A poem about the nature of oneness and fragmentation within the universe

How has it come to THIS in our society?..

Live on stage in Chicago

Limited spots available. Specific dates for Malibu to be announced. TealSwan.com/completion-process/training

Teal Swan in Costa Rica

Daily Update #292 Watch the rest of the video on Compatibility at TealSwan.com/watch

New Ask Teal episode on compatibility in relationships

Teal Swan in the lush landscape of Costa Rica

Frequency of the week - "Come Together"

The vibration of people coming together.  This vibration assists people to create social coherence and unification.  It facilitates cooperation and it dispels interpersonal conflict.  This vibration is useful for people who feel lonely.  It is also a very good vibration to have anywhere where people gather.

Happy Easter to all those celebrating today ❤

In case you are struggling with a physical ailment, here are some suggestions for emotional work that you can do to find more clarity.
Find the videos at TealSwan.com/media - you can search the word 'ailment' or contact a CP practitioner at theCompletionProcess.com

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