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Tackled my kitchen pantry and espresso bar this afternoon. I did two junk drawers and a medicine drawer. For reals yo, I am so bored. My 11yo basically ignores me all day (#aspergers) and I am starved for adult conversation. I'm not ever much into doing this but we've lived here long enough to redo/rethink our space. Dishes are next! ◼️
Espresso bar gets used heavily and it's near the entryway so I have to clean it often. The counter gets cluttered and I hate it! We love our @breville Barista Express, great purchase and worth every penny! The cupboards above are next. It's all coffee, teas, coffee mugs, etc. Needs some attention. Love it when that Black Pearl granite shines.
Pardon that bottom zone, my husband has a major sugar dragon 🐉 and that cereal is ALL HIS. For a while he was hiding it in the outdoor fridge but I brought it inside and bought him some airtight containers. I'm not gonna fight him, he's a grown ass man. I found and organized all my reusable bags and made space in my trunk so I always have them with me. The rest of the plastic and glass storage ware is running through the dishwasher now. Don't use it much and it looked funky since the move. Plenty of space for that later. ◼️
Also went through all our lunch stuff, since school starts soon. Threw a lot away that wasn't useful or too used. Let my kiddo order a new lunch box on Disney since they had a sale. Not much into our Planetboxes anymore but kept those because they're useful for hubby lunches at the fire station. I'll grab some Ea Lunchboxes for my youngest again this year, high schooler brown bags it. ◼️
#cleaningmode #boredAF

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Aspietip: Call for help. When I'm lost, scared, or worried about my safety, I always reach out, whether by phone or to an obviously trustworthy person (police, event staff, etc.) for guidance. I have to acknowledge that sometimes my autistic brain could navigate me into further trouble. #aspiegirl #princesspeach #damselindistress

My baby boy has been at #WoodlandsCamp since Monday. As many of you know, Ethan is an atheist (or agnostic). He has tried to find The Lord, but admittedly has never felt His presence. He has studied parts of the #Bible, but thinks it sounds like nonsensical fairytales. People have laid hands on him, and he even asked The Lord to come into his heart AND received #salvation at #Woodlands a few years back...but he has since turned from Christ. Ethan says that he lacks empathy due to his #aspergers, and therefore believes that he isn't "wired" to ***feel*** the presence of The Lord like other Christians.
With all that being said, Ethan is still active in #church. He goes to church camps. He goes to church conferences. He enjoys the social atmosphere that church provides. Ethan was happy to attend Woodlands this week, even though he doesn't believe anything they are preaching. As a mother, I know that cramming #Jesus down his throat is only going to push him further away...so, I pray. I allow Ethan to do his own thing and explore his thoughts and emotions. I've reached out to members of the church in hopes of finding a mentor for Ethan, with disappointing results. I've done all I know to do, and I've failed, so now all that's left to do is pray, and wait for The Lord.
Today is Wednesday. At Woodlands, they preach the #gospel on Wednesday nights, and they lead campers to salvation. Please join me in #praying for Ethan tonight. Please #pray that the speaker says SOMETHING that strikes a nerve. Please pray for #DivineIntervention and #KingdomConnections that will plant seeds and leave a lasting impression on my son. If Ethan can link up with one special person that "speaks his language," I believe that is all it will really take to open his eyes. Ethan has questions that I can't answer for him (I'm working on it, though), but there HAS to be someone out there that can go head-to-head with Ethan and lay the gospel out in "Ethan terminology." Please pray that a #miracle happens tonight. Please pray that everything changes tonight. Thanks so much. #Love you guys. #❤
#PrayerWarrior #JesusCome @woodlandscamp @freechapel #PleasePray #🙌🏽

#MentalHealthMonday x #MotivationMonday // decided to make this since people love to shame mentally ill folks for taking medication for mental illness 🙃 I'll never be embarrassed for taking medicine to manage my mental health, nor should anyone else be 💪🏽👍🏽💯🤗🌹✨ @dothehotpants @nourishandeat @leenahlovesherself song: "Lettin' Go!" By my queen @janellemonae (from her very first album EVER) #ballet #ballerina #mentalhealthwarrior #mentalillness #majordepressivedisorder #panicdisorderwithagoraphobia #aspergers #aspie #adhd #blackmentalhealth #blackmentalhealthmatters #blackgirlmagic #blackgirlscan #fandroid #silly #dancer

Lmao can't believe this is real... it means that Meliana can't serve in the army 😂😂😂


I just realized it's Shark Week and I'm on my period. Shark week on shark week. *clears throat* Here is my personal ode to sharks:

Beautiful sharks
Graceful predators of the sea
Sea babies just wanting some nom noms
Sorry if that means humans are a snack
But they gotta eat
So many rows of pointy teeth
Pointy pointy pointy point
Gulping them creatures like they're chicken nuggets
I love you sharks
Beautiful predators of the sea

#shark #sharks #sharkweek #poetry #blood #fish #chickennuggets #ithinkimgoingmanic #isthismania #menstruation #period #pms #floodgatesofhell #comeatmesexysharks #bloodocean #autism #aspergers

Kindness Wyoming was founded by a group of individuals including Critter Murray. Wonderful acts of kindness are taking place across the state of Wyoming. Great job to everyone. #KindnessWyoming #DownSyndrome #Autism #ADNPKids #Bipolar #Aspergers #Cerebralpalsy #Addictions #Depression #Bullying #ADHD #Kindness #Bostonterrier #KindnessBus #KindnessBicycle #RingOurCountryWithKindness #OneMillionActsOfKindness

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555 Days today marks the journey to wellness in regards to finding the baseline for K. Today is the day that he will go to bed tonight without any prescribed pill. Since he was 3 years old, he has never been under 5 pills at least. One point he was on 24 prescriptions when on chemo back in 2010.
Quite Ironic that number...Anyone know what the 555 also represents for us? That's 555 days of consistency, determination, perseverance, tears, questioning, and most of all taking us all through a journey like no other. Intuition spoke so loud Jan 18, 2016...and here we are.
All the different medical diagnosis' that changed over time of Autism, Aspergers, Neurofibromatosis, ADHD, ADD, Sensory Processing Disorder, Central Auditory Processing Disorder, Receptive & Expressive Language Disorder, Tumors, Restless Leg Syndrome, Subluxation, Asthma, EOE, Allergies, & ohhh gosh I can't remember them all! 🤔

I'm so glad to know who my son is! So yeah there's tears of accomplishment today. No, I'm not against meds if needed, but I am against bandaids...and I'm against the side effects that cause more meds to be added. If he needs them at some point in the future we will, but for now it's freedom.
For once we were able to really mess up his schedule...and guess what; he wasn't affected. We were able to take him into high sensory overload, and he challenged thru like a hero. We've done this thing for way too long, and now it's time for him to show who he is all by himself as himself. #kodaskrew #adhd #autism #aspergers #restlesslegs #asthma #tumors #nf #allergies #eoe #capd #subluxcation #spd #prescriptions

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Yes, I'm learning every day still!

I know alot about Autism, Adhd, Sensory overloads, meltdowns and chronic Uveitis. I know a little about other conditions, but I would love to learn more.

I do know that Sensory overload isn't just something that happens with Autism, it happens with adhd too. And I'm pretty sure conditions that include hearing and sight might have a sensory overload also.

I talk about what I know personally, but would love to be able to talk about conditions I have no experience with, to understand more about how it affects children.

So my question is. What condition does your child have that causes a sensory overload?
Sarah x
#specialeducationalneeds #autism #adhd #sensory #htlmp #vipmums #blogger #specialeducationalneeds #aspergers #sensoryplay #sensoryoverload #sensorymeltdown

Hey guys! For the past few months, I've been creating this project with the Sierra Club to increase accessibility in the outdoors for folks on the autism spectrum. I'm super excited to finally get it up and running but to make this happen, we'll need help from lots of volunteers who are willing to go on a hike and record some simple trail notes and pictures. Its a pretty small commitment, a fun activity, and a project that I'm really proud of! If you're interested, please check out this volunteer training that I'm holding on August 2nd at Fluid Coffee Bar. And if you know anyone that might be interested...please spread the word! Link in bio. And thank you endlessly to @carolinesdorn for her superb graphic design skills on this image 😘

Something I have been playing around with. An Aspie Cat pin with interchangeable wig pins that go over the top. I wonder if it would work? 🤔 thoughts? I would bring out different wigs to collect 😻

Here's a poorly made oc for yah ~ Spätzle

#why #wtf #meme #gay #memes #depression #cripplinganxiety #edgy #funny #joke #jokes #help #whomst #aspergers #pepe #aesthetic #vaporwave #😂 #dank #ayyy #lmao #memepages #lmfao #pokemongo #wow #💯 #sad #ohno #poop #mario if you're still reading this you are missing brain cells

'You look like a pixie, you look like you belong in a tree.... Little fairy princess' -Perrie Edwards to me

Today @taniasnj and @renatabplus3 went to the Department for Education and met SEND Director, Ann Gross and another senior official, Dan Evans. They discussed current problems in SEND from a parent perspective and passed on a dossier of parents' views and experiences .
#specialneeds #autism #specialeducationalneeds #aspie #aspergers #asd #disability #disabilities #parenting #parents #mummy #daddy #rducatuon #government #parents #parentpower

Stop stereotypes! Aspergers have friends, fall in love, have children, study and work, travel, have social relationships, feel emotions, feel the emotions of others, are sensitive, embrace, and can look in your eyes! We have a different language #aspie #asperger #aspiemum #aspielife #aspergerssyndrome #autism #autistic #aspergers #aspergertribe #equipeasperger #aspiegirl #aspiestyle

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