My new @ripndip griptape makes me way cooler than you ! 🐱

Welcome to the coolest page ever !
Mallgrab is more than a way to hold your board, it's a state of mind ! 😎🤙🏽

Sk8 is fun !

So much sickness!
Check out @island_scribbler 👈
😷 #asphaltposerclub 😷

Spotted By @gpatr0n
🍆 #asphaltposerclub 🍆

"You trust the quality of the urge, not quantity"-Mr. Miyagi

"There's the urge going on outside no man is safe from"-Prodigy

"I've come to realize we all have the urge in one way or another"-Richard Pryor

🎶I get by with a little help from the urge🎶-The Beatles

Proper skatepark etiquette demonstrated by @who_coryjones
🎥 @ty__dollaz
♻️ @skidmarkskatemag 🍻
⚔️ #asphaltposerclub ⚔️

Жаркий Парковый монтаж от @d_aladdin 🍖 Film : @dima_demchenko_ 💪@osf_odessa @odessaskatepark 🇺🇦#skateukraine

Fly Guy for @lifeform.co’s word of the week “Insect”. #lifeformdrawingclub #lifeformwordoftheweek

We’re not sure what’s more impressive, @johnkosch massive Ollie or the quick feet at the landing. 📹: @mat_morrone Follow them for more! #dotheyskate

🏝 #asphaltposerclub 🏝
♻️ @creazyfit Via @benbker

I hear it’s gonna be a warm one this Memorial Day weekend. 😎
🤙 #asphaltposerclub 🤙
♻️ @sonny5ideup

How many years of bad luck is this? #dotheyskate

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