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Endre Penovac @endre_penovac a freelance artist graduated from Academy of Arts, Serbia. He has won international awards in juried exhibitions having his paintings qualified for the Catalogue of International Watercolor Society several times. His artworks are represented in numerous private collections in Europe, America, Asia and Australia. He is increasingly in demand internationally to conduct his watercolor workshops and demos.
Endre Penovac - художник-фрилансер, окончил Академию Искусств в Сербии. Обладатель международных наград, несколько раз его работы были выбраны для каталога международного общества акварели. Его работы находятся в многочисленных частных коллекциях Европы, Америки, Азии и Австралии. Endre Penovac становится все более востребованным на международном уровне, проводит мастер-классы и выставки.
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Maja Wronska @majatakmaj 27 летний художник из Польши. Выпускница Варшавского технологического университета. После окончания учебы, открыла свой бизнес и работает архитектором со своей мамой и мужем. Так же является фриланс иллюстратором.
Ее мама тоже архитектор, она познакомила Maja с живописью и графикой.
Выбор был сделан в пользу акварели, потому что это, один из самых требовательных инструментов, он не позволяет изменять картину снова и снова. Это сложнее по сравнению с акрилом, когда вы можете нарисовать еще один слой. Или карандашом, который можно стирать. Maja Wronska любит работать быстро, когда один рисунок занимает несколько часов, это заставляет ее скучать.
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Maja Wronska. @majatakmaj "I'm a 27 years old architect from Poland. I graduated with an Architecture degree from Warsaw University of Technology, and started my own business after graduation. I work as an architect with my mum and husband, having participated in architectural competitions, while working as a freelance illustrator.
At the moment, I take commissions for paintings. My mum is also an architect, so she introduced me to all painting and drawing professional tools when I was a kid, (almost an infant to be honest :D), and this my journey with art started back then.
I’ve chosen watercolor because it’s usually considered as one of the most demanding media. The technique I use doesn’t allow me to change the painting over and over. It’s harder comparing to painting with acrylics, when you can paint one more layer or pencil that you can erase. I paint something once with watercolors, it stays that way. And it’s fast. When I draw or paint one work more than few hours I’m bored with it."
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Dear friends, @art_skarb and @lustrablog are pleased to present you the mini-interview. Masha Roitman @masharoitman is originally from Russia and lives in Israel now.
Lustra | Blog: How long have you been in the arts? How have you come to this? - I have been painting since I can remember myself. I graduated from the art school. And then there was a long break of almost 20 years. During that period of time I became a psychologist and the mother of 4 children. I realized three years ago that I could finally do what I really want, and I wanted to draw ... That's all. I paint every day, and I find myself in this.
Lustra | Blog: Why have you chosen this painting technique? What have attracted you to this? - Actually, I've always been "graphic ". My passion and my strength were the drawing in pencil and my love to details. However, I stared at the works in watercolors with tenderness and envy, realizing that this technique is not for me. But relying again on the principle " if you want, you can", I went to the workshop of Sergey Kurbatov three months ago.... and I fall in love! Literally! I had a fever, I stopped to sleep-all the symptoms on the face))) and now I'm on the stage of passion with watercolor, I want to draw only in this technique! The best gifts for me are paper and paints!)) Lustra | Blog: Would you like to try some other techniques? By the way, have you tried already? - I have a dream to try myself in doing pottery and creating dolls.
Lustra | Blog: Where have you had your working experience? What have you achieved already? What are you most proud of? What are you working on now? - So far, I am proud of a couple of books with my illustrations (the second one is on its final stage now), my sketches for the design project (drawing for the photo-wallpaper). Moreover, my paintings are sold - and this is nice)! Continued in next comment ==> #ArtSkarbMashaRoitman #artskarb #masharoitman #lustrabloginterview

@pejac_art CAMOUFLAGE (Tribute to René Magritte) | RIJEKA, CROATIA “On a surrealistic level I made a call to attention to nature’s survival instinct - flock of birds camouflage as broken windows in order to blend in and disappear to the human eye for the sake of their survival. As a secondary reading I’m playing with a tribute to René Magritte’s birds holding the sky within them.'' Pejac
From miniature window drawings, striking site-specific interventions to elaborate replicas of classic masterpieces, Pejac is rightfully recruiting an army of fans and collectors with every new piece he makes. Taking clever twists on familiar images and skillfully reinventing the public space, Barcelona-based artist is touching sensitive social and environmental issues in a smart and poetic manner. The strength of his work and universal language comes from the right combination of admirable painting skills, original and effective concepts, and vast knowledge of classic art and popular culture.
When talking about Pejac, the key terms are "message" and "adaption". No matter if he works on paper, canvas or in public, he has tremendous ability to adapt his work in order to pass a clear and powerful message. Whether drawing a map of the world draining into a sewer or painting a chilling take on iconic photograph of Buddhist monk burning himself, his art is provocative and critical, capable of stopping the observer in his tracks. In order to achieve such effect, he is using different visual languages, reaching for unconventional tools, or finding alternative ways to present the finished work.
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'tbh I don't understand anything about bikes'
Congratulations @soham1326
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Clickety click click in the matrix with my two pals art & bear 🐻 .
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