Ooooh. What does she find there? A box of old photos? An expensive necklace? A family secret? A cursed object? Or... eek! ...a body?
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Leaked From My Pen, LLC will help you write your book in 3 months by utilizing deadlines, breaking up your books' word count into sessions and creating an easy editing process. You will get 10 1 hour sessions with the writing coach which will include services such as manuscript consultation, book cover design, setting your book up for pre-order, publishing assistance, a free book writing guide, genre placement, assistance with book transcribing and more! Take a look at one of our clients book called "Inspirational Spiritual Evangelical Expressions" by Sharon Jenkins
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For some, the thought of writing a full novel may seem very overwhelming which could cause you to put it off until the “right time.” If you have a story idea and not sure if you want to write a full novel or if it’s enough story for a novel, then consider writing a novella or even a short story.
Both can be published and sold on Amazon. #nationalbestsellingauthor #writingcoach #aspiringauthors #yougotthis

Everyone is talking about the erotic new novel, Discipline's world, by author, E.L Discipline. It is a euphoric ride from beginning to end. More than just a sensual experience, E.L Discipline portrays a tale of heightened intrigue, capturing a bond between a man and a woman that defies normal society conventions. Experience raw uncut BDSM, with a taste of Discipline. (Available now in paperback, hardcover and e-book. Purchase on Amazon, or any retail outlets. Or visit our website to get your copy today)

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Chuffed at how last week's talk went at #droghedalibrary @louthlibraries The theme was using local history and landscape in your writing. Couldn't believe 30 readers and writers showed all enthused at putting pen to paper using their own experiences. Hoping to see lots more locally based #boynevalley stories in print soon #writersofinstagram #aspiringauthors #louthchat #libraryofbookstagram #booksofinstagram #decembergirl #irishheritage #historicalfiction #histfic @bombshellbooks2016

Hey Aspiring Authors 🌞,

Make today a Great day!✨
What's your goal this week?
Drop yours below ⬇

Writing doesn't just happen you have to make it happen! Stop making excuses and make it happen. How can you add time to write to your day? Leave your comments below👇. Need help? 👉Click the link in my bio and learn more about my Write Start webinars and coaching programs. #writingtips #aspiringauthorsofig #aspiringauthors #writingcoach #christianwriting #indiwrites

The first 6 months of the year is almost over and your book still isn't close to being finished 🤔 Are you really gonna let another 6 months pass by without publishing your book? Are you seriously gonna keep scrolling on the 'gram, seeing other writers share their book covers and release dates?
Nope! You're not and I'm gonna make sure that you don't! Schedule your free strategy session with me so we can get your plan of action poppin' and your book published before the end of the year. Visit www.chocolatereadings.com and book your call today 🤗

This little light 💡 of mine I’m going to let it shine. Stop ✋🏾 hiding your faith based biz in a dark corner hoping that someone sees you. Get up, get out, and visible. It doesn’t take ages to create content. It took me one minute to create this video.

Sit down right now and record a five minute video devoted to five different points, solutions, or ideas related to your products, services, or books. Trim it and a share one every day this week along with a link to your website, store, or shop.

Are you ready to market like a monster? Let’s add some accountability—drop your topics in the comments and tag me when you actually start sharing.

I’ve got a webinar coming up-5 Steps to Marketing Your Faith Based Biz. I hope I see you there. 😘😘#getyourinheritance

The best way to create the life you want is to plan for it. Treat your future like a relationship and nurture it. Invest in yourself, be consistent, and stay focused ❤

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