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To my bestest frand since ‘01 (he didn’t notice me at school till then): happy happppyy birthday!! May your day be filled with protein powder, gains, @ncmazza , leos (one can dream), @usher @ruleyorkcity @derrtymo , and a stiff drink. Love you infinitely. PS sry for rejecting all your hugs in 6th grade. And for telling everyone you got kicked out of class for farting. And repeating it right now. Ur a ⭐️ hunny. Here’s to another 183747438 years of making fun of each other. #aslongasimliving #happybirthday #bradman #transformationtuesday

And just like that my Baby Boy is 1 year old.... ⛺️🎉🎈🎊#illlikeyouforalways #illloveyouforever #aslongasimliving #mybabyyoullbe
Happy Birthday Riley!!! 😍😍😍

I just want to create and recreate, break down then re-build, continue to be a student in life... I’m transitioning into something great watch out for my blank slate -NACOMFORTZONE #TrustTheProcess #nacomfortzone #NewWave #alwaysrecreatingmyself #aslongasimliving 📸 @emanuelgiella

Tiny, little, baby puppy grin in the corner of his mouth 🖤
#illlikeyouforalways #aslongasimliving

There isn't much I can say besides that I am so blessed to have a mom like you that I can call for anything and I know will answer the phone. No matter what. I'm blessed to have someone who loves me unconditionally. One of my best friends in the whole world. Nobody more like me than you. I love you, mom. Thank you for always being my biggest fan and the best you that you can be. Enjoy your day! Happy Mother's Day! #illloveyouforever #illlikeyouforalways #aslongasimliving #mymommyyoullbe

Loving her is easy. Missing her is hard. Waiting is impossible. Can’t believe today should be your fourth birthday my perfect little angel. Missing you so much. #ripeveleyn #loveyouforever #aslongasimliving

The one man, the one friend I could ever want to be here to see me grow through sobriety is you! ❤️ Your encouragement, your support, your wisdom in recovery, your love was always more than I could ever wished for in someone to give me! With any mistake I made, you always made me realize my worth and that I was deserving of a second chance! You made me feel beautiful & grateful for all that I had & all I can offer this world. Our love was unconditional! ❤️ The Lord gained an amazing soldier, my soldier! My hero! #IllLoveYouForever #IllLikeYouForAlways #AsLongAsImLiving #MyBestFriendYoullBe


Feels like a flashback from 12 years ago when Noah had this procedure done. Now it’s Doms turn 😩. My brave little man! 👦🏼 #dominicalexander #beansnboons #iloveyouforever #iloveyouforalways #aslongasimliving #mybabyyouwillbe

A week ago last night my best friend asked me to spend the rest of our lives together, in 7 weeks we will finally get to meet the little boy we have loved since the moment we found I was pregnant and we have the most amazing families who celebrated with us this past weekend to celebrate this same little boy. To say I am lucky is an understatement. #32weekspregnant #babyboy #preggolife #momtobebod #mombod #engaged #isaidyes #loveyouthemost #mybabyboy #illloveyouforever #illlikeyouforalways #aslongasimliving #mybabyyoullbe #sundaymoney

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