Back in tents again! Sans sleeping bags ‘cause☀️😰 and also the beach begs for linen bedding, don’t ya think? Can you even believe this view? That’s the thing about camping: instead of sleeping in a hotel and driving to the cool spots wherever it is you’re exploring ~ tents let you fall asleep and wake up right AT the cool spots. Plus, it’s the only way we can afford exploring! 😂

@roughlinen we packed our linen sheets and took them to the beach with us! That’s normal, right?

#beachcamping #assateague #assateagueisland #assateagueislandnationalseashore #linenbedding #linensheets

See the line where the sky meets the sea? It calls meeeee 🎶

We checked out #Assateague beach today! It was very cool with the #wildhorses and all the #sealife I was even snapped on the foot by something that drew blood. Felt like a crab 🦀 claw. And of course boys being boys at dinner. ☺️

Tonight in our Yoga/Art Journaling class we worked on positive mantras, deep breathing and did a guided meditation. Then we poured all of our worries into our worry stones and filled them up with love!!! Then we pulled out all of the art supplies and journaled our hearts out. Lastly we made Chakra Bracelets!

Beach family portrait (Liam and Sean are the two tiny people in the waves, above Rusty’s head 😉) #assateaguenationalseashore #assateague #nationalparks #maryland #roadtrip #summer2018

Rusty, Liam, and Sean’s masterpiece. They were disappointed the ocean didn’t reclaim it 🌊🌊🌊 I was busy swimming 💙 #assateague #assateaguenationalseashore #nationalparks #maryland #roadtrip #summer2018

One of my favorite places on earth 💚 💚💚💚 #assateague #assateaguenationalseashore #nationalparks #maryland #roadtrip #summer2018

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