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Not only do I have a crush on Ahsoka but also have a mini crush on the woman who plays her, Miss Ashley Eckstein 💕 Who's your woman crush Wednesday??? #WCW #AshleyEckstein #AhsokaTano #DaveFiloni #starwars

Amazing weekend at D23, we had the pleasure to help with Ashley Eckstein D23 signing event with Our fantastic Cast Members 🌟 voice of Ahsoka Tano #starwars and Creator for HerUniverse, she is amazing #ashleyeckstein #heruniverse #ahsokatano #starwars

Such a rewarding weekend! But let's start with this... I always wanted to sew, couple years ago I bought a sewing machine to do costumes for a play I wrote and directed, of Disney Villains, and that sewing machine and half of the costumes got stolen. I didn't have the money then to buy another one, it can be very expensive in Brazil, so I kind of put that aside for a while. Later on, I got a sewing machine again in some sad circumstances. My grandma passed away and my family told me to keep the sewing machine because they knew I always had an interest in it. So like that, I started trying to sew again very slowly, because of school and work… I never really thought I was that good. Then I moved here and didn't bring my machine at first, until I started cosplaying and I realized I could do all those outfits I wanted to do for cons! So I brought my machine in December when I went to see my family for Christmas and started sewing again. This year, at San Diego Comic Con, I had the opportunity to go see the Her Universe Fashion Show. I went mainly because two people I know were in the show, and because I've never been to a geek couture fashion show, which sounds like a dream to me. And then I hear the incredible speech, so inspiring, of Ashley Eckstein. I've been learning a lot about empowerment lately, and this lady is the proof of that, like she said, if you dream and you believe in them, things do come through. I've always been a big dreamer, the fact that I'm a Brazilian actress studying in the States it's a proof of that, because I always dreamed of coming here, but not in a million years I would think that would really happen if you told my young self. But I've believed in it and I went after it, and I'm right at where I want to be. So after meeting Ashley twice during SDCC, hearing her amazing speech, and getting to actually talk and give her a hug, I'm going to face my fears and send a design to the Her Universe Fashion Show next year. Because I'm believing in myself more and more. And you should too, because like Walt Disney said and Ashley reminded me, "if you can dream it you can do it."
#sdcc2017 #heruniversefashionshow #sdcc #ashleyeckstein

D23 magic! Got to meet #paigeohara and #ashleyeckstein from @heruniverse :) #d23expo

Maggie and our friend Ashley. Miss star wars weekends. Miss Maggie!!!! @heruniverse #starwarsweekends #disneyshollywoodstudios #AshleyEckstein #ourfriendashley #happyfourtiethbirthdaystarwars

@ashleyeckstein voice of Ahsoka on Star Wars Rebel is signing autographs at @barnesandnoble Mira Mesa! Bring your Ahsoka pops!
#thevinyldead #ahsoka #starwars #starwarsrebel #ashleyeckstein

Starting our April off with Ahsoka 💙🌌 (📸: @averyktano)

We're LIVE with #AshleyEckstein (@heruniverse) & @jenkellytisdale right now on the #ComicConHQ stage! Stream it now at Comic-ConHQ.com if you can't attend. (link in bio)


I love this scene, and this whole episode so much.

Can I just pretend that "The Wrong Jedi" arc and all of Rebels never happened and Ahsoka is still this very spunky and fiery teenager who will always be Anakin's padawan???? Yeah, I'm gonna do that.
#drawing #fanart #ahsoka #ahsokatano #sw #swfanart #starwars #starwarsfanart #theclonewars #clonewars #starwarstheclonewars #tcw #swtcw #padawan #togruta #alien #jedi #BringBackTheCloneWars #AhsokaLives #davefiloni #georgelucas #ashleyeckstein
On another note, I really need to draw more Star Wars characters.

"think of those flowers you plant
in the garden each year
they will teach you
that people too
must wilt
in order to bloom."
— rupi kaur

I love this episode so much, but it is so sad. -Elise

I'll admit, I was one of many who didn't like Ahsoka when she was first introduced. However, as the show began and then moved on into bigger and better arcs, I saw character development that at times left me speechless. I basically grew up with her, and as her time on the show came to close, I found myself hoping just maybe that she would come back to what she left behind. The book "Star Wars: Ahsoka" and her reappearance on Rebels gave closure to her Clone Wars life and brought back someone who had become my favorite character. I learned to identify with Ahsoka, not in any strange way, I just began to see things as she learned about them and saw them: the world is more of a gray area than just this side and that, friends are sometimes worse to trust than enemies, hope is the greatest weapon in one's arsenal - and most importantly - it does no one any good to grow up too fast. Thank you to @heruniverse, @ek_johnston and #DaveFiloni for bringing this character to life and helping us see Star Wars in a new light because of her. #Ahsoka #AhsokaTano #Fulcrum #StarWars #TheCloneWars #Rebels #CloneWars #StarWarsTheCloneWars #StarWarsCloneWars #StarWarsRebels #AhsokaLives #Jedi #AshleyEckstein #EKJohnston #AhsokaAppreciation

My #wcw are these two beauty's @heruniverse & @savanna_kiefer - I love what Ashley has done for woman's fashion in fandoms, and I love Savanna's passion for her fandoms. They are both inspiring woman. Only wish I got to meet them at Star Wars celebration Europe. #heruniverse #womancrushwednesday #starwars #ashleyeckstein #ahsokatano #ahsokalives #fashion #starwarsfan #fandoms #starwarscelebration #nerdculture #womancrushforever #starwarsrebels #starwarsclonewars

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