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“Why is patience so important?"
"Because it makes us pay attention.” ― Paulo Coelho

Video: 🙏🏽💗 @yogineo

We need to realize that our path to transformation is through our mistakes. We're meant to make mistakes, recognize them, and move on to become unlimited.
- Yehuda Berg -
Some of your goals may not come through on the first, second or third try don't despair if you still have desire!

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Making shapes with @cassanna_way

Soooooo who's trying to l-sit?!
If so, watch this video! Make sure blocks are at mid thigh for leverage. Any of these movements can be done also stagnant as in holding your butt off the floor for a certain duration to build more straight arm and core strength.
What do you guys want to see next?

Everything on the earth
in between, and above
Is arising from one effulgent source.
If my thoughts, words and deeds
reflected this complete understanding of unity,
I would be the peace I am seeking in this moment.
Photo by @_aida_tn

Because sometimes you just gotta play a little leap frog 🐸 @bryangwinyoga

This practice - if we allow it to - can really support us through the toughest times. .
w e a r i n g / @aloyoga
m a t / @liforme

Heart open
Ready to receive love
On all frequencies
Vibrations of the universe resonate deep within our souls
Shine the unique energy you have into this world
We have to power to shift the paradigm
With influence of love alone.

When a peacock meets a railroad. ❤️ Having some fun on these inactive tracks on a hot summer day. 📷 by the beautiful @karlatafra 😘🙏🏻 Wearing @aloyoga ❤️ #aloyoga #beagoddess #balance #breathe #peacock #pose #asana #namaste #yoga #tracks #notrains #summer #play #explore #getoutside #pnw #pnwonderland #healthyliving #healthy


Time TO #yoga 🙏🏻💚✅ Upon #practicing all eight limbs of the #path That yoga is, IT becomes self-evident that no one element is elevated over another... each is part of a #holistic #focus which eventually brings #completeness to the practicing individuals as we find our #connectivity to the #divine....
- #Yama: social behaviour & Universal morality.
- #Niyama; inner discipline, personal observance and responsibility. - #Asana; physical body postures.
- #Pranayama; breathing techniques for controlling and directing the energy, life force in the body and to increase prana.
- #Pratyahara; withdrawal of the senses in preparation for meditation.
- #Dharana; concentration and focus on an object (breath)to facilitate meditation and cultivate inner perceptual awareness.
- #Dhyana: meditation without object, devotion.
- #Samadhi: deep meditation, the ultimate #goal of yoga, #transcendence of #self and #merging with the Divine through Meditation.
We are all #unique individuals, with different levels of #truth and #awareness. According to our uniqueness and level of #consciousness we tend to emphasise on one branch and then move to another as we round out our understanding 🙏🏻💕Time to yoga✅🌈🌌🕉 What limb are you practicing today?

Namaskar @wanderlustfest . So long and thanks for all the #prana 😁📿

Tomorrow is Day 6 of our #SummerLovingYoga Challenge! What's been your favorite Summer memory this year? I'd have to say this trip here in MN with my family.. It's been nothing but joy being with everyone and for almost 2 weeks! I might have to come back sooner than later!
Pose: Cobra // Bhujangasana
1.) Abdomen Stretch and heart opener.
2.) Elbow in and hugging the side ribs.
3.) Roll The shoulders back and down for a Shoulder Stretch.
4.) Tips of feet pressed to the mat.
5.) Inner thighs engaged and core.
6.) Let's see your variations!
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☀️Post each asana a day & use the hashtag #SummerLovingYoga to interact with your tribe on styles and variations!

Summer Loving Poses:
1.) Camel Pose✅
2.) Wild Thing✅
3.) Half Moon✅
4.) Wheel Pose✅
5.) Cresent Pose✅
6.) Cobra Pose✅
7.) Side Plank
8.) Reclined Hero Pose
9.) Tadasana
10.) Bow Pose
11.) Dancer Pose
12.) Up Dog
Top: @onzie
Mat: @kulaeyoga

☀️☀️☀️ feel active in the morning

“Learning is the beginning of wealth. Learning is the beginning of health. Learning is the beginning of spirituality. Searching and learning is where the miracle process all begins.” ~Jim Rohn

Back into my armbalancing practise. Becos transiting frm 1 side flyingcrow to e other side fail. Hence, Transiting frm #crowpose to #epk2 which is slightly easier to manage 😜
But Definitely need to work on my weaker. Can u tell which is my weaker side? 😅 *
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Such a wonderful pose to gently open through the hips and release the spine. Reclining the body down into a bolster allows the muscles to let go, working deeper into the body's connective tissue. Bringing more flexibility into your practice. Because hey, who isn't keen to increase their flexibility? ☺️

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