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Я настоящий книжный червь 🤓 Я очень много и быстро читаю, но люблю только художественную литературу и иногда медицинский научпоп. Очень люблю Нила Геймана, Стивена Кинга, Толкина и скандинавские детективы, например «Девушку с татуировкой дракона». Из последнего прочитанного понравились «Тринадцатая сказка» (автора не помню, хоть убей) и цикл о Темной башне Кинга.
Какие книги вы любите? Какие последние прочитали?

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Happy Friday Everyone!!! ✨ Here I’m painting some hair again, while listening to the one and only @aliciakeys ❤️!! It feels so good to wake up and listen to her music...pure #womanempowerment 💪🌸
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SPECIAL ONES // I love the whole process of making my boards, from getting to know the person that I'm making the board for, the things they love, the places they've been and the things they've seen, the things they're passionate about, it's about more than just the Art, I'm learning about their life and using those pieces to make a design that is special for them. Last month one very lucky guy was surprised with this board. His partner found and contacted me and we worked together to come up with a design that was special for him. Being from France and a keen surfer the main focal point of the design is a globe map which shows France as well as his now home, Australia. The waves changing from one direction and turning upside down symbolise the two sides of the world that are 'home' to him. Every person has a story. Just like every one of my boards has a story too.
I love being a part of such special gifts, Thankyou for finding me & having me be part of the best surprise present ever @bridalconcierge / Your girl is amazing @kevinferret enjoy your new board 🙌🏾 For information about how you can own one of my boards for yourself or give a gift like this, send me an email halcyon.lines@outlook.com 📨✍🏾 - using @posca_aus

Is Michonne a favorite?
Epic work by @lauraserranob
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Many thanks to everyone who participated in the October giveaway and to all new faces-- welcome to the O:EP page! We gather here to celebrate art, magic, and clay love--I am so excited for you to be part of this journey 💜. I want to congratulate @savageapothecary for winning the Ravow Mug this round. Can't wait to get this Halloweeny mug to you, dear! I will be doing 2 more giveaways this year, one in November and an epic finale in December. Very excited to offer these to you guys! If you didn't win a Ravow Mug and you are sad, I have what is likely my last batch of them left in the Etsy shop. They are limited edition and won't be coming back until next fall. Also, how about some Mystick Fire Opal Pitchers? I'm in love with the vivid wisps of blues and reds coming out in these guys. Anywho, until tomorrow. Thanks again my lovlies and have a very good night!🦇


Pencil Bug. (Doodle)

I'm excited 😍


Unbelievable job! 👌
Photo vs Art by @lauraserranob
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#INKtober day 23
#inktober2017 : "Juicy" (juteux)
#MabsDrawlloweenClub : "Coffin" (Cercueil)
"Coffin Juicy ? I'm bloody loving it !" - Your True Blood Experience for a perfect bright night dear Nosfera- available in Type O Negative.
"Cercueil Juteux ? J'aime diablement ça !" Fichtre, ça ne le fait pas du tout en français. "J'approuve à sang pour sang !"...
Je vais me coucher.
@inktober @inktoberworld
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When the drawing is literally better than the photo.
Photo vs Art by @_emerox_
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When I paint, it's ALL THE BRUSHES.
All the surfaces
All the paints.
Like a bomb goes off
And then I don't clean it, for like days. Maybe even a week? Or two?

Eventually it gets so bad that I have no choice.
The word grimy has been used to describe my studio at the peak of the painting phase.
For years I would make stuff and then have to clean it up and put it away. Which became motivation to open our brick and mortar sewing lounge with @boundedlight . It was also to avoid the whole baby eating needles thing. Oh and sewing not in the dining room. And not breastfeeding and threading machine at the same time. Nothing like a few babies to get that creative mojo going, am I right?
The sewing machines have given way to canvases 🖼 and papers . the kids are way past breastfeeding, and the store is living its next incarnation as the wildly successful @espacetricot .
Things change, and life always seems to be guiding you to your next right step, even when you can't see it.
I am grateful everyday that I closed the doors to some dreams to let the next ones in. 📷 @boundedlight

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