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THREE WEEKS! And what a week. We got great news about Baby B’s health, he passed his birthweight AND had his first fancy lunch out (hooray for breastfeeding-friendly spaces!) for his Nana’s birthday 🎉 As for his mama, she’s more and more in love...and also, she misses sleep. 😴

a very tiny person on my desk... also; I changed the background color, which is always a little risky if it will be an improvement and - with my way of working - has no way back... have a good weekend 💫.
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I love how the morning sun ☀️ 💛enters through this large bathroom window. We purposely looked for an east-facing property for the back of the house to catch the morning sun🌞👍🏻💛 (swipe left)
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What was the first ever recipe you learned to cook all on your own? I’m talking about the first recipe I learned over on The Full Shilling today, a dish that I still return to a decade later when I’m in need of a good dose of nostalgia on a cold winter night.
It’s a dish I learned to make when I moved out of my childhood home and out in to the big bad world, a world my Mum wasn’t quite ready for me to live in!
Come have a nosy at the blog to learn more about the recipe and the memories attached to it, it will be sure to warm the cockles of your wee heart on this bitter January night ✨

Loving what they’ve done with the space above Papersmiths in Bristol, the new @two.palms. Now finding myself wanting a collection of crystals which very much reminds me of my 10 year old self. Anyone else collect crystals when they were young? Or now, even? 💎

“We need the tonic of wildness...At the same time that we are earnest to explore and learn all things, we require that all things be mysterious and unexplorable, that land and sea be indefinitely wild, unsurveyed and unfathomed by us... We can never have enough of nature.” I fell in love with Henry Thoreau’s words when I borrowed Walden Pond on an expedition in Madagascar. One of the other students had brought the book and I read it while sitting in the hammock after studying in the field one day. I had never read words that felt so true and real, that felt so relevant even though they were over 100 years old. I read Walden Pond every year now and I’m brought back to those nights in the hammock when I had the African dirt on my feet and the heat on my skin, to the time I fell in love with words and the entire world that inspired them.

We’re off to London this weekend and I’m praying the sun decides to shine down on us so I can capture all the pretty buildings.
We’re a lot more relaxed this time and have decided to play local, going for danders around different neighbourhoods with a few drinks in between. One thing I’ve lined up is the Colombia Road Flower market on Sunday which I haven’t told Andrew about yet because I’m thinking he may not be so keen on being trailed around stalls of flowers in January... He’ll manage!! Do you have a favourite neighbourhood in London for exploring? Any tips to share??

L♥️ve is in the Hair 💁🏻‍♀️
Napokon sam prekinula ružnu naviku da mi se njega kose zasniva na jednom šamponu i maski na krajevima svakih 10-15 dana 🙈
. . .

Novi proizvodi za njegu kose za koje sam imala sreću da ih pravilno odaberem su napravili ogroman pomak i vjerujem da ćete na blogu imati dovoljno preporuka izmedju kojih možete odabrati nešto kako bi osvježile i svoju njegu kose 💁🏻‍♀️👉 www.simply-selma.com 👓 (direktan link do članka je u opisu profila) ♥️

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