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Where’s the most important item I’ve been craving for weeks? My Tom Yum Goong Nam Sai ต้มยำกุ้งน้ำใส ⁉️😋😛😜😍⁉️
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My mom never tell anyone about how poor her financial situation and she never be cheap and that’s why her family never mind her money. Her family never pay back her money (It’s total up to 3,500$) they lent and some of her family call her to pick them up and bring them somewhere whatever because she’s got a car even though she has to drive an hour or two hours for them!!!! and they never be thankful, F**king NO conscience and NO consideration. I’ve been disappointed lots of people by various reasons these days and it made me rethink who am I and what I have been behaving and what their behaviour toward me is from. Human, never know. You can not completely understand someone else and you can not tell that you know someone very well even if you know the person for decade. Human, can be turned out different one or it’s possible that you could not notice some part of them. I was the one. Also I hate tones of stupid people who leave a comment bellow my posting like an idiot from automatic comment system or their own whatever, without heart, what a dumps. I can see what is real or not.
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For nine months, my mom spent 5,000$ and I probably spent a grand of them. I and my mom have earned only total 450$ (I tell you that again, we earned 450$ FOR NINE MONTHS!!!) We are completely in the red. The 5,000$ was from her severance package and our saving fund. we are about 1,000$ in debt now. Tell you the truth, all money we spend for living is ‘debt’ from now. We completely have nothing.
I can not believe how she is dealing with it. It’s pretty clear a rob Peter to pay Paul with credit cards. I respect her and at the same time I think of it’s time to concern about debt which definitely will increase much more every month.
Honestly I’m considering to get a job around my hometown cause it’s never possible to work in Seoul because you can not imagine how much it’s f**king tired and just to go to work is such a waste both time and money also it’s a huge hassle; useless and unworthy. I have to work for something I hate and somewhere I sick of with some people are horrible but everyone is surviving like that and I’ve been there for at least 8 years so I’m not complaining for that like someone I know.
The thing is my mom doesn’t like that I’m working for any company or industry and I don’t neither. But if I have no choice, I’m gonna do that. I have to do that. To be honest I can not understand some people who choose a tough way with bothering someone else who is close or making someone has hard time. I understand their kinda belief and ambition but I think it’s SO selfish. They feel their oats. I don’t get it. This is the reason why I should work even though I disgust it for not make someone I love has hard time. I can work and make videos for my Youtube channel and whatever what I want to do, it’s totally depending on me. Sleep few hours if your body accepts, you can sleep forever after you die. Don’t whine you looser
엄마는 9개월동안 4,500만원을 썼다. 또 이번달까지 천 만원 정도 빚진 것 같다. 그 중 약 700만원 정도는 내가 빚진 돈이다. 4,500은 엄마의 퇴직금과 적금을 깨서 탈탈 털어 쓴 돈이다. 내 돈은 거의 들어가지도 않았으니까 엄마의 적금이라고 하겠다.
내가 거지같은 디자인회사에서 한 달 일해 번 120만원을 포함해서 엄마가 9개월동안 번 돈은 400만원.
9개월동안 말이다.
정말 말 그대로 거지다. 쓰는 모든 돈이 전부 빚이다.
집도 우리집이 아니고 엄마의 재산이라고는 5년 된 모닝 한 대다. 난 엄마가 어떻게 돌려막기하며 버티는지 존경스럽다. 곧 일을 해야할 것 같다.

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Ema la tablita de los deseos. Estas tablitas se compran al ingresar a los templos sintoístas y en ellas la gente escribe sus deseos y posterior a ello cuelgan su ema debajo del árbol sagrado para que los dioses puedan leerlos y hacerlos realidad.
✅El Sintoísmo se basa en la adoración de los Kami o espíritus de la naturaleza. En #japon es la segunda religión con mayor número de fieles, después del budismo.
✅Meiji es uno de los templos Sintoísta o Shinto más importantes de #tokio y de Japón.

Принципиальный безпринцип: "Мужик сказал - мужик сделал". Не важно что сказал, неважно что сделал. Сказал, что будет ртом огонь тушить? Вот и тушит!

=هتعرف توصل لاحلامك ؟!!...
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