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Piet's Pier on Palm Beach with Happy Hour daily from 4.30pm to 5.30pm. See you there!

By @its.me.renedaniel
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Our memories of the ocean will linger on, long after our footprints in the sand are gone... #TBT #Tb🔙 #Aruba #RenaissanceIsland #Flamingo ✨☀️💦👸🏻🦄👙💧🐠🐚🌴⚡️🏖🌟🍀💫🐬❤️

#ATENCION Queman yate en #aruba del enchufado y presidente de tves #WistonVallenilla

Just hanging with a few flamingos 😜👙💕
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Sea, sand, bare feet, lots of food and love ☀️🌊 #happiness #aruba #love

Psicológicamente estamos aquí 🤣#VacacionesYA #Aruba #TBT @leninbr

I had a moment with a student. She was terrified of her own power and strength. I could tell from the grief in her eyes and her fast heartbeat, which was the soundtrack to the story she came with. I tried to search for a way to get in through her eyes, but she kept refusing to look at mine. I could smell feelings of unworthiness, not enough and feeling ashamed. I called out headstand as a way to stir that thing she came with. As I called it out, I looked straight at her, again she avoided me. She decided to take child's pose, not because she needed a rest but because she was afraid. Afraid of screwing it up, afraid of failing miserably, afraid of scratching the surface of the emotion which kept her closed. I placed my hand on her back and gently whispered, you can do this, I can help you. She hesitated for a minute and decided to finally look up into my eyes. A glimpse of connection and vulnerability gave her the courage she had all along. As she was getting up, I kept repeating, you can do this, I got you... and she did.
As my hands left her body, my heart was with her, because that was me once upon a time. A lost soul who took rest as a way to avoid the work that led to no light. I'm not saying don't rest, but what exactly are you resting from? I've taught this pose to countless of students for the very first time, and each time a part of me expands. My students, my greatest teachers.
My class titled "reverse perspective" on @oneoeight.tv will help you remember your strength and give you the tools you need to turn upside down. First 10 days FREE when you use code BEE at checkout. May the practice serve you well.
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Con este suculento almuerzo y esa calidez humana nos recibió @sumitalosroques en Casa Marina - Francisqui, gracias por hacernos sentir como en casa ❤️🇻🇪

Here's to hoping your weekend involves being on a beach! ✌🏼☀️🌴


Off to the #happyisland #aruba ☀️

Takk for nå Aruba og tidenes beste frokost💙 Aruba over ~ Miami next ✈️🌴#acaibowl #breakfast #wethebeachpeople #honeymoon #aruba

Vakantie!🔥 #Aruba #holiday #sun

I stopped #dreaming then started chasing it. Honestly since I was a kid #hiphop influenced me and I always wanted to walk on the #brooklynbridge. #dreamsturnintoreality #imakeshithappen and EVERYWHERE I go I rep that #flag. #aruba #297

That's what weekend are for... who else is spending the day at the#beach ?🤔😎⛱️⛱️🌴🌴👀

This little angel bug has transitioned into our lives seamlessly, with minimal fuss. At 10 days old, He is eating like a dream, sleeping... Like a newborn, has put on lots of weight and has yet to scream the house down without us knowing how to fix the problem.... Admittedly, help from grandparents has gone a long way ( home cooked meals, babysitters and volunteer nappy changers 👌🏻) From windy beaches, and hot weather to zero personal space this baby is handling us like a seasoned pro!
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Recuerda que el gran amor y el gran desafío incluyen también "El gran riesgo" 🤞🏽 #SyTravels

Getting lost around the world finding myself 💙

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