I have this great event coming up with @cocktailsandconvosevents on October 6 in Neptune, NJ. I will be selling @TifeAwe handmade African print bags made by artisan women in Nigeria.
Buy your ticket on Evetbrite today. Link in @cocktailsandconvosevents bio. .
Repost @cocktailsandconvosevents Tickets are still available. $10 admission. Come out and support these vendors, workshop speakers and panelists on Saturday October 6th. Ticket link in bio!
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@madcat1 posting for @talulaspizza here to tell y’all that I love @mainebeerco !! We have Woods and Water IPA up right now and it is awesome!! Mild but resiney with a nice biter hop finish. Come try it before it’s gone! #asburypark #talulaspizza #mainebeerco #woodsandwateripa #IPA #lookatthatpoor #beerisbest #betterwithpizza

Well done @desireddish & @crossandorange! 👏 Good food, good people, and good tunes by @brendan_brophy #imfull #apnj #asburyparkvegan #apveg

Drink pink 📷 @harmlessharvest

The director looking absolutely radiant with no sleep after a life changing experience! ❤️💪🏻@womensweekendfilmchallenge #beccaroth
#Repost @beccaroth with @get_repost
I haven’t slept in what feels like lots of years but at least I got to have the life-changing experience of directing a film with an incredible group of super talented women and stuff 🎥💪❤️ #wwfilmchallenge
#womensweekendfilmchallenge #indiefilm
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My jersey addiction is pretty well documented. I’ve also been homesick AF lately, so I might be biased right now but this may be my new favorite. Asbury Park FC x The Bouncing Souls. There is so much New Jersey happening here it hurts. Hopefully this makes @nicolebattaglia want to come thieve these.
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Just a regular afternoon #asbury #asburypark #jerseyshore #jersey

Day 1 of #VibeWellFestival challenge!!! I am LOVED!! ❤️❤️//
I hate to be that cliche girl who posts a picture of their boyfriend but how can i NOT!? I just visited Tim last weekend at school and I am still coming off the high. We've been together for almost 4 years and even after all this time, through proms, graduations, long distance, and everything in between, Tim has always been the brightest light in my life.
He's always shown up for me, held my hand, and been the home I go to for comfort, guidance, laughter, and an abundance of love.
Our love is simple, sweet, pure, silly, and any other good adjective you can think of. No one has ever made me feel as loved as he does ❤️
This photo may not be a asana pose, but instead a cute moment before a 70's themed dance party in a dining hall in Indiana ✌🏻✌🏻🌸🌸❤️❤️
Your Hosts:⠀


Instead of required poses, we want each post to evoke a feeling, emotion, idea, or concept that makes you "vibe well" with others. Sure, it can be an asana - but it can also be your cat. Or your goat. Or your puppy. Or your breakfast. You get it :)⠀

Day 1 - "I am loved"⠀
Day 2 - "I am creative"⠀
Day 3 - "I am happy"⠀
Day 4 - "I am zen AF"⠀
Day 5 - "I am present"⠀
Day 6 - "I am connected"⠀
Day 7 - "I am wild and free"⠀
Day 8 - "I am shining bright"⠀
Day 9 - " am not wearing leggings!" #nostretchypants
Day 10 - "I am vibing deeply with..."⠀
Challenge rules:⠀
1. Follow all hosts & all sponsors.⠀
2. Post using the tag #VibeWellFestival
3. Ensure your profile is public so we can see your beautiful posts.⠀
4. Engage with your fellow hosts & challenge yogis⠀
5. Feel the vibrations... (it's such a good vibration
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Yesterday, as some know, was Bruce Springsteen's birthday. I'm near Asbury Park, NJ these days and happen to know some young musicians, so I got invited to a pre-festival event at a gallery in Springsteen's hometown that is run by someone friendly with The Boss.

I didn't take my cameras, because I would have felt awkward with them around someone known for musician portraits. You stroll through Danny Clinch's gallery and you quickly figure out he's the real deal (his image of Tom Waits on a carousel is a magical moment of whimsy, motion and color, while Patti Smith in the record shop is a biography in a single frame). I'm told Clinch is a really nice guy. For awhile he sat near me laughing and joking between musicians on stage. He probably would have just given a nod and wink as I fumbled around. But I kept it on the down-low, shooting surreptitiously with my phone.

I don't think it's good, but I like the image I made of the pictures on the plate glass windows fronting his place. It seemed appropriate for the day and the chapel-like ambiance of the gallery.

A quote by Soren Kierkegaard seemed to capture the proper vibe. "God creates out of nothing. Wonderful you say. Yes, to be sure, but he does what is still more wonderful: he makes saints out of sinners."

Longing for the sun on this dreary fall day #asburypark #downtheshore #touristsaregone #butsoissummer 🇺🇸🐬🌊

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