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I confess, I have a struggle. I crave a clean space but I let things build up, don't put things away and then get overwhelmed and do a major organizational clean up all over again. Perhaps I just need to embrace it...or do I just need a good ol' fashioned dose of discipline?
I thought this over throughout the day yesterday and realized that it has been 10 years of carving out time for art between baby twins, naps, cancer, fatigue from #lymedisease etc. I know that if I clean up, that means less time to create, uses up my energy and adds to my fatigue, so I just leave my creative explosions.
Hmmm...do I just be at peace with my patterns and schedule in a major clean up every few weeks or do I work discipline into my daily art practice (uggg that sounds like too much work)?
Do you struggle with keeping an organized home or space? Does your partner/roommate have a different perspective on how clean/organized your space should be?
****I pushed all my creative explosions to the other side of my #artstudio to take this photo 😂 You can see the mess in my instastories today...because well, my life is not curated.lol
****you can purchase this painting right now at @thehandmadepopup

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