobility aids because our hoomans require various tools to function despite thier chronic illnesses! ✊ Due to her Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, my girl struggles with delayed healing. So you can imagine that her recovery took longer than expected. 😔 Thankfully she's doing much better now and the steady nutrition has helped immensly! 🎉 Catch up with our adventures by watching our daily Vlogs (link in bio). 23 Months
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After spending nearly my entire life living like a normal person I was surprised to learn this week that I have legit asthma. I mean, obviously I've noticed that I can't breathe above 180bpm (and sometimes on cold or hot days or when I'm not well...) but I always assumed the asthma kicked in because I wasn't fit enough and that if I trained harder I could go faster before I hit that oxygen ceiling. Because athlete! I was an idiot but now I have some mad drugs and a great doctor and many kinds of asthma things for the next race. Here's to jersey pockets full of snacks and ventolin and Friyay 🥂

So thankful to have this pup by my side during the hard times. 😌 Not only does she help me with my physical limitations through her service dog tasks, her unconditional love plays a large role in my well being as well. ❤ Such a sweet girl, helping me turn my difficult days into better ones! ✊
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THIS WEEKS PODCAST IS OUT! This photo from 2012 popped up on my Facebook page just now and it's just so fitting. I had only been teaching yoga for a few years and I had just, just started unlocking the power of my breath in my practice. This absolutely unreal, firey sky inspired a class centered around kapalabhati, breath of fire. I remember this moment like it was yesterday. I'd had an asthma attack just the day before and for the first time in my adult life, didn't reach for my inhaler right away. Turning to yoga instead of (and in addition to) medication changed my life.

I've struggled with chronic asthma since I was little and in this weeks podcast I'm joined by the beautiful and inspiring @beebosnak who has a very similar past. We talk about fear of death, asthma attacks, hospitalization, feeling left behind at school, leaving home to find ourselves and how finding yoga and meditation helped us heal. We also talk about how to start up a meditation practice and give some great tips on how to incorporate meditation into your day-to-day. Listen in now! Bee also guides us through some breath work - a short and sweet practice you can do wherever you are listening in from🙏🏼 Click the link in my bio to listen on iTunes or go to rachelbrathen.com for a list of all podcast providers. Don't forget to subscribe and leave a review!❤ Happy podcasting!🤗 #yogagirlpodcast #fromtheheart #asthma #podcast #pranayama #yogaeverydamnday

Aer is an asthma management system which looks to encourage, educate and facilitate asthmatics using and understanding their medication. It consists of an environmental sensing base, revamped inhalers, a small emergency inhaler and a an app. The system looks to combat the huge costs of poor asthma control by combating user centred issues of stigma, portability, understanding your personal condition and its triggers, convenience and tracking. If you haven't already checked out the project on my Behance, website or airgora - make sure you do!

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A gente brinca no stories, mas a gente também fala de coisa séria e muito séria!
Desde que nasci eu convivo com um bicho papão chamado asma!

Em uma das crises, já adulta tive sérios pensamentos de que eu iria morrer. Estava em crise há 1 mês e nenhum medicamento fazia efeito. A asma é uma doença muito séria! A OMS estima que 250.000 pessoas morrem de asma por ano. Sim, asma mata!
Em uma das minhas crises um colega médico praticamente me colocou na parede dizendo que eu teria que tomar os corticóides todos os dias da minha vida, pois ele via que em breve eu poderia precisar ser entubada e ter uma parada cardíaca. Pode parecer para quem está de fora que quem tem asma ou alergia possui algum tipo de frescura. Muitas vezes me vi sendo tratada pelas pessoas ao meu redor como se fosse algo da minha cabeça. Mas a asma altera totalmente a qualidade de vida de uma pessoa. Tarefas como se levantar e tomar um banho podem ser um grande esforço durante uma crise! Eu já estava sob uma série e medicamentos (corticóides entre outros) e fazendo fisioterapia pulmonar para tentar retardar a minha perda de função pulmonar, quando pelos ANIMAIS 🐮🐷🐔🐟 decidi me tornar vegana.
O resultado? Desde então não tive nenhuma crise de asma! NENHUMA. Não sei mais o que são corticóides, anti-histamínicos e antibióticos. Um estudo sueco analisou os resultados de uma dieta 100% vegetal em pacientes asmáticos graves e o resultado foi uma melhoria significativa do quadro da grande maioria, diminuindo ou até deixando o uso de medicações.
Proteína animal faz muito mal ao ser humano! É responsável por disparar uma série de inflamações no organismo. Quer saúde? Deixe os animais viver! O bem que plantamos, também colhemos! Go Vegan! 💚
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"Hi I'm Iballa Chantelle from the band The Creptter Children & I've suffered with asthma all my life. I spent alot of my childhood in & out of hospital. Still to this day I suffer from the disease. Asthma attacks are definitely not fun, but thanks to more awareness & advanced medications, asthma can be more manageable these days. My asthma is mostly triggered by allergies, smoke, pollution and infection. Unfortunately some asthmatics are quite embarrassed to use their medication in public. You should never feel ashamed. I don't let my asthma stop me from doing all the things I enjoy and either should you!" #health #cureasthma #asthma #facesofasthma #asthmasucks

Sharnee suffers from brittle asthma" ALOT. She is asthmatic and after years and years feeling embarrassed and ashamed of her condition she finally comes to the realization that hiding behind her inhaler is helping NOBODY! So here she is. ready to share every bad/good experience and tips that she has learned over the last 20 years! #Asthma #AsthmaInspiration#AsthmaTips
Sharnee has a youtube channel:


Woke up fatigued, with a headache, covered in eczema and with an asthmatic episode - later found out that herpex was also attacking my nervous system (if you didn't know herpex isn't only a bubble on your lips). It actually lives within you and attacks you when you have a lower immune system reposns - it is actually dangerous and can impare your nervous system cell by cell.
Backstory of how I got here: When I was at the yoga retreat I have "felt" some mold and some strong pollen. Had to use inhalators everyday - after like few years of not using them - and now my body totally weakened. Because I was choosig between not breathing or breathing - and so now my immune system is superssed by steroids, and thats when you are potentially an easy target for pathogens.
If you suffer with asthma:
A good tip is to first try Himalayan salt under your tongue and apple cider vinegar before meals/ when you feel like your loans are shrinking.
I just ordered a Hungarian pipe salt - will be testing how does that work for cleaning the respiratory track👌🏻 Anyway... Made a butch of ginger tea, and currently I am oregano oil pulling and took some hemp oil and coconut oil 😌🙌🏻 to dissolve it with 😷.
Also planning to load on vitamin C, and Maitake, Shiitake and Reishi mushrooms, as well as some ginseng. Does anyone have any other tips to help your immune ? :-) The moral of the story is:
I though it was just me being a baby feeling lazy, and tried to dismiss the signs - but I am pretty sure my body wants me to slow down cuz it's fighting a virus 😌 Listen to your body - its know what bests for you. And if you suffer with allergies or asthma in this period - be gentle, your body is already trying to work 24/7.
P.S I miss this little furry guy 😭💜


Great session this morning for our Active for Health COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) patients!!! We just had to make a small video to show everyone how well you work and although you have barriers to contend with, it's doesn't stop you from trying your hardest and doing your best!!!! Great effort!!! @sport_england The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust @sheffhallamuni @britishlungfoundation @rotherhamcouncil #sportengland #copd #pulmonary #asthma #bronchiectasis #fibrosis #respiratory #conditionmanagement #community #exercise #health #fitness #functional #anyage #anyability #noexcuses


As I was getting into bed last night, I heard wheezing from this little guys room. I rushed to his room and he was on the floor gasping for breath and looking at me so helpless. I scooped him up in my arms and yelled for my husband to go find the puffers. Thankfully, we were able to give them to him and his breathing was back to normal within a couple of minutes. I was still shaken up, and Luca had a barking sound every time he took a deep breathe so we brought him to the hospital in the middle of the night to have his oxygen levels. Thankfully, all was good. What a scary experience that was though. Today is going to consist of Disney movies & all the cuddles. 🖤 #lucahenry

Last weekend of teaching. Still feels good knowing it's #Friday! 🙌🏽
No days off until Wednesday at 5pm.
I know I say it's #SummerBreak but I teach all year. This Summer instead of working weekends I'll be dedicating time for #LongRuns.
#MarathonTraining #SummerReady #AsthmaRunner #GetReady #GetOutAndRun #TeacherChronicles #SmileK8e

Yang drive pulang ke kampung tu... hati2 ye.
Jangan jadi macam ni....
Pastikan ada sebotol ivmist sebagai bekal diperjalanan...
Ivmist banyak membantu, insya Allah...
WhatsApp 016-6748905 -linda-
Utk fast response klik link wsp d bwh

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Nice big auditorium... #btssummer2017 #btssummer #asthma

Many people have used what others have said as a weakness as their strength. Let their stories empower and inspire you. This is your health, your life, and your journey. #diagnosis, #heartdisease, #purpose, #mission, #speaker, #mentor, #coach, #weightlossjourney, #diabetes, #health, #shine, #light, #meaning, #success, #prediabetes, #diabetes #cancer, #inspire, #motivate , #momentum, inspire, #healthcoach, #nurse, #mom, #parenting , #fostercare, #asthma, #fibromyalgia , #stroke, #committoyourself, #Friday,

In the #UK, 5.4 million people are currently receiving treatment for asthma, 1.1 million of whom are children. #Asthma is the most common long-term medical condition, and 1 in 11 children has it. There are around 1000 deaths a year from asthma, about 90% of which are associated with preventable factors. Almost 40% of these deaths are in people under 75. Asthma is responsible for large numbers of accident and emergency department attendances and hospital admissions. Most admissions are emergencies and 70% may have been preventable with appropriate early interventions.

Reference: https://www.nice.org.uk/ #nhs

love this movie too much #asthma

regram @airnest_inhalers
The Airnest mobile app. will help you manage your asthma better than ever.
Discover more features on our website. ➡️ Link in bio.
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