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Week 4 of #AshtangaMondays is 22 January - Utthita parsvakonasana and utthita parivrtta parsvakonasana
Each month we will announce a schedule for every Monday the upcoming month. You can choose to participate one month or every month - totally up to you - winners will be announced monthly.
January schedule (choose a pose or make a vid):
1 January - Surya Namaskara A and B✔
8 January - Padangusthasana and Padahastasana✔
15 January - Utthita trikonasana and utthita parivrtta trikonasana✔
22 January - Utthita parsvakonasana and utthita parivrtta parsvakonasana✔
29 January - TreatDay! Choose your favorite forward fold
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@sirisyoga (Siri)
@omniyogagirl (La#AshtangaMondays starting 1st of January!!!

"ι only roll wιтн goddeѕѕeѕ"
Welcome to the second day of #vibewithyourtribeyoga and yin tribe of the goddesses in us!
So what is it that makes a goddess?
A goddess is autonomous. She seeks no one's approval, but listens to her own counsel. She answers to no one. She does not try to impress anyone. Her work speaks for itself. She never makes excuses and rarely offers explanations for her actions. She is not defensive for she is not threatened by what other people may think of her. She is the queen of her own life and this is reflected in her demeanor.
A goddess is passionate (not to be confused with manic). She has a palpable energy and enthusiasm that is contagious and beneficial to those around her. In esoteric terms, she raises the vibration in a group situation. She inspires others!
So let's inspire each other with this pose, fellow goddessses!
Outfit @almondon @hm
Mat by @lotuscrafts_meditation
📷 @theroliyogi

Each tribe will be represented this way:
🌳 Tribal yogis in a lunge 👹
🌳 Be a Goddess in the Yin tribe 👄
🌳 Awakening with the Yang tribe in Warrior
🌳 Warming up in the Sun tribe with Sundial pose
🌳 Howling to the sky tribe in Half Moon
🌳 Reconnecting into Plant tribe with Tree pose
🌳 Going down the Reptile tribe with Lizard
🌳 Showing some teeth in Predator tribe and being a Tiger
🌳 Lifting our trunks with the vibe of Herbivore tribe with Elephant Trunks
🌳 Splashing in the tribe of the Sea with Fish pose
🌳 Looking up to the tribe of the Gods with Shiva pose
🌳 Looking even higher to Alien tribe with hollowbacks

Join us by following these simple rules:
Follow us hosts:

Follow the awesome sponsors:
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#DifferentWaysOfYoga day #1 - #virabhadrasana "1"

Showing #ashtangavinyasa variation and couldn't resist the urge to try out the heart-opening version shown by @lionet_yoga (#aerialyoga )

#Repost from @elena_miss_yoga with @regram.app ... We are thrilled to announce #DifferentWaysOfYoga Yoga Challenge January 22nd to 28th.🤸🏻‍♀️🧘🏻‍♀️🕉️📿
I teamed up with three fantastic Yoga Teachers to bring you a monthly seven days challenge where we will be sharing with you the different ways to perform the same asana.
As Yoga practitioners, before choosing the Yoga style that suits us best, we often tried many different disciplines. And while doing so, we might have experienced doubts about an asana alignment.

Why that pose in the Ashtanga Vinyasa class, is different than in the Hatha yoga class?

Which alignment is the correct one?
It can be confusing, doesn’t it?!
First of all, there is no “ONE AND ONLY ALIGNMENT.” BUT, there are different disciplines with different alignments.

Each Yoga Style, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Hatha Yoga, Iyengar, Aerial Yoga, Bikram Yoga, Tripsichore Yoga, Kundalini, Yin yoga…, has its own identity.
There is not a single, unifying, objective truth, but merely Different Ways Of Yoga.
Your Hosts:
@elena_miss_yoga (Ashtanga Vinyasa)
@yennychristine (Tripsichore Yoga)
@lionet_yoga (Aerial Yoga)
@uc.yoga (Hatha Yoga) .

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To be part of the challenge and eligible for the prizes: .

1) Repost the banner, and invite your Omies friends to play with us

2) Follow Sponsors and Hosts

3) Post one new Picture of the daily Asana for each day of the challenge

4) Tag Hosts, Sponsors, #DifferentWaysOfYoga

6) Make sure your IG profile is public so we can find you .


To Those who like to plan ahead

Day 1 Virabhadrasana 1✓

Day 2 Trikonasana
Day 3 Bakasana

Day 4 Upavistha Konasana

Day 5 Inversion

Day 6 Camel pose (any variation)

Day 7 Lotus Pose (any variation) . #Namaste .
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Day 1 #DifferentWaysOfYoga
#yogachallenge 🖤
Ashtangi Submission
What a fantastic asana!
This pose might have many variations, but in the end it is all about the triumph of the spirit, of fighting a good fight. A complex asana to perform: extension and compression, backbend, strength and flexibility.
Strong asana. I love it.
Gracious sponsor
@yoga_democracy .

Pre-teaching grounding below a big chunk of amethyst, in my own little studio. What could be better than that? #luckygirl #blessed #countingmyblessings #amethyst #crystal #yogastudio #yogateacher #grounded #foxwoodstudio #happy

More from yesterday's practice. ♡ The jump through is looking a little better! I had to start wearing socks during seated though because my rug was tearing up my left foot, the one that drags when I jump through.. :(
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Literally cannot BELIEVE What our company @1love1heart_retreats has grown into in just 3 years!!!!! Proud doesn’t even touch it🙏🏼
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• MARCH 26-April 6th 2018 • Investment £1050
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Info@1love1heartretreats.com for a detailed itinerary and more info!
@1love1heart_retreats @1love1heartretreats_spain @nanayoga_

Light, stoke, and utilize your inner fire of purification. “Practice and all is coming...”

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Ce fut comme toujours un plaisir que d’offrir ce moment de partage autour de la pratique, de retrouver les fidèles que l’on aime et de découvrir de belles personnes 🙏🏼 merci aux plus de 100 participants élèves et enseignants.
Merci à toute l’équipe de @yogademysore pour l’accueil !

Le thème proposé aux enseignants était:
Je partage ici le fruit de mes réflexions présentées ce week-end:

#yoga #lineage #ashtanga #ashtangamethod #ashtangayoga #ashtangavinyasa #ashtangavinyasayoga #yogateacher #AVYF #ashtangavinyasayogafrance

After some time of taking care, resting and healing, Luana is back teaching this week in her regular schedule of Ashtanga and Vinyasa classes.
#Repost @luanafarayoga with @get_repost
Bhujapidasana is a great posture to feel how the activation of the Bandhas make such a difference.
By lifting the pelvic floor and pulling the belly button to the spine we expand the back ribs and the organs slightly move up and back, which changes the center of gravity slightly forward. This allows us to lift more the hips and bring the the heels closer to the buttocks. 🎥👉🏽 by @fotosbyboca Nov 2017

#bhujapidasana #ashtangavinyasa #primaryseries #bandhas #yogapractice #sunlight #mayallbeingsbefree #yogaisequanimity #luanafarayoga

Año nuevo, Cuerpo nuevo, Práctica nueva, Mente nueva.
Queridos Ashtanguis:
Es bueno verlos de nuevo sobre sus mats, manteniendo el Shala a todo vapor durante el 2017 y con ánimos renovados este 2018.
Fue un año difícil con altos y bajos... Nos hace preguntar: ¿Qué es importante en la vida?
Si deseas los beneficios del yoga: flexibilidad, fuerza, equilibrio mental y emocional, salud..., entonces debes programar el yoga en tu vida diaria. Asistir a clases de yoga es una forma inteligente de asegurarte y mantener una buena práctica. En la clase, está el beneficio adicional de que tu maestro revisa la alineación y la técnica. Todos los maestros certificados de Samasthiti han sido capacitados para incorporar los principios de Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga para garantizar que los estudiantes estén trabajando correctamente y que reciban una educación adecuada en esta valiosa y milenaria ciencia de vida. Gracias a todos los alumnos valientes por buscar su mejor versión para si mismos y para los demás. Namasté.

#yogachallengelulea LuNeS 22
Es una postura con muchos beneficios, a nivel físico y emocional.
Fortalece espalda, hombros, abdomen y piernas. Abre el pecho. Mejora la capacidad pulmonar. Corrige la postura, calma la ansiedad y la angustia. Trabaja órganos del sistema digestivo y estimula útero y ovarios.
#ashtangastyle #ashtangi #ashtangayoga #ashtangavinyasa #ashtangavinyasayoga #loveyoga #loveashtanga #yogalover #yogastyle #yogalover

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