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😂😂 Summer is right around the corner!! Who still got their Spring Rolls body?! 😂 @lazy_daisyz

I ate WAY too much today, but s'all good because I had so much fun nomstagramming with @scenicpath and @_rosecollins ❤️I spent the last few hours editing pics, and I seriously can't wait to share them all with you guys 🙌 stay tuned cause I'll be sharing my review of @irongatedc with you guys Saturday 👏also, a huge shoutout to @byjaredwolfe for taking this awesome portrait of me! Can't wait to collab with him again in April💃

what's not to love?

Model: @lovelynnc
Photo: @iamprcivl


Happy humpday! I'm closing down Prescott. Come by #bottomsupespresso #bikinibarista #beanbabe #asianbabes #humpday


Traveling back into time w/ @mhayemonti #misshinchicago2015 #tbt

You won't go wrong with red. Vote for the lovely @weilengliew by giving her some love! Check out her Insta and follow her!

Style: Casual (Voting closes 29 March 2017 11.59pm, Results out 1 April 2017)

That watch tho. LOL!

Don't stroke that .... now

Mỗi lần đi mua đồ là lại có cảm giác như cả thế giới quay lưng lại với mình 😢
Chả có size nào vừa, bộ nào mặc vô cũng như bơi trong cái bao tải, lỡ gặp cái nào ưng thiệt là ưng thì cũng ráng bấm bụng mua size nhỏ nhất, rồi về đem ra tiệm cho người ta bóp eo, thu nhỏ bộ đồ thêm vài size nữa 😭
Tốn tiền mua đồ rồi còn tốn thêm tiền sửa đồ nữa, ốm chả có gì vui 😤
#meenathaomy #slimwaist #golddress #hottie #sweetie #cute #lovely #asianbabes #fashion #model #pink #ImHotYoureNot

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