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There's plenty of colour to be found on a cloudy day in @visitmelbourne 🎨 This is #HosierLane, which is rather famous for its street art; in fact, it's the mishmash of commissioned artworks here that have made the #Melbourne urban art scene renowned across the globe. The vivid array of colours, characters and shapes have been created by local and international artists. If you want to learn more, take a walking tour with an expert local company to get the inside scoop. Photo: @rayofmelbourne #melbourne #streetart #art #visitmelbourne #artworks

So Cool Work 👏
By @hvioletart
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"What I fear most is to be vulnerable! Or maybe who I choose to let my gaurd off. But sometimes letting it go is the only choice to feel good and right." - @aesha_kallattuvalapil 👏
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Checkout @art_hyperrealistic & @tebo.1

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'A Meticulous Disorder' and 'A Complicated Fragmentation'. Acrylic on panel paintings by Simon Hennessey (@simon_hennessey)


Quick hairstyle drawings inspired by @arianagrande 💇🌹👀
Which one's your fav ?? ♡

Puff was always there when I needed him. When I was upset he knew and came over to me. I already miss when he would run & jump full-force onto my bed & on everything important hahaha. He would stare out the window & intensely chase the leaves blowing around on the porch. When he went outside he went to his favorite spot by the steps & hangout there for hours. He would always lay on my feet when I went to sleep & still be there when I woke up. I miss you man. This is a tattoo idea I'm working on of him.

Voltron defender of the universe lineart

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