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Learn to enjoy every minute of your life. Be happy now. Don't wait for something outside of yourself to make you happy in the future. Think how really precious is the time you have to spend, whether it's at work or with your family. Every minute should be enjoyed and savored. -Earl Nightingale- live in Now. Smile Now. Love Now. Caus #lifeisonetime@aloyoga

Just like the moon, I go through phases ❤️ pic: @dr_brown 🌙

“The most important pieces of equipment you need for doing yoga are your body and your mind.” ~ Rodney Yee


Lord Shiva is the ultimate grandmaster of yoga, most personifying the practise of yoga. As Nataraj, the lord of the dance, lord Shivas dance and gestures also reflect yoga postures. As Yogeshwar, the great lord of yoga, he rules over all aspects of yoga relative to body, mind and consciousness. Shiva is the lord of asana practice with 84 lakhs of asanas said to have derived from his movements. Shiva symbolises the immortal Prana, the undying force of eternal existence. Tantric yoga teachings about Prana relate to Shiva, who holds the inner power of pranayama. Many great yoga traditions arise from Shiva and honour him as their original guru. Most Himalayan sadhus are Shaivites. Shaivite Yoga includes the Nath traditions that form the main teachings of Hatha Yoga and Siddha Yoga. In Vedic times, Shiva was lauded as Rudra along with the Maruts, his wandering sages, and with great Rishis like Vasishta. Shiva Yogis maintain a special sacred fire in honour of this Vedic heritage. ✨👁✨ art courtesy @achyutam_studio

Hey guys this my practice how to get you coming into middle split (split with the wall).I really sorry that i could reply all your questions both e-mail and inbox instagram .😩this video i use the big /Small cushions .it is depend how flexible you are and good For new beginner.For me this is effective stretches!(open hips come into the middel split.if you can do it for the first .Don't feel upset.you gonna get better and better everytimes when to practice).Just Keep practing .Should also warm up before you try this.efter gym workout or take a walk 💚or you can try my tips check out on my page.(if you get hurt please stop immediately and then you start do when you feel better.)stay deep 5 breaths/ poses . . ****Breathe as you stretch. Many people forget to breathe when they stretch. However, proper breathing makes your stretching more effective. Inhale slowly through your nose, hold your breath for a seconds, and then exhale through your nose or your mouth. Your breathing should be slow and relaxed.Your body becomes more relaxed as you exhale so feel free to lean in on your stretch as you are exhaling.Holding your breath as you stretch will cause your muscles to be more tense.

Day 24 of #AdvanceYourPractice with @doyouyoga .
#EkaPadaKoundinyasana1 or more easily #EPK1 😄 .
When I'm taking yoga photos, after each shot I go and look at the back of the camera to see what I think I can improve then retry. However when @yogaimages took this one he said you've got this in one 🙌 and when I looked I couldn't believe how vertical my leg was ❤️

Утра, котаны! Это фото называется " ф ф ф Фристайло. Врака мака фоун" ✌🏻😅
Воскресные новости:
⚡️В Грузии моя основная забота, это как окончательно не опухнуть от хачапури к приезду группы 1 июля😂
@yoga_rimma то хорошо, у нее и так ПУЗО, можно его набивать хачапуром целыми днями никто ничкго не заметит)) а мне что делать??😂😭😂Спасаюсь утренней практикой, вечерней пробежкой и плаваньем, но хачапури, как водится сильнее💪🏻😂 ⚡️Сегодня прилетает любимый @petruchiani, Мы не виделись почти 2 месяца, наша самая долгая разлука. Иракли сказал, что если мы собрались двусмысленно "шуметь" - чтобы мы шли на стройку, в недостроенный йога-дворец 😂 ⚡️октябрьский йога тур на Аморгос битком набит и уже трещит по швам, это будет феерическое путешествие, #ГреческийСпилберг он же #МеланхоличныйОдиссей и #известныйКинорежиссео обещал нас навестить и показать всем мастер класс по соблазнению йогинь, так что держитесь, крошки!))) ⚡️есть места на йога -тур на Гоа 26 ноября-3 декабря в @ashiyanayoga ретрит-центр со мной и Антоном Самсоновым💪🏻 Вся инфа в ссылке у меня в профиле! ⚡️Посылаю вам сегодня море любви и благодарности за то, что вы со мной! 💕🙌🏻😍


"Friendship with oneself is all-important because without it one cannot be friends with anyone else in the world" - Eleanor Roosevelt
Yoga birthday parties at the beach- relax, detox, move, stretch and spend some quality time with the all your friends 💛
P.M me for more information 🙏
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#SummerOfRenewal3 #vishuddha #throatchakra #matsyasana #fishpose #blue 💙lotus 16 petals element sound. Vishuddha Express Yourself. Your purpose in life and creativity. Om sounded the vibrations go all through the body create space lifting. This chakra is the passage way between the higher and lower chakras connecting your spirit to the rest of your body. It helps with the sacral chakra to get your truth out into the world and also relieves stress on the anahata chakra 💙hosts @_m.i.k.e.y_ @shana_trailbalance @ritazfitness @prosperkrys @rockford_land @indigoyogipunkin @yoga_vhanz @renewalyogaproductions sponsors @bohogypsea @arielbowlin @weall_floaton @thorncraftpublishing @shileen @yogajourney015 @dayzeecreationz @kristi.shanti @piyogapants @guiding_wellness #yogafoyosoul #peace #love #matsyasana #chakras #blue #aum #om #mantra #goodvibes #express #expressyourself #breatheinbreatheout #stackablesapp #editfromtheheart #igyogacommunity #igyogachallenge #onebreathatatime #myfavorite #asana #gratitude

Shoulder Prehab👆🏼
☝️My good friend @strengthcoachtherapy is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and with extensive knowledge of rehab and strength and conditioning!
💥 Since mobility is just a piece of the puzzle, here's one of my favorite videos from @strengthcoachtherapy on getting those shoulders stable!
Watch above for 6️⃣ total 🎥 's (focus listed below) Short and sweet today. 💨
1️⃣Down dog toe touches - focus: single arm stability and scapular protraction/upward rotation.
2️⃣Prone angels - again, full range of motion scapular movement + endurance.
3️⃣T spine reach + rotate - quite simply my favorite upper body rotational movement. A @strengthcoachtherapy original.
4️⃣Shoulder taps - single arm stability, lots of core here too. Start w feet wide at first.
5️⃣Push up + knee drive - you're still reading? Hip mobility + upper strength
6️⃣Mini plyo push-ups - upper power + lots of fast eccentric muscle contractions here = stability.
Tag a friend with whack 🙅🏽‍♂️ shoulders‼️
🎵MAGIC! - Rude🎵
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✨ Headstand Variation (Pigeon Legs) Tutorial ✨ #omniyogagirltips ✨ .
1. Kneel down & place your elbows on the mat. Take hold of each elbow with your hands - this is important to get your arm placement correct & to ensure a stable base
2. Clasp your hands together in front of your elbows so that you create a triangle shape with your forearms
3. Place the crown of your head on the mat, with the back of your head against the palms of your hands. Make sure the very top of your head is connecting with the mat
4. Pick your knees up & straighten your legs & walk your feet in towards your elbows. You need to get your hips over your head, so walk in as far as you can, & then walk in some more! You should feel a sense of lightness when your hips are far enough over
5. Bring one leg into your chest & push into the foot that's still on the mat & come up onto your tip toes
6. Engage your core & shoulder girdle & push into your forearms as you take a tiny hop, or float the straight leg up into the chest - Never jump into headstand! Your legs should now be in a tuck position
7. Separate the legs & bring one leg over the hips into a stag leg position. Use the legs as a counter balance
8. Bring the foot of the back leg to the knee of the front leg to create the pigeon shape & really strengthen your base by pressing into the elbows & forearms. Broaden the shoulders & keep them away from your ears. Make sure your core is engaged & push your chest away from your hands as you bring your hips over to form a backbend
Let me know if you give it a try 😊 What tutorials would you like to see? Please let me know in the comments 👍
Leggings: @niyama_sports #niyamaambassador Top: @yoga_everywear Mat: @liforme
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Live your life. Be unapologetically you. This is your life - only you have full say over you.

Sunday vibes in Noli @dinaivas

Sundays are for matcha lattes, no makeup, wrinkled shirts, and puppy snuggles. ☀️

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