Even these beast cats know the ass is where the best flavors are. .
@ryan_lightweight chicks lie. Good edit. #assmonster approved

This is funny as fuck from @lift_weights_pet_dogs #assmonster approved

Damn you @mcrugrat not you too? I thought we was boys. Lmao I'm dead asf. #roastme #assmonster approved

I hope this is not a repeat post. But thx @fookinmemesbruh it's way to funny. #assmonster approved.

Classic throwback from 3.1 days. #assmonster approved

@jevq35 I'm going to bend your gf over that tire and fill her gas pipe up. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 #assmonster

I'm eating like groceries if she's legally old enough #assmonster wonders.

Dear God in heaven. Please please please never bring back the disgusting smelly musky bush. Amen the #assmonster prayer.
Regrann from @instagee_man - @assmonster2.0

Ha ha thx @doublesm3 #assmonster approved

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