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➖suuuuuuch a sucker 😫👌🏼 for the intricate patterns n architecture of Thai temples. 🙌🏼🕌🙌🏼 •••/// #ARTXPAN #templetourist

➖➖➖Nexxxt level Thai mythology 🐲🔥🐲 •••/// #ARTXPAN

... and here it is ➖REMIXED➖ into a negative and thrown down in an abandoned building for my own personal pleasure🤣👌🏼(this is how I keep myself busy in between commissions🤷🏻‍♂️) ❤️ Special thanks to 🙌🏼 @tawnychalmersart 🙌🏼 for contributing her incredible skillz on this ❤️ •••/// #ARTXPAN

Can't take a compliment🙈🤗 ...thanks to the lovely 🙌🏼 @daniellefisser 🙌🏼 for capturing the moment 🙌🏼 - pushin colors for my boys at @consciousartstattoos 💲🌈✖️•••/// #ARTXPAN

Sorry for the basic photo🤦🏻‍♂️➖but I got no time! 🕺🏻🕺🏻🕺🏻😜 ...Threw down the Kanji symbol for Tao in da night. The red pulls the focus and pops the green 💚🤤💚 ...is there anything better then straight up Japanese calligraphy?! 🉐㊙️㊗️Check my stories for most up-ta-date🤓🙏🏼 •••/// #ARTXPAN #vikasayoga #whatsthefirstruleaboutpaintclub

Ya gimme inspo Vertigo ✖️✖️✖️ •••/// #ARTXPAN

I want to find the words that inspire you to be the best version of you possible, to evoke Love, Action and Compassion. Sometime though- words aren't enough and it's experiences that will feed our souls- catapulting us from comfort to severe discomfort and back to comfort, a beautiful cycle not to be overlooked. Coming back into YOU ultimately- but only in a more profound manner. Elevated, ready to lift others up too. Have you ever thought about doing a yoga teacher training? Be it for your own practice or maybe with the goal of teaching others about this amazing thing we call yoga?! Fucking do it. Stop hesitating- you are the only you that will ever exist- SHARE you with the world.
Head over to @yovadalife and tap the link in their bio- when you find the perfect YTT/location you'll know... Use "AUBRY" at checkout for a sweet little savings on one of the best decision of your life. See you on the other side 👌🏼💚 #beagoddess #yovadaexplorer #aloyoga #artxpan

✋🏻A N C I E N T /// F U T U R I S M ☠️ ... fresh murals for the Street Art Gallery that is ... @vikasayoga 🙌🏼🕉🙌🏼 ▪️▪️▪️📷 x @tatianaswope •••/// #ARTXPAN

all about the S E L F L O V E ✖️❤️✖️ ...coz you can heal da world with that shit🌈🌏✨ •••/// #ARTXPAN #selflove #cryptk


➖➖➖Nexxxt level Thai mythology 🐲🔥🐲 •••/// #ARTXPAN

➖suuuuuuch a sucker 😫👌🏼 for the intricate patterns n architecture of Thai temples. 🙌🏼🕌🙌🏼 •••/// #ARTXPAN #templetourist

➖ P O R T A L ➖Honestly, life has taken me to some strange and wonderful places and I can't help but feel that these days are golden, a dreamy soul paradise I don't want to wake from ✖️✨❤️✨✖️ •••/// #ARTXPAN

Hey guys, meet Rachael 🌹🌹🌹 •••/// #ARTXPAN @bluntsnbikinis #heartporn

➖Not trying to break the internet... just wanna share the simple shit 🤷🏻‍♂️ from my life... I'm so happy right now and I wanna send out all my Love❤️ n Light✨ •••/// #ARTXPAN #sohappy #rn

Grocery shoppin 🍑 •••/// #ARTXPAN

🌴T H A I L A N D I A ➖ 👄 by Baz Luhrman •••/// #ARTXPAN

A Thursday night to remember... if only I could remember 🍻🤑🍻 •••/// #ARTXPAN

➖GOOD NIGHT NEVERLAAAAND 🙇🏻🌙🌴 •••/// #ARTXPAN #palmtree #obsessed

Livin my wildest dreams 😱 ✖️✖️✖️ •••/// #ARTXPAN #everyday #gratitude

I give her no
only passion
and conviction
•••/// #ARTXPAN

➖💰Had so much fun painting 👨🏻‍🎨 this lil Bruce Lee (LINE app) emoji😆😆 ... @kostamiachinyoga of @vikasayoga and I are always sending each other weird ideas and this lil B is usually gives the green light on a fresh design 😉🖍🌟✅✖️✅✖️✅ •••/// #ARTXPAN

➖✨Throw baaaack to when I was last at @vikasayoga 3 months back... pure adrenaline painting 😅👌🏼11 murals in 6 weeks🔥🔥🔥 ✔️📷✖️ forever badass @aubrymarie •••/// #ARTXPAN

➖Here's a the final🐯shot on my first ATM piece ‼️🤑💰✖️✖️✖️ ...just posted the time lapse check 👀it out if you haven't 😁👌🏼•••/// #ARTXPAN #vikasayoga


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