I’m pretty obsessed with pretty shoes. I grew up poor and would only have one pair of shoes at a time til my feet grew out of them. But hey you would never that from the outside looking in, you never know the depth someone til you walk a few thousand miles in their shoes 😜 xo #trynhphoto #fujifilm #ashoestory #atruestory #shoes #weddingshoes #womeninbiz #dreamersandoers

It’s a triple play #TBT #Radiolife #TVlife and #ashoestory all rolled into one. 👑

A feet that has never been matched.
It has led to a lot of sole-searching feets.

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Happy Wednesday Queens!!! The grind doesn't care if you're tired. Push through & W!N... Never underestimate the power of A woman💪🏽(TAG YOUR BESTIE) #queen #goals #slay #pray #women #power #focus #mindset #ashoestory #shoes #bags #sandals #girls #love #beyonce #motivation #strength #humpday #bosschick #goaldigger #wow #womenofworth #life #winner #workingwomen #win #grind

I got George a new pair of size 6 shoes. This is the second pair of new size 6 shoes because he hated the red light up shoes I initially chose and refused to move when they were on his feet. Red makes him nervous, he often calls it “hot”. But he was very excited about this second pair; for two days he’s been holding them up and proudly proclaiming “new!” whenever he remembers them. Also, it helps that they’re brown with orange because those are his favourite colours this week. He likes to tell you “Brown. Brown. Orange buckle” because the straps have orange stripes. But then he found his old size 5s before I was able to pack them away, and tried desperately to put them on his feet (which means he sat there, becoming increasingly frustrated, as he literally banged the shoes on top of his feet). I explained they were too small, that his new shoes are wonderful and brown and fit so well. He looked at me and said “small?” and then burst into tears. He was so sad. “Small. Small. Small”. So I lined up all four shoes side by side so he could see for himself. He stared at them all for a while, sniffling, and lightly touched each one. Then, suddenly, he grabs the brown pair of shoes and yells “NEW! AMAZING!” and that was that. (But really the reason I’m sharing this story is to give you a sense of what it’s like to try and leave the house with a toddler, and also explain how he ended up wearing Batman pj pants all afternoon) 👟 #ashoestory #striderite @striderite

Last nights shoe for the nominee “dinner”. Here’s my attempt at outfit recaps. I feel silly sharing that stuff. It’s just the nerd in me. But these thrifted @katespadeny booties were quite comfy. Paired with black velvet halter jumpsuit and black wool double breasted blazer with gold buttons which were both thrifted. Gifted Red eel clutch. #grammyweek #ashoestory #blackout

Shweez 🌼

When I was younger, I was pretty much obsessed with shoes. Every time my mom stepped out of the house, I’d expect a new pair. As I grew older the madness subsided... but once in a blue moon I feel a strange longing. A longing for that cabinet full of pretty shoes 👟 .
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Throwback to these couture shoes from A Shoe Story ... the softness nappa features on these Boudoir Slippers... full story on our site 🔝

Nice catch up! #lewre #ashoestory
U will never lose an opportunity of doing things meaningful #tosia #timewaitsfornoone

👠...Because I heard Diamonds are a girl's BestFran... 😍#aShoeStory 👍🏾Yay or 👎🏾 Nay

📣Ladies!!! It's boot season... Knee boots 👢$42.50 / Booties $29.99 👉🏾 #aShoeStory 👈🏾 DM for details & orders

Detail of a hand stitched lace shoe from A Shoe Story

Asalamualaikum dan selamat pagi semua #ashoeslovers , minggu ni kami sibuk sangat ambik order dan hantar barang.sampai lupa nk update design2 yg baru sampai. Alhamdulillah minggu ni punya order. ✌
apa lagi tunggu mai2 usha2 kasut kat @ashoes.my @ashoes.my

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One of my Story Shoes ... a collection of beautiful objects for women in Love... in Lust... in transition ... and all the feelings in between...For every little thought, no one too small no emotion too tall. For You For Me, For All Amazing Souls... No End to this beginning! ❤️

Today, I'm avoiding reading the news and focusing instead on the cheering and fortunate circumstances that led me to own these bright yellow patent leather Saltwater sandals.
My good friend @missjaneinhk accidentally bought a pair of @saltwatersandals_asia one size too big. Meanwhile I'd inadvertently acquired a pair of @avarcasasia a size too small.
Fate smiled upon our comedy situation, and hey presto, new shoes all round, calling for a celebratory bright green pedicure and polkadots.
#ashoestory #shoekismet #happyfeet #colourpop 💛💚🖤

Hey! As most of you probably know- I spent most of my summer over at the Long Center taking part in Summer Stock Austin! I've had the honor of being in Allen Robertson and Damon Brown's original piece, A Shoe Story. Being involved in this show has been absolutely surreal and a special shoutout to Allen Robertson for letting me develop such a beautiful and complex character and for being one of the most incredible directors I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Shoe Story has given me so many opportunities for recognition and has connected me with tons of fascinating people. I have had so much fun this summer helping create such an incredibly relevant piece of art. Much love to the entire SSA family :) Thank you all from the bottom of my heart, -Q😘👞
📸: Clinton Holtzendorf Photography
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